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Jaisalmer to Guwahati Flights

Searching for online flight tickets from Jaisalmer to Guwahati?

You can book a flight from Jaisalmer to Guwahati through Adani One’s one-stop platform. Whether you are looking for a Jaisalmer to Guwahati flight or planning your return by booking a Guwahati to Jaisalmer flight ticket, Adani One will present the entire airfare calendar to assist you in selecting the best domestic flights between the two cities. All prominent airlines are listed on the Adani platform, including IndiGo, SpiceJet, Go First, AirAsia, and Air India. You can easily choose your ideal departure time and book the cheapest flight from Jaisalmer to Guwahati, since Adani regularly updates discounts and offers. Further, if you have a fixed returning date, we recommend booking a return ticket in advance, since you will find exciting deals on Guwahati to Jaisalmer flight tickets.

Although Jaisalmer has its own airport, there are currently no direct or connecting flights between Jaisalmer and Guwahati. The next closest airport to Jaisalmer is the Jodhpur Airport, approximately 284 km away. Passengers who wish to travel to Guwahati can travel by road to Jodhpur Airport, which will take around 4 hours and 28 minutes. From Jodhpur Airport, you can board a flight to Guwahati. There are around six connecting flights on this route, serviced by IndiGo and Air India, with layovers in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

Flights from Jaisalmer to Guwahati


About Guwahati Airport

Guwahati Airport, or the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (IATA: GAU), is the busiest and the largest airport in northeast India. It connects Guwahati to all the major cities across India, such as Delhi, Kolkata, Silchar, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, and Jaipur, via domestic flights from reputable airlines, including SpiceJet, Air India, and IndiGo.

The airport is ‌at Borjhar, 29 km from Guwahati. There are two terminals at the airport. Terminal 1 handles domestic flights, which have direct connections to major Indian destinations. During rush hour, the domestic terminal can accommodate 500 people.

The international terminal, Terminal 2, has a passenger limit of 125 people. The airport has 14 check-in desks, one customs counter, and four immigration counters in each of the terminals. Baggage trolleys are offered at no charge at the airport for the passengers’ convenience. Additionally, the airport also provides wheelchair accessibility for physically challenged and elderly people.

Some other amenities include medical facilities, lost and found baggage help, a business centre, and a childcare room.

Guwahati image
About Guwahati

Guwahati is among the largest cities in the state of Assam as well as in the Northeastern part of India. It is on the southern bank of the great river Brahmaputra. Guwahati has several temples holding great religious significance from the past, earning it the title the ‘City of Temples’. The city is famous for its rich history and culture, festivals, food, people, and vibrant nature.

Guwahati’s story dates back a thousand years, and the city’s name is mentioned in epics and Puranas from the past, thus, making it one of the oldest cities in Asia. The Kamakhya, Basistha, and Navagraha temples in the city are said to have existed during ancient times.

Guwahati was earlier named Pragjyotispura because of the ‘Jyotish Shastra’ (astrology) practised here. Its name, Guwahati, is a blend of two Assamese terms, ‘Guwa’, referring to the ‘areca nut’,' and ‘hat’, meaning market.

Guwahati’s climate remains moderate all through the year. However, the ideal time to visit is between October and December and February through April. During these months, the climate is temperate and tourist-friendly.

Guwahati, the most important centre of culture in Assam, is immersed in music, dance, art, crafts, and festivals, giving travellers the chance to indulge in the city’s traditions and celebrations.

Guwahati is among the most popular tourist destinations across Northeast India. Annually, thousands of tourists go to Guwahati to enjoy its beauty. Guwahati is rich in ancient temples, lakes, museums, heritage sites, ancient temples, etc.

Card image cap
Umananda Temple 

Umananda Temple, a Shiva temple situated on Peacock Island in the middle of the river Brahmaputra, is a must-visit spot. Peacock Island is known as one of the smallest inhabited riverine islands on earth. Boats are available throughout the day to transport visitors to Peacock Island. 

Card image cap
Kamakhya Temple 

Kamakhya Temple is among the most revered shrines dedicated to the Goddess Shakti, and it is also one of the four Shakti Peethas (temples that have the highest power in divinity). It is also one of the most ancient and sought-after places to practice Tantric Shaktism. 

Card image cap
Assam Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 

One of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Morigaon District. Primarily known for its one-horned rhinoceros, it is the perfect place for tourists to visit to learn more about this majestic animal. 

Card image cap
Alfresco Grand 

This two-hour dinner voyage on the Brahmaputra river delivers more than just delectable cuisine and breathtaking surroundings. There are plenty of entertainment options aboard, with Northeastern folk music and dance acts adding to the allure. 

Card image cap
Deepor Beel 

Around 10 km from the city centre, this lake is home to several migratory birds in India. The avian visitors can be seen most in winter, when hordes of them fly to the lake. Tourists interested in the city’s fauna will enjoy visiting this spot. 

Card image cap
Fancy Bazar 

Fancy Bazar is the most famous flea market in Guwahati. It comprises several small shops, stray stalls, and roadside shops that offer great bargains. The perfect place to find one-of-a-kind finds, the markets and overall ambience make for an unforgettable experience.  


About Jaisalmer Airport

Jaisalmer Airport (IATA: JSL), serving the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, is a civil enclave which acts as the base for the Indian Air Force. Its 9000-ft runway and single terminal provides domestic flights to several parts of the country. Managed by the Airports Authority of India, the airport is around 17 km from the city centre, providing easy access to the city through taxis and cabs.

Since there are no flights from Jaisalmer to Guwahati, passengers must travel by road to Jodhpur Airport and take a connecting flight to Guwahati. Around 284 km from Jaisalmer, Jodhpur Airport, a civil enclave, shares its base with the Indian Air Force. It is roughly 3 km from the city centre and is well connected to major Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. The Jodhpur Airport can accommodate 430 passengers per hour, with around seven check-in desks and three boarding gates in the single terminal. It is serviced by major airlines, including SpiceJet, IndiGo, and Air India. The airport provides passenger amenities such as free luggage trolleys, visitor information centres, a telephone security check area, a lost and found luggage desk, and drinking water supplies.

Jaisalmer image
About Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, a majestic city in Rajasthan, is perched close to the beautiful Thar Desert on India’s westernmost boundary. The city is known all over the globe for its castles and forts of great luxury. It is also known as the ‘Golden City of India’ because of the yellow sandstone employed in the town’s construction, giving it a golden appearance.

Jaisalmer used to be encircled by a large wall. But now, just the gateways and the massive fort that dominates the city, leaving behind the essence of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer was founded during the 12th century after Rawal Jaisal, a Bhati Rajput King, chose to relocate his capital from Ludharva to a secure location. As a result, the city was founded in 1156 AD.

It was included in the Rajasthan state in 1949 and was considered a district. Due to its picturesque splendour, thousands of visitors visit the desert city each year, both from inside the nation and outside, which makes tourism the main source of revenue for the city.

Card image cap
Jaisalmer Fort 

The beautiful Jaisalmer Fort, also referred to as Golden Fort or Sonar Quila, is constructed of yellow sandstone that mirrors golden colours. Rawal Jaisal built this fort, which is a remarkable example of a Rajasthani architectural masterpiece and a must-see among Jaisalmer’s attractions. Further, it provides a breathtaking and panoramic picture of the city’s golden-hued cityscape.

Card image cap
Gadisar Lake 

Raja Rawal Jaisal constructed the Gadisar Lake to address the water needs of Jaisalmer at the time. Gorgeous chhatris, temples, and sacred shrines are built around the lake, creating a serene environment for a romantic getaway, and making it a prominent name among the city’s sites.

Card image cap
Bada Bagh 

Although Jaisalmer is a desert, the rulers attempted to bring some greenery to the surroundings. The Bada Bagh, for example, was a long-lasting endeavour that was once a vast garden. This garden structure, 6 km from Jaisalmer, houses royal tombs, and is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Jaisalmer.

Card image cap
Salim Singh ki Haveli 

Salim Singh ki Haveli is a stunning structure in the centre of Jaisalmer. It is among the most popular tourist sites, erected in 1815 CE by Salim Singh, the region’s then prime minister. It is also renowned as Jahaz Mahal, because the front of the Haveli mimics a ship’s front, which is one of the most prominent features of this magnificent attraction which distinguishes it from other prominent Havelis in Jaisalmer.

Card image cap
Desert National Park

Visiting the Desert National Park, around 40 km from the city, will provide a more vital insight into how the animals and vegetation survive the Thar Desert’s aridity. This park draws many nature lovers and naturalists due to its unique variety of diverse types of flora and wildlife.

Card image cap
Tazia Tower

Famed for its traditional architecture, Tazia Tower is constructed in the distinctive Rajputana architectural style of Rajasthan. Positioned in the Badal Palace Complex, the structure comprises five levels, and each one conveying a unique narrative of the royal family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there are zero direct Jaisalmer to Guwahati Flights.

To reach Guwahati via flight, you need to reach the Jodhpur Airport, which is 284 km away. From Jodhpur, you can get connecting flights to Guwahati.

Jodhpur Airport is about 12.6 km from the central city. It serves as a civil enclave and is fully operational.

The IATA of Guwahati Airport, also known as the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, is GAU.

The IATA of Jodhpur Airport is JDH.

The aerial distance from Jodhpur to Guwahati is 1865 km.

There is a direct route between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, which is around 284 km. By road, this will take around 4 hours and 28 minutes.

There is no direct or indirect flight from Jaisalmer to Guwahati. However, the nearest airport from Jaisalmer is Jodhpur, and the average flight duration from Jodhpur to Guwahati is 7 hours and 41 minutes.

On a Jodhpur to Guwahati flight, each passenger is permitted 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of checked-in luggage.

No, it is not necessary. However, we recommend paying a small insurance cost for safety purposes.

There are 14 check-in counters, one customs counter, and four immigration counters in the two terminals.

Yes, Jodhpur is the nearest airport from Jaisalmer where you can get flights to Guwahati.

The minimum duration for a flight from Jodhpur to Guwahati is around 4 hours and 15 minutes. However, depending on the layover, this can go up to 21 hours.

You can visit the Kamakhya Temple, Alfresco Grand, Nehru Park, and Kaziranga National Park.

You will need around 5 to 7 days to see all the attractions in Guwahati. You can also travel to nearby cities, like Meghalaya, and make the most of the trip.
Airport Information

Guwahati Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport,Borjhar, Guwahati, Assam – 781015

Jaisalmer Air Force School Rd, Shastri Nagar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

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