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Are you searching for the cheapest flights from Agartala to Lilabari? Look no further than Adani’s one stop platform.The Adani website makes it simpler and easier for you to purchase cheap airline tickets, regardless of whether you are flying one-way or on a round-trip flight from Agartala to Lilabari. Simply enter the origin and destination cities and your date of travel and the website will display a comprehensive airfare calendar with a list of available flights on all airlines operating on this route. It also offers the best air ticket deals including cash back offers and discounts. You can also check your flight status on this website.There are currently no direct or connecting flights from Agartala to Lilabari. A good alternative would be to fly from Agartala to Dibrugarh and then travel the 137 km from Dibrugarh to Lilabari by road. There are at least 15 daily direct and connecting flights from Agartala to Dibrugarh, mainly operated by Vistara, IndiGo, Air India and flybig. The direct flights usually take about 1 hour 50 minutes to reach Dibrugarh. The one-, two- and three-stop connecting flights have layovers in cities like Kolkata, New Delhi and Bagdogra. These flights may take anywhere from 19 hours to 26 hours 35 minutes to go from Agartala to Lilabari depending on the number and duration of layovers. Check the Adani website and book your tickets from Agartala to Lilabari today!


About Lilabari Airport

Lilabari Airport (IATA code: IXI) is located in the Lakhimpur district of Assam. It serves the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It has a single domestic terminal. Its 4 check-in counters can handle about 400 passengers during peak hours. This airport currently operates flights to and from Kolkata and Guwahati. The Airports Authority of India oversees and manages airport facilities. The facilities and amenities offered at Lilabari Airport include luggage carts, snack and beverage counters, customer assistance, tourist information, phone booths and restrooms. Travellers have access to taxis and car rental services to and from Lilabari and nearby areas.

About Lilabari

Lilabari is a town in North Lakhimpur district in Assam. It is located near River Brahmaputra amidst nature's magnificence with a variety of wildlife, water bodies, picnic areas, scenic landscapes and rich vegetation. The history of this region dates back to at least the 13th century under the rule of the Baro Bhuyans and the Ahoms. Lilabari is best known for its historic tourist attractions, old treasures, religious community and its gorgeous setting. The city is also the entryway to the North East's monasteries. Lilabari is renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse population because its lifestyle combines influences from Indo-Burman, Mongolian and Aryan cultures. The region is also an adventure enthusiast's paradise and provides a platform for all types of treks, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, rafting, boating and camping. The cuisine of Lilabari is known for its wide diversity and meals are prepared using fresh local herbs, fruits and vegetables. Most locals are Buddhists and a variety of local tribes form a unified community in the region. The best time to visit Lilabari is during summer between March and May.

About Agartala Airport

Agartalaís Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IATA code: IXA) is located in Singerbhil about 12 km northwest of the city centre. The single terminal airport was constructed in 1942 and is managed and controlled by the Airports Authority of India. It is the second busiest airport in northeast India after Guwahati. It has 14 check-in counters, one immigration counter, and four security-check booths to handle up to 250 passengers during peak hours. The airport offers luggage services, free trolleys and wheelchairs, book stalls, handloom handicraft stalls, child care rooms, medical facilities, restaurants and eateries, ATMs, information desk and duty-free shopping. There are buses, taxis, car rentals and cycle rickshaws available at the airport.

About Agartala

Agartala is the capital city of Tripura located close to the Bangladesh border on the banks of River Haora. It is well known for its breathtaking scenery, palaces, temples, rich Manikya royal culture, and its ties to Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore. The name ëAgartalaí is made of two words 'Agar', a kind of oily valuable perfume of agaru tree, and the suffix 'tala', meaning a storehouse. Agartala gained importance when Maharaja Krishna Chandra Bahadur of Tripuraís Manikya dynasty founded the city and shifted his capital here in 1760. Agartala has a strong bamboo handicraft and textile industry in the city. It offers a lovely fusion of regal history, extensive cultural traditions, and breathtaking natural beauty. Agartala is noted for magnificent palaces, breathtaking lakes and a number of exquisite temples. It is home to 19 indigenous tribal groups and Bengali speaking non-tribals. Northeast India's second-largest after Guwahati, it is encircled by natural forests, lovely valleys, and thundering waterfalls and is an ideal tourist destination.

Airport Information


Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Usha Bazar, Agartala, Tripura 799009


Lilabari Airport, 73PV+X6J, Chaboti, Ujjalpur, Assam 787051

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, there are no active snow occurrences in Agartala.
Lilabariís local transport consists of taxis, buses, rickshaws and auto rickshaws to get around the city.
Agartala is 474 km from Lilabari by flight.
By flight, it will take one hour and three minutes to reach Lilabari from Agartala.
There are at least 15 daily direct and connecting flights from Agartala to Dibrugarh, mainly operated by Vistara, IndiGo, Air India and flybig
Yes, the Lilabari Airport is operational, but currently only has one daily flight each to and from Guwahati and Kolkata.
Visiting Lilabari is cheap because it is more affordable than other major cities in Assam and has excellent access to well-known tourist attractions.
Chuak is a traditional rice beverage made by fermenting rice in water. On social occasions and at formal events, it is consumed. Another local beverage produced from millet rice is called apong.
Lilabari is renowned for its historic tourist sites, old artefacts, religious community, and attractive surroundings.
The staple diet of Lilabari is rice, fish, meat and laax, a type of green leafy vegetable. The most popular foods here are Khar, Tenga and Poitabhat.
The ideal time to go to Lilabari is anytime since most of the year is nice, with the exception of the monsoon season when there are frequent downpours.
Agartala is open to tourists all year long. The greatest months to enjoy large festivals and a cool environment are October through March, while the best months for sightseeing are April through July.
Flight timings may vary, but the first flight is usually an IndiGo flight that leaves Agartala at 9:00 am and the last flight is a 4:00 pm flybig flight.
Flight durations may vary, but the quickest flight is usually a direct flybig flight that leaves Agartala at 11:45 am and reaches Dibrugarh in 1 hour 50 minutes.
Bengali, the official state language, is spoken by 363,363 people in Agartala, while English is also widely used there.