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Jaisalmer to Jodhpur Flights

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Booking a flight from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur? Adani One offers you a hassle-free facility to book flight tickets. Whether it is a Jaisalmer to Jodhpur flight or a Jodhpur to Jaisalmer flight, Adani One will show you an airfare calendar to help you choose the best flight. Moreover, apart from booking flights at the best prices, you also get deals and cashbacks on Adani One. All major domestic carriers like Air India, Go First, and SpiceJet are listed on the platform.[Text Wrapping Break] The aerial distance between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur is 223 km. However, since there are no direct flights from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, the easiest option is to travel by road between the two cities instead of taking a flight. Jodhpur is just 281 km away from Jaisalmer, and the journey takes around 4 to 5 hours. Travel to your dream destination using the airfare calendar on Adani One.

Flights from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur


About Jodhpur Airport

Jodhpur Airport (IATA: JDH) is located at Ratanada in Rajasthan. The airport is around 5 km from the city centre and can accommodate approximately 430 passengers per hour. Jodhpur airport, formerly known as Jodhpur Flying Club was founded in 1920 by Maharaja Umaid Singh. During World War II, this club was used as an airfield by the Royal Air Force. Later, in 1950, the Indian Air Force upgraded it and used it as an Air Force Flying College until 1965. Today, Jodhpur Airport has grown into a major hub for domestic flights. Major airlines such as SpiceJet and Air India operate regular flights between Jodhpur and other Indian metros. Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru are just a few destinations served by this airport. Jodhpur Airport's domestic terminal has three boarding gates and seven check-in counters. The airport has basic amenities, such as ATMs, baby care rooms, medical services, shops, restaurants, currency exchange counters, and smoking lounges.

About Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. It is also known as Blue City and is one of India's most famous tourist attractions. With the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort overlooking the city, Jodhpur is among Rajasthan's most attractive destinations. The City of Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajput, and it served as the capital of the Kingdom of Marwar. Some prominent tourist spots in Jodhpur include Mehrangarh Fort, Rajaram Meghwal Burial Place, and Mahila Baag Jhalra. Jodhpur is known for its forts, temples, lakes, and food. It is home to numerous palaces, forts, museums, gardens, and lakes, making it a major tourist destination in Rajasthan. You can travel around Jodhpur by taxis, auto-rickshaws, or tongas. You can avail taxis from the stand near the main railway station. Although, considering the narrow streets of the old city, auto-rickshaws are ideal. If you are a rider, you can also hire a bicycle to explore the city.


About Jaisalmer Airport

Jaisalmer Airport (IATA code: JSA) is a civil enclave operating on an Indian Air Force base, approximately 17 km from the city centre. The Jaisalmer Airport is managed by the Airports Authority of India and does not operate passenger flights. Jaisalmer Airport is well-connected to Jaisalmer city and its outskirts via taxis, buses, and auto-rickshaws.

About Jaisalmer

The city of Jaisalmer was founded in the 12th century by Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal. The term Jaisalmer means Hill Fort of Jaisal. The city lies in the heart of Thar Desert and was once a thriving trading centre of Rajasthan. It is called the Golden City of India because of the yellow sandstone architecture of the city. Jaisalmer is famous for its fort, which fences the city. This fort is strengthened by 99 bastions and protects the Maharaja's Palace and the city. The fort has now evolved into an urban living centre. The city is lined with temples and houses in narrow, winding lanes. Jaisalmer attracts thousands of tourists annually because of its rich history. The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is Rajasthan's most well-known cultural event. Competitions like camel racing, turban tying, and Mr Desert are held every year in February. You can travel around Jaisalmer through various modes of transport, such as taxis, buses, trains, auto-rickshaws, etc. You can also board the daily trains that ply between Jaisalmer and Jaipur, connecting it to Delhi and other Indian towns.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no direct flights between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.  

Only prescribed medicines can be carried in limited quantities. A prescription is a must. 

No, you can also get it at the airport. However, it is advisable to check-in online to save time. 

Jodhpur is not expensive; you can get budget-friendly hotels for accommodation.  

Yes, as one of the world's last remaining living forts can be found in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer Fort (also known as Golden Castle) is a must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its confines are shops, restaurants, and homes. 

Yes, it is worthwhile to visit Jodhpur as it has some great attractions and architecturally rich forts. 

The ideal time to explore Jaisalmer is between October and March when the temperature ranges from 10°C to 27°C. Winter is the best time to visit Jaisalmer as the soft sunlight highlights the attractions for which the city is known.  

Yes, Jodhpur Airport has the necessary amenities, including a visitor area, a smoking area, restrooms, and a commercial area. Furthermore, all of these services are free of charge.

Yes, web check-in is mandatory while travelling from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. 

The IATA codes of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur airports are JSA and JDH, respectively. 

Various airlines have different policies; however, dry food can be carried on a flight. It helps if you pack your meal well for the flight from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. 

It is advisable to wear long-sleeved clothing, such as shirts or tops, to protect your hands and arms from sunburn. It can get very cold at night, so bring a stole/jacket or shawl to keep yourself warm. 

The yellow sandstone that is used to build the fort and the town below, imbues both with a golden-yellow light, earning Jaisalmer the nickname, Golden City of India. 

The majestic Jaisalmer Fort surrounds the city of Jaisalmer. The most incredible aspect of this fort is that it is a functioning urban centre. 
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Airport Information

Jaisalmer Air Force School Rd, Shastri Nagar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

Jodhpur Civil Airport Road, Air Force Area, Ratanada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342011