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Allahabad to Tezpur Flights

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Book the Cheapest Allahabad to Tezpur Flights on Adani One!

Your search for flights from Allahabad to Tezpur ends here! Adani One platform allows you to book air tickets from a single place without the hassle and confusion of multiple website searches. The platform offers the best air ticket deal with exciting rewards and cashback. Adani One platform lists all domestic carriers, from Indigo, Air India, Air Asia, Vistara, etc. The platform will offer discounts, deals, and time schedules for direct and connecting flights and alternative flight options.

While there are no direct flights from Allahabad to Tezpur, several connecting flights operate between Allahabad and Tezpur. Your best option is to take a flight from Allahbad's Prayagraj Airport to Guwahati's Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, operated by IndiGo, with a layover in Delhi. From Guwahati Airport, you can travel by taxi (approximately 170 km or 4 hours by road) to Tezpur. Adani One platform will display the cheapest flight options and offer you the best discounts on your air ticket. You can take a look at the airfare calendar on the Adani One platform and book your tickets for flights from Allahabad to Tezpur today.

Flights from Allahabad to Tezpur


About Tezpur Airport

Tezpur Airport (IATA code: TEZ) is also known as Salonibari Airport. The airport operates a limited number of flights to cities such as Silchar and Kolkata by Air India's regional airline, Alliance Air. The Airports Authority of India is in charge of the airport, which occupies 21.7 acres of land. There is only one terminal at the airport, and it has 2 check-in counters and 1 security check counter. It can handle up to 400 passengers at a time.

Tezpur Airport offers various facilities such as safe handling of baggage, wheelchairs, and trolleys. There are several restaurants on the premises, as well as facilities for duty-free shopping. The airport is 15 km from Tezpur town, and Assam State Road Transport service buses regularly operate to and from the city.

Tezpur Airport
About Tezpur

Tezpur is a town in the northeastern state of Assam. This city is believed to get its name from the fierce battle between Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, in which Sonitpur or Tezpur, "the city of blood", was submerged in bloodshed.

Tezpur is considered to be the cultural capital of Assam. The city-state boasts of ruins from the 4th century. It is also the oldest inhabited city in Assam. Its landscape includes 73 tea gardens. Today, it serves as a trading hub for rice, tea, and other goods and products. A major tea processing industry is also located here, owing to the hill slopes.

The city is flanked by snow-clad Himalayan hills, making it extremely picturesque. It was once the headquarters of the British administration in Assam. Famous tourist spots around Tezpur include Namuni National Park, Bamuni Hills, and Agnigarh. When you visit Tezpur, make it a point to visit Kaziranga National Park, which is an hour away by road. The best months to visit Tezpur are between April and June when the average temperatures are around 24°C–35°C, and the accommodation is cheaper.

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Agnigarh is a hilltop in the Indian state of Assam. It is the location of Banasura's stronghold, erected to isolate his daughter Usha in Hindu mythology. The name Agnigarh is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Agni' (fire) and 'Garh' (fortress or wall). It is 5 km from the city centre.

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The remnants of several ancient temples have been discovered in Da-Parbatia, a small village near Tezpur. According to experts, one of the temple complexes was established in the 6th century, while another Lord Shiva temple is believed to have stood on its remains in the Ahom era. The Ahom monarchs constructed a Shiva temple on top of the ruins of this Gupta temple. It is 6 km west of Tezpur city.

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Nameri National Park

Nameri National Park is 35 km from Tezpur and can be reached by taxi. It is home to the Bengal fox, sambhar, leopard, jungle cat, mouse deer, and exotic floral species. It is said to have been the home of the last species of white-winged wood duck. You can go river rafting, sunbathing, and swimming here.


About Allahabad Airport

Allahabad Airport (IATA code: IXD) is also known as Bamrauli Airport. It is a military airbase and public airport serving Allahabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, located 12 km from the city. The Indian Air Force and Airports Authority of India jointly operate the airport. Built in 1919, Prayagraj Airport served as an international airport until 1946, with direct flights to London until 1932.

A single runway–8,400 feet long and 45 metres wide–serves the airport. Various services are offered, such as a VIP lounge, mobile charging points, medical and First-Aid, wheelchairs, trolleys, and restaurants. There are several hotels near the airport, such as Harsh Ananda Hotel and Hotel Milan Palace.

About Allahabad

Allahabad, officially known as Prayagraj, is a large city in Uttar Pradesh. Prayagraj serves as the administrative quarters of the Allahabad district, which boasts the state's largest population. Allahabad is also the judicial capital of the state, and Allahabad High Court is located there. Allahabad is famous as the site of the Triveni Sangam, the confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers. The city is of tremendous significance in Hindu scriptures.

The Magh Mela is a month-long celebration that takes place in Prayagraj every January, and millions of devotees throng the city. Even though the state's economy was founded on tourism, property investment and financial services now account for most of its revenue. The city experiences hot summers and dry winters. Summer temperatures can go as high as 48°C, and winter temperatures dip to 9°C. The months of July and August are wet. An ideal time to visit the city is between October and March.

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All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral, also known as Patthar Girja, is a magnificent Gothic style church constructed by the British in Allahabad. Visitors and monks flock to this place for its religious value as well as its beautiful architecture.

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Allahabad Fort

The Allahabad Fort is a magnificently beautiful building constructed by Emperor Ashoka. The magnificent building stands on the banks of Yamuna river and is famed for its architectural feat. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city.

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Allahabad Museum

Established in 1931, Allahabad Museum is one of India's national-level museums, located within the famed Chandrashekhar Azad Park. Through spectacular exhibitions of art, history, archaeology, architecture, environment, and literature, it provides insight into India's history, culture, heritage, and Independence movement. It is 3 km from the city centre.

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Anand Bhawan

The old residential quarters of the Nehru family, Anand Bhawan, has now been converted into a memorial displaying numerous items and articles from India's independence movement. Motilal Nehru constructed the double-storey home for his family. The famous planetarium, Jawahar Planetarium, is also located in the premises.

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Khusro Bagh

Khusro Bagh, one of Allahabad's most prominent tourist attractions, was built for Emperor Jahangir's son, Khusro. The prince's tombstone and that of his mother, Sultan Begum, and his sister, Nithar, are located in this garden. It is 1 km from Prayagraj Junction.

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Triveni Sangam

The Triveni Sangam is the confluence of three rivers: Ganga, Yamuna, and the invisible Saraswati. While Ganga and Yamuna can be differentiated from the colour, Saraswati is invisible, and is believed to be flowing underground. In Hindu tradition, Triveni Sangam is a holy place, where a bath is thought to wash away all misdeeds and release one from the cycle of reincarnation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your flight status on the official website of the airlines you are travelling with.

During your layover, you can explore the airport, rest in a lounge or a nearby hotel, explore the city, or shop from the duty-free zone (if any).

More than five connecting flights operate between Allahabad to Tezpur every day. However, many flights operate to Imphal and Guwahati, the closest airports.

The only airline that operates at Tezpur Airport is Alliance Air. Indigo, SpiceJet, and Air India operate from Delhi to the closest airports–Kolkata Airport (CCU), Guwahati Airport (GAU), and Silchar Airport (IXS).

There are multiple ways to travel from Kolkata to Tezpur; either take a train directly to Tezpur or take an Alliance Airlines flight on designated days to fly to Tezpur from Kolkata. Otherwise, flights also operate from Kolkata to Shillong and Silchar, where trains and taxis can be taken.

Allahabad is a place of rich history, religious significance, and modern administrative excellence that only a few places can match. One can eat delectable north Indian and Mughlai cuisines and visit its many famous landmarks.

Tezpur is the cultural capital of Assam, and its strategic location at the banks of the Brahmaputra river provides excellent scope for tea plantations. Moreover, because Tezpur tourism has recently been on the rise, the endeavour to keep the city clean has earned it the title of the cleanest city in Assam.

Yes. Due to its wildlife and cultural richness, tourism in Tezpur has recently been on the rise.

Yes, Allahabad Airport is 12 km from Allahabad's main city. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Yes, you can opt for vegetarian food options on your flight.

No, Kaziranga National Park is 50 km from Tezpur. You can reach it via cab.

You can check the best deals on Adani's one-stop platform.

Tezpur Airport is approximately 14.5 km from Bamuni Hills and can be reached by taxi.

Yes, there are several good hotels near Tezpur Airport, such as Hazarika Lodge and Wild Orchid Resort.

Yes, car rental facilities and taxis are available at Allahabad Airport.
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Airport Information

Tezpur P.O.- Haleswar, Tezpur, Assam 784104

Allahabad Allahabad Airport Terminal, Bamrauli Airport Area, Bamrauli, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211012