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Allahabad to Agra Flights

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Book the Cheapest Allahabad to Agra Flights on Adani One!

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As there is no direct flight operating between Allahabad and Agra, you can take a flight from Allahabad to Delhi and then travel to Agra by road. The journey from Delhi Airport to Agra is roughly 229.2 km and takes roughly 3 hours and 12 minutes. Don't lose out on good deals on flight bookings. Book now to get the best flight deals on Adani One!

Flights from Allahabad to Agra


About Agra Airport

Agra Airport (IATA code: AGR), also known as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Airport, is approximately 6 km from the city. It is also known as Kheria Airforce Station and is a military airbase. It has one terminal and two boarding gates. Its total capacity is 250 for both arrivals and departures.

The airport is equipped with adequate facilities for its passengers, such as free luggage trolleys, a tourist information counter, drinking water, wheelchairs, and medical aid on call. There are a few eateries where you can get a snack and a beverage, as well as several retail outlets that sell apparel, handicrafts, souvenirs and accessories. There is also a parlour and a spa on the premises. Car rental services and cabs are available, and you can use them to get to and travel within the city.

About Agra

Agra is a city in India on the banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh. It is an ancient city referenced in the Mahabharata. It is noted for its Mughal architecture and is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Agra experiences a semi-arid climate as the monsoon is not as heavy as in other places in India. Summers are scorching and dry, while winters are mild. The city is known as one of India's hottest cities, with temperatures soaring to 46°C at times. Temperatures in the summer range between 46°C and 50°C. In the winter, the temperature drops to 6°C–8°C.

Agra city is rich with cultural heritage and sees the peaceful coexistence of several religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and others. Agra is famous for its street food, with specialities such as aloo tikki, paneer tikka, papri chaat, samosa, and dahi bhalle. While shopping in Agra's bazaars, be sure to check out the handicrafts with marble inlay work and zardozi embroidered garments, for which it is famous.

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Agra Fort 

The Agra Fort was commissioned by Akbar in 1565 and is made of red sandstone. The stately gateways, towers, ramparts, and bastions showed the third Mughal Emperor's authority. The fort contains a number of palaces, including Shah Jahan's Khas Mahal, Jahangir's Palace, audience halls like Diwan-i-Khas, and two exquisite mosques. 

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Akbar's Tomb 

This famous tomb of the Mughal emperor Akbar is located in Sikandra, 8 km from the city. It was commissioned by Akbar between 1605 and 1613. As Akbar was unable to complete it in his lifetime, his son Jahangir oversaw the completion of the tomb. It is built using red sandstone and white marble. 

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Fatehpur Sikri 

It is a popular tourist destination in India, located 37 km from Agra. It was built in 1571 by Akbar and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fatehpur Sikri's intricate architecture will transport you to another era. 

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Itmad-Ud-Daula Tomb 

This mausoleum is located on the east bank of the Yamuna river and is known as the "Mini Taj" because it served as a basic draft for the Taj Mahal. The structure boasts exquisite floral motifs and geometric patterns on its walls. 

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Jama Masjid

It is one of our country's largest mosques. It is well-known for its distinctive designs and Iranian architecture. The Mughals used white marble and red sandstone to build this structure.

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Taj Mahal 

It is regarded as the pinnacle of Mughal architecture. It is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. It was built in honour of Shah Jahan's beloved wife, Mumtaz, by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1613. This magnificent tomb took 17 years to construct, with the help of 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants. It symbolises eternal love and is one of Agra's most popular attractions. 


About Allahabad Aairport 

Allahabad Airport (IATA code: IXD), also known as Bamrauli Airport, is located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is 12 km from Allahabad and is a military airbase and public airport serving domestic flights to Allahabad.

Allahabad Airport is 1 acre in size and can accommodate 72 commuters for arrivals and departures. Information counters, wheelchairs, free trolleys, VIP lounges, lost and found customer support, a snack bar, and other amenities are available at the airport. Public and private transportation are both easily accessible to and from the airport.

About Allahabad

Prayagraj is the official name of Allahabad city. The city is Uttar Pradesh's judicial capital, as the Allahabad High Court serves as the state's High Court. Allahabad city is the administrative centre of the Allahabad district. It is the most populated city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is near Triveni Sangam, the confluence of three major rivers: the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the (mythical) Saraswati. As the location is significant in Hindu scriptures, Allahabad is also considered a holy land in Hinduism. The city also has a rich historical and cultural legacy, making it a popular tourist destination in India. Allahabad experiences hot summers and dry winters, and the best time to visit is between October and March.

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Allahabad Fort 

The Allahabad Fort was built in 1583 during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar and is a wonderful example of architecture. The beautiful structure, which stands on the banks of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers, is 7 km from Allahabad Railway Station. However, the general public is not permitted inside Allahabad Fort. Tourists are only allowed inside once every 12 years during the Kumbh Mela.

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Allahabad Museum 

The Allahabad Museum is a national museum in India. It provides insight into India's history, culture, heritage, and independence movement via breathtaking exhibitions of history, art, archaeology, environment, literature, and architecture. Among the museum's highlights are rock sculptures, Rajasthani miniature paintings, literary artwork, and Kaushambi terracotta from the Bengal School of Art. The Allahabad Museum also has exhibits spanning the historical era of the Harappan civilisation to mediaeval antiques, the Gupta period and Khajuraho carvings, and the Indian Independence Movement against the British.

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Anand Bhawan 

Anand Bhawan, the Nehru family's former mansion, has been converted into a museum that houses several artefacts from India's independence struggle. The double-storey mansion was designed by Motilal Nehru himself. When Swaraj Bhavan, Nehru's old property, became a headquarters for the Indian National Congress, Motilal Nehru, a significant independence movement leader and politician, built a new Nehru place. The property is tastefully decorated with imported Chinese and European wooden furniture and treasures from around the world.

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Khusro Bagh 

One of Allahabad's most popular tourist attractions is the Khusro Bagh historical garden. The walled garden is a stunning example of Mughal architecture. It encloses three sandstone tombs of Shah Begum (Jahangir's first wife), Khusro Mirza (Jahangir's eldest son), and Sultan Nithar Begum (Jahangir's daughter). Most of the structure's design is credited to Aqa Reza, a court artist. Each tomb is unique and has ornate inscriptions.

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Triveni Sangam 

Triveni Sangam, one of India's holiest places, is around 7 km from Allahabad's Civil Lines. Three rivers converge here: the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the mythological Saraswati. Once every 12 years, one of these locales hosts the Kumbh Mela. The rivers Yamuna, Saraswati, and Ganga, are all revered rivers in Indian mythology, and the confluence of these rivers is of tremendous religious significance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 8 flights operate between Allahabad and Delhi every week. 

The earliest flight from Allahabad to Delhi departs at 09:05 am and is operated by IndiGo. 

The last flight from Allahabad to Delhi departs at 5.00 pm and is operated by IndiGo. 

The IATA code for the Allahabad Airport is IXD. Agra Airport has the IATA code AGR. 

IndiGo operates most flights on the Allahabad to Delhi route. 

Different airlines have different policies regarding food on board. For more information on bringing food items on your flight from Allahabad to Delhi, please consult the airline's rules. If you bring your own food, it should be securely wrapped and spill-proof. 

On an economy ticket on a flight from Allahabad to Delhi, you can bring up to 7 kg of cabin bags and 15 kg of check-in luggage per person. Per person, the Air India flight from Allahabad to Delhi allows 7 kg of cabin baggage and 20 kg of check-in luggage. 

Yes, Allahabad Airport is now open after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The aerial distance between Allahabad and Delhi is 579 km

The best hotels in Agra include the Radisson Hotel Agra, ITC Mughal, and The Taj Vilas. 

No, it is not necessary. However, we recommend that you pay a nominal insurance fee for safety reasons.  

Yes, travellers can present a softcopy of their tickets at the ticket counter. They must, however, bring the original and a copy of the documents. 
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Airport Information

Agra Civil Air Terminal Kheria, Uttar Pradesh 282008

Allahabad Allahabad Airport Terminal, Bamrauli Airport Area, Bamrauli, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211012