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Belgaum to Tuticorin Flights

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Are you looking for a Belgaum to Tuticorin flight at the best prices?

Adani One is your portal to hundreds of airlines worldwide. With Adani One, you can choose the best flights for your trip from Belgaum to Tuticorin. Whether it is a Belgaum to Tuticorin flight or Tuticorin to Belgaum flight, Adani One will assist you with everything, from booking flights to checking flight status. The airfare calendar on Adani One will help you compare airfares and book a flight at the best rates. Adani One is dedicated to making travel simple in just a few clicks.

You can easily book flights offered by major domestic and international carriers like AirAsia, Indigo, Air India, Qatar, Air Arabia, etc., on Adani One. Moreover, you can avail the best discounts and cashback offers on the platform. Book your Belgaum to Tuticorin flight now, and don't forget to book a return ticket to get the best offers.

Currently, there is no direct flight from Belgaum to Tuticorin. The best route to Tuticorin from Belgaum is to take a direct flight to Bangalore from the Belgaum Airport and then take a different flight to Belgaum. Presently, IndiGo, Star Air, Alliance Air, and AirAsia are the prominent airlines operating on the route. Book your Belgaum to Tuticorin flight on Adani One and get exciting offers.

Flights from Belgaum to Tuticorin


About Tuticorin Airport

Tuticorin Airport (IATA Code: TCR) is a domestic airport located around 17 km from Tuticorin. The airport serves the districts of Tuticorin and Tirunelveli in southern Tamil Nadu. Tuticorin Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in Tamil Nadu after Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli, and Madurai.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) manages and operates Tuticorin Airport. Currently, the airport has a single terminal spread across an area of 1000 sq ft and has a capacity of 78 passengers each for arrivals and departures. The airport is well-connected with the city and has various transport options like bus and taxi. Various facilities such as wheelchair services for senior citizens and the physically challenged and baggage services are available free of cost at the airport. The airport has a few food outlets where passengers can enjoy snacks and beverages. Various accommodations are easily available around the airport.

About Tuticorin

Tuticorin, also known as Thoothukudi, is located on the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu. It is a famous port town, around 40 km from the Tirunelveli district. The city is known for scenic coastal villages, sacred temples, churches, and mosques and has been a prominent spot of pearl fishing and maritime trade. It was a popular citadel in the early 20th century during India’s struggle for freedom.

Historically, the city was ruled by various rulers, such as the Pandyas, the Cholas, the Portuguese, and the British, before it was declared a part of independent India. Apart from being a port city, Tuticorin is also known for its rich culture. The city is also famous for macaroons, a type of cake made of cashew, coconut milk, and dry fruits.

Although agriculture is the main occupation of the people here, various other industries such as textile, thermal power, and sterlite have developed around the city. Tuticorin is a paradise for beach lovers. The city’s major tourist attractions are Arulmigu Sankara Rameshvarar Temple, Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Our Lady of Snows Basilica, Kalugumalai, Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, etc. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy various water activities and different cultural festivals of Tuticorin. The climate of the city is tropical, and summers are too hot. The best time to visit Tuticorin is between October and March, when the weather is pleasant.

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Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 68 km away from Tuticorin, the Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its rich biodiversity. The sanctuary is home to many wildlife species, such as tiger, Nilgiri langur, Macaque, flying squirrel, panther, pangolins, and many other exotic animals. Activities such as trekking, camping, and safari are available for tourists at the sanctuary.

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It is a Jain monolithic temple, around 60 km from Tirunelveli. Inside the temple are images of Adinatha, Neminatha Mahaveera Parvanatha, and Bahubali.

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Our Lady of Snows Basilica Church

It is the first church built in Tuticorin in 1538. It is located 5 km from the city. Thousands of tourists attend the Our Lady of Snows Festival, which is celebrated every year on August 5.

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Sankara Rameshwarar Temple

A famous and one of the oldest temples in the city, it is believed to have been constructed 700 years back. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. It is well-known for its special Prathosam Pooja.

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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

Located around 40 km from Tuticorin, Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is another significant spiritual place in Tuticorin. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan or Lord Kartikeya. The temple attracts many tourists during the Skanda Festival celebrated at the temple.

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Tuticorin Port

It is one of the best tourist locations in Tuticorin. Located 3 km from the city, it is among the most prominent trading ports in India. Better known as V.O. Chidambaranar Port, Tuticorin port is India's second-largest port and fourth-largest container terminal. It is known for its unique engineering creation.


About Belgaum Airport

Belgaum Airport (IATA Code: IXG) is a domestic airport that is located around 15 km from the main city. Established by the Royal Air Force in 1942, the airport is well-connected with major cities of India such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Tirupati, Jodhpur, and Nasik. Currently, Alliance Air, SpiceJet, Star Air, and IndiGo are the major airlines operating at the airport.

Presently, the airport has a single terminal spread across an area of about 3600 sq m and has a handling capacity of around 300 passengers. Various passenger services and facilities, such as baggage trolleys, wheelchair assistance, and first-aid services, are available at the airport. Transport services like taxis and car rentals can be easily availed from the airport to move in and around the city.

Belgaum Airport
About Belgaum

Belgaum is one of the oldest cities located on the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Belgaum is known for its beautiful waterfalls, river streams, dense forests, scenic landscapes, and pleasant breeze. The official name of Belgaum was changed to Belagavi by the Government of India in November 2014.

Belagum was founded by the Ratta dynasty in 12 Century AD. It was ruled by the Yadava dynasty, the Mughals, and the British. Originally, it was called Venugrama, a Sanskrit word that means bamboo village. Besides its historical significance, the city is also famous among tourists for unique delicacies, such as kunda, maande, ladagi laddu, karadant, etc.

Belgaum is one of the fastest growing cities, and several large industries like sugar, aluminium, leather, clay, pottery, soap, cotton, and precious metals have developed around the city. Some major tourist attractions in Belgaum are Belgaum Fort, Amboli, Gokak Falls, Kapileshwar, KamalBasadi, and Rakaskop Dam. The city is a paradise for nature lovers and a perfect setting for a vacation with family and friends.

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It is a hill station located at an altitude of 690 m above sea level atop the Sahyadri Hills. The hill station is located in southern Maharashtra, which is 67 km from Belgaum. Amoli is among the eco hotspots, as it receives the highest rainfall in Maharashtra. It is known for its waterfalls and natural springs.

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Belgaum Fort

A state heritage monument located just 3 km from the city, Belgaum Fort is a major tourist attraction in Belgaum. It was built in the 12th century AD by the local Ratta rulers. The minars, domes, and arches of the fort reflect the blend of Indo-Saracenic and Deccan architecture styles.

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Gokak Falls

Located 50 km from Belgaum, Gokak Falls, are famously known as the Niagara Falls of Karnataka. The main feature of the place is a 200-metre-long bridge that provides an elevated view of the falls.

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Kamal Basadi

Popularly known as Kamal Basti, Kamal Basadi is located around 4 km from Belgaum city. It is a Jain temple built by the Ratta dynasty in 1204 AD. This temple was once dedicated to Lord Neminath. The temple has a Chalukya architecture style.

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Kapileshwar Temple

It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located 3 km from Belgaum. Also known as Dakshina Kashi, it attracts thousands of tourists during the month of Shravan and Mahashivratri.

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Rakaskop Dam

Located on the Markandeya River, Rakaskop Dam is a famous picnic spot. It is located around 16 km from Belgaum. It is a perfect setting to enjoy natural abundance and scenic water views.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuticorin was previously called The Pearl City as pearl fish were found in the area.

Belgaum is popularly known as the Sugar Bowl of Karnataka, as 1.5 lakh hectares of land is used for the commercial production of sugar.

Belgaum is known for its special savouries and sweets, such as Katchi Dabeli, Pav Bhaji, Alipaak, Pani Puri, and Mandige.

Goa is 122 km away from Belgaum. You can take a bus, train, or private car to reach Goa from Tuticorin.

Some major tourist attractions in Belgaum are Belgaum Fort, Amboli, Gokak Falls, Kapileshwar, KamalBasadi, Rakaskop Dam, etc.

Some of the top beaches in Belgaum are Calangute Beach, Tarkarli Beach, Devbagh Beach, Malvan Beach, etc.

It takes around 2 hours to reach Bangalore Airport from Belgaum, and it takes around 2 hours to reach Tuticorin through a direct flight or 4-6 hours in a connecting flight.

People majorly speak Kannada in the Belgaum district. In addition, Marathi and Hindi are also spoken here.

The distance between Tuticorin and Chennai is 604 km.

Tuticorin port is one of the oldest seaports in India, which was established around the 6th century.

The major tourist attractions in Tuticorin are Sankara Rameshvarar Temple, Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Our Lady of Snows Basilica, Kalugumalai, Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, etc.

The distance between Tuticorin and Belgaum is 1094 km.

Yes, there are few trains available from Tuticorin to Belgaum.

No, the Tuticorin Airport is a domestic airport.

Some of the Tuticorin’s famous things are macaroons, wine biscuits, jewellery, and parotta.
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Airport Information

Tuticorin Tuticorin, Airport Airport Road, Vagaikulam, Tamil Nadu 628103

Belgaum Belagavi Rd, Sambra, Karnataka 591124