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Kanpur to Bengaluru Flights

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Are you looking for a flight from Kanpur to Bengaluru?

Adani's one-stop platform can help you book flight tickets to any city. The platform displays a detailed airfare calendar that lets you plan your trip with ease. It also offers attractive discounts and cashback on all flights, so that you get the best deal possible. All the major carriers, such as Go First, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Air India, are listed on the platform, which helps you select the most suitable flight for you. To book an air ticket, all you need to do is enter the source and the destination airport details, and you can choose the dates from the airfare calendar. If you have a return date in mind, it is always better to book them as well to get the maximum benefits.

As of now, IndiGo and SpiceJet are the only two airlines operating flights from Kanpur to Bengaluru. There are around 5-6 flights that operate on this route every day, of which there is only one direct flight, but it does not operate daily. The flight duration for the connecting flights from Kanpur to Benhaluru ranges from 6 hours to 18 hours with layovers in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. The direct flight takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes and operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Check out the airfare calendar on Adani's one-stop platform for any updates, and book your flight from Kanpur to Bengaluru today!

Flights from Kanpur to Bengaluru


About Bengaluru Airport

Bengaluru Airport is officially known as Kempegowda International Airport (IATA: BLR). It is located about 34 km north of the city in Devanahalli, and you can reach the airport using an airport bus, intercity bus, car rentals, airport taxis, app taxis, and suburban trains. The airport has a single passenger terminal handling both international and domestic operations, and two runways.

The services at the terminal include duty-free shops at International Departures and Arrivals, numerous retail stores and souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes inside and outside the terminal, tea and coffee stands, mobile charging ports, baby care rooms, prayer rooms, ATMs, information desks, wheelchair assistance, luggage trolleys, x-ray scanners, sleep pods, VIP lounges, passenger lounges, etc.

Bangalore Airport
About Bengaluru

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is one of India's largest cities. It is situated at an elevation of about 883 m above sea level and is the point of confluence of the Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil-speaking people because of its location on the west-east ridge in the Karnataka Plateau.

Bengaluru has many structures of national and historical importance, such as Vidhan Soudha–the legislative building, Attara Kacheri–the court building, and the Fort and Palace of Tipu Sultan. Besides, the city is home to elaborately planned and beautiful gardens, such as Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park. It is therefore often called the Garden City of India.

In the 1950s, the state's heavy investment in education attracted immigrants in large numbers. As a result, Bengaluru has witnessed tremendous economic growth and has become one of the country's most important cities, home to offices and regional centres of some of the largest multinational companies in the world.

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Bangalore Palace 

Chamaraja Wadiyar built the Bangalore Palace in the 19th century. The palace draws inspiration from England's Windsor Castle and is built in the Tudor and Scottish Gothic styles. It is surrounded by 454 acres of beautiful gardens and often hosts major exhibitions, concerts, and events. 

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Bannerghatta National Park 

Bannerghatta National Park is situated around 22 km from the city and is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. The park offers safaris that allow visitors the chance to spot the majestic Bengal Tiger. It also has a zoo, an aquarium, a snake house, and a butterfly yard. 

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Church Street 

Bangalore's Church Street is around 750 m long and is one of the most iconic streets in the city. It is named after St. Mark's Cathedral and has gift shops, music stores, restaurants, bookstores, and cafes. It has some of the oldest shops in the city, selling a wide range of products and tasty treats. 

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Lalbagh Botanical Gardens 

Lalbagh is a botanical garden developed by Haider Ali, which was later modified by Tipu Sultan. The garden has a glasshouse inspired by the London Crystal Palace. It covers 240 acres and houses around 1800 plants, trees and herb species. 

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Lumbini Gardens 

Lumbini Gardens are developed on the banks of Nagawara Lake. It is a public park that houses a 25-m tall statue of Lord Buddha. The main attractions of Lumbini Gardens are the boating club, kid's playground, walking path, fountain and food stalls. 

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Vidhana Soudha  

Vidhana Soudha is a significant landmark of Bangalore. It was built around the 1950s and is located beside Cubbon Park. The four-storey structure has a dome epitomising the Dravidian architectural theme. The complex houses the Legislative Chamber of Karnataka's Government and several other departments.  


About Kanpur Airport

Kanpur Airport (IATA: KNU) is located in Chakeri, about 11 km from the city centre. It is a domestic airport and is connected to some of the major cities in India via direct and connecting flights. There is one terminal at the airport, and it has the latest security features and a modern luggage handling system. The services at the airport include an advanced baggage handling facility, wheelchair-friendly access, and a special senior citizen baggage handling facility at zero cost.

Kanpur Airport also has a snack bar and a restaurant, mobile charging ports, shopping outlets, luggage trolleys, a medical facility, and a passenger lounge. You can reach the airport from anywhere in the city using a taxi, bus, or a rental car.

Kanpur Airport
About Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the major cities in Uttar Pradesh and is the state's industrial centre. It is situated on the banks of the river Ganga and is a key economic hub.

Kanpur is well-known for its colonial architecture, parks, and leather products of fine quality that are majorly exported to the western regions. In addition, the city is known for its textile and leather industries. As a result, Kanpur is widely known as the "World's Leather City" and is often called the "Manchester of the East".

Until 1947, Kanpur served as an essential garrison town for the British, and because of them, the city is well-connected with other significant cities in India through road and rail routes.

Kanpur serves as a major tourist destination in the state and has several places of historical and religious importance because of its location on the banks of the river Ganga.

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Allen Forest Zoo 

Allen Forest Zoo, also known as Kanpur Zoological Park, is spread across more than 70 hectares. It is one of the largest zoos in North India and is home to various leopards, chimps, tigers and rhinos. The park also has a botanical garden, a lake, an aquarium, and a toy train.

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Blue World Theme Park 

Blue World Theme Park is one of the most visited tourist places in Kanpur. It is a perfect getaway during the summer season, as there are several water slides ending with a cool splash in well-maintained pools. The park also has many rides and attractions, including the Free Fall, the Chair Lift, and the Blue World Roller Coaster.

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Kanpur Memorial Church 

Kanpur Memorial Church is dedicated to the British civilians killed during the Kanpur siege, one of the goriest chapters of the 1857 revolution. It has striking Gothic-style architecture, and the red bricks and multiple turrets remind one of the 19th-century European architectural designs.

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Moti Jheel 

Moti Jheel is located in Kanpur's Benajhabar area. It is a scenic lake that offers boating facilities, street food stalls, and toy shops at the entrance and premises. It was constructed during British colonial rule and is among the prominent recreational locations in the city.

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Nana Rao Park 

A regular hangout for fitness lovers in the city, Nana Rao Park is situated near the Phool Bagh area of Kanpur. People visit the park for morning and evening walks, to play badminton, go swimming, and do yoga. The park was built to commemorate Nana Sahib's heroics in India's war of Independence. The park also has statues of prominent freedom fighters like Lala Lajpat Rai, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Tatya Tope, etc.

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Shri Radhakrishna Temple 

Shri Radhakrishna Temple or Juggilal Kamlapat Temple is around half a century old and is a sight to behold. The temple contains five shrines, each in different towers. The shrines of Lord Radhakrishna, Ardhanarishwar, Lakshminarayan, Namadeshwar, and Hanuman are housed in the temple compounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Around 5-6 flights operate from Kanpur to Bengaluru every day. Most of them are connecting flights, with layovers in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. 

There is only one direct flight that operates between Kanpur and Bengaluru, but it is not a daily flight.  

IndiGo operates the most number of flights between Kanpur and Bengaluru. 

The Kanpur to Bengaluru direct flight takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the destination. 

The IATA code for Kanpur Airport is KNU, and the same for Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport is BLR. 

The airport is about 34 km from the city of Bengaluru. You can reach anywhere in the city using taxis or rental cars available at the airport.  

Kanpur Airport is located about 11 km from the city, and you can take a bus or a taxi from anywhere in the city to reach the airport.  

On most domestic flights, 15 kg of check-in luggage and 7 kg of cabin luggage is allowed. However, this may differ from airline to airline. It is always best to check the airline's website for more information.  

A minimum of three days are required to visit all the popular tourist places in Bengaluru. If you wish to explore the nearby areas, you will require an extra day in hand. 

The best time to visit Bengaluru for sightseeing is from November to February; during these months, the minimum temperature hovers around 10°C to 12°C.  

Idli dip Sambar, Bisi Bele Bhath, Gobi Manchurian, and Bun Nipat are some of the popular dishes in Bengaluru. 

Bengaluru Palace is located about 8 km from Indiranagar, but due to heavy traffic in the city, it can take around 30-45 minutes to reach.  

October to March is the best time to visit Kanpur for sightseeing as the weather is pleasant and cool.  

Two days are sufficient if you wish to explore all the tourist attractions in Kanpur. However, keep an extra day in hand to visit nearby places.  

Some of the must-try delicacies of Kanpur are Sultani Dal, Shami Kebab, Biryani, Kheer, and Imarti. 
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Airport Information

Bengaluru KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300, India

Kanpur Kanpur military airport, Airforce Lane, Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208004