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Bengaluru to Rewa Flights

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Are you looking for a Bangalore to Rewa flight? You can now book your air tickets on Adani One. Whether it is a one-way Bangalore to Rewa flight or a round-trip booking, the platform will display a detailed airfare calendar with information on flight status, ticket prices, and flight duration. To help you choose the most convenient flight, all domestic carriers—IndiGo, Air India, AirAsia, SpiceJet, and Vistara—are listed on the platform. Moreover, you can also get discounts and cashback offers while booking your flight ticket to help you get the best deal.

As of now, there are no direct flights from Bangalore to Rewa. Instead, you can book a flight from Bangalore to Prayagraj, which is about 131 km from Rewa, and is easily accessible by road. A few flights service the Bangalore to Prayagraj route every day, which are mainly operated by IndiGo. Of these, there is only one direct flight that takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination. From Prayagraj Airport, you can then hire a rental car to travel to Rewa, which will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance.

Take a look at the airfare calendar and complete your flight booking for the Bangalore to Rewa route on Adani One today!

Flights from Bengaluru to Rewa


About Prayagraj Airport

Currently, there is no functional civilian airport in Rewa. The nearest airport is Prayagraj Airport (IATA: IXD), which is about 131 km from Rewa. You can reach the city from the airport via a train, bus, or cab. Prayagraj Airport is owned by the Indian Air Force and operated by the Airports Authority of India. It is located about 16 km from the city centre and sits at an elevation of approximately 98 m above sea level.

The airport was built in 1919 and served direct flights to London till 1932. It has a single passenger terminal, and offers facilities such as mobile charging ports, luggage trolley, wheelchair assistance, medical assistance, a snack bar and beverage shop, shopping outlets, information desks, etc.

About Rewa

Rewa is a city situated in the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, at an elevation of about 310 m above sea level. It was founded by Raja Vikramaditya Singh and was named after the Rewa River, which is also called the Narmada River. Rewa is the administrative head of Rewa District and Rewa division situated on an alluvial plain, and is a part of the Vindhyan plateau. The city has a subtropical climate and high humidity, with temperatures ranging from a maximum of 40°C to a minimum of 10°C throughout the year.

The Mauryas ruled Rewa in the 3rd century BC, while Kalachuris were in charge of the city in the 12th century AD. Rewa district, as it stands today, came into existence in 1950. It is known for its natural beauty, verdant forests, and spectacular waterfalls–but it is most famed for Mohan, the world-famous white tiger raised in the court of the Maharaja of Rewa, who died in 1978. Rewa has a lot to offer to its tourists–historic sites, plunging waterfalls, and the awe-inspiring Rewa Fort–which means you can easily spend a few days exploring the city and its environs.

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Bhairav Baba Temple

This temple is famed for the massive 35-ft reclining statue of Bhairav Baba, an avatar of Lord Shiva who is said to destroy fear. The temple is adjacent to a lake – locals believe that its water has healing properties. 

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Chachai Waterfall

On River Bihad, the 130-m Chachai Waterfall is considered among one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in the country. A diversion has been constructed on the river for irrigation and to generate electricity. Hence, the waterfalls are only alive in monsoon when extra water is released from the dam to the river. 

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Deur Kothar

This ancient site was discovered only in 1982. It has Buddhist stupas around 2,000 years old and even older rock caves. It is approximately 65 km from Rewa's centre, and one can easily reach this place by car.

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Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo White Tiger Safari & Zoo

This attraction is situated about 18 km from  Rewa in Mukundpur, Satna, and is famous for its white tiger safari. People come from across the country to see the white tigers here, but it is also home to multiple other animals such as hares, civets, monkeys, and various reptiles and birds. 

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Purwa Waterfall

Approximately 35 km and an hour's drive from Rewa, this waterfall is a breathtaking sight. Falling from a height of about 100 ft, the water gushes with extreme force from the cliffs of the Rewa plateau. The source of the falls is River Tamsa/Toan, and it is surrounded by lush foliage.

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Venkat Bhavan

This Saracenic-style edifice was commissioned by Maharaja Venkatraman Singh as a way to employ people during the 1894 famine. Its construction was completed in 1907, and the walls feature beautiful, detailed carvings of gods. 


About Bengaluru Airport

Bengaluru Airport, also known as Kempegowda International Airport (IATA: BLR), is located about 34 km from the city centre, adjacent to the Devanahalli neighbourhood. The airport is situated at an elevation of about 915 m and has been operational since 2008. It has a single integrated passenger terminal that handles both domestic and international passenger operations. The various facilities offered at the terminal include free wi-fi, child care rooms, medical facilities, wheelchair assistance, smoking rooms, numerous restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, transit lounges, and forex facilities.

The city of Bengaluru is connected to Kempegowda International Airport through National Highway 44. Within the airport complex, various transit alternatives are available, including car rental, taxi, and bus services, all of which have specialised wings.

Bangalore Airport
About Bengaluru

Bengaluru, located on the Deccan Plateau in southern India, is the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is recognised for its excellent weather all year round, because it is situated at an altitude of over 900 m above sea level. Bangalore was once a part of several South Indian kingdoms. The Western Ganga dynasty of Karnataka ruled over the area between the 4th and 11th centuries, becoming the first dynasty to effectively influence the region during this period.

Due to the abundance of foliage, wide avenues, and various public parks, such as Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh, Bangalore has become the "Garden City of India". It is also famous for its underground music culture, and is often known as the "Pub Capital of India" or the "Rock/Metal Capital of India." As a result, it is one of the most sought-after rock music venues. Bangalore also hosts an annual international art festival called "Art Bangalore".

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Bangalore Palace

Constructed in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, the architecture of Bangalore Palace was inspired by Windsor Castle in England. The arches, the towers, and the Tudor-style architecture are the site's main attractions.

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Cubbon Park

Spread across an area of about 300 acres, Cubbon Park was constructed and designed by Richard Sankey. It is situated in the heart of the city, and is the most visited park, loved by tourists and residents alike.

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ISKCON Temple is a famous temple located in Rajajinagar in Bangalore, Karnataka. The main deity at the temple is Lord Krishna (the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu), and the complex has a rich and vast garden and amphitheatre. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Known as the 'Pub Capital' and the 'Silicon Valley of India', Bangalore has gained worldwide popularity as a cosmopolitan city, and is popular among tourists. 

Kannada and English are the two most-spoken languages of the city. 

Kadhi of Rasaj, Raikamach's Vegetable, Litti Chokha, and Khurchan are some of the famous and unique delicacies that one ought to savour when in Rewa.  

Rewa is famous for its beautiful natural waterfalls and white tiger reserve. It also has several sites of historical and archaeological significance that attract visitors. 

There are four main waterfalls in Rewa and a few smaller ones as well. 

ABC, Skyye, Toit, Cheney's, Church Street Social, Guzzlers Inn, Pecos, etc., are some of the well-known pubs in Bangalore, although there are numerous others spread throughout the city. 

As of now, there are no flights from Bangalore to Rewa, because Rewa does not have a functional airport yet. The best option is to take a flight from Bangalore to Prayagraj, and then travel to Rewa by road. There are about 5-6 direct and connecting flights from Bangalore to Prayagraj that operate every day.  

Rewa is located about 143 km from Prayagraj Airport, and it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance by road. 

The best time to visit Rewa is from October to March, as the weather during these months is most suitable for sightseeing.  

The winter months from October to February are the best months to visit Bangalore as a tourist, because the weather is pleasant and cool during those months.  

The IATA code for Bangalore's Kempegowda International Airport is BLR, whereas the same for Prayagraj Airport is IXD.  

Rewa is located approximately 1,596 km from Bangalore, and it takes around 27 hours by road to cover this distance. A better option is to take a flight from Bangalore to Prayagraj and then travel to Rewa by road.  

A minimum of 2-3 days are required to explore all the popular places in Rewa. If you want to visit some of the nearby locations, ensure that you have an extra day or two in hand. 

Some of the popular hotels where one can stay in Rewa are Hotel Chandralok, MPT Vidya Retreat Rewa, Hotel Landmark, and Hotel Surya. 

To visit all the popular sites in Bangalore, you will require at least 3-4 days. However, some of the places are a little further away from the city, and therefore, might require a day trip; keep an extra day in hand for such locations.  
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Airport Information

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