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Mangaluru to Bhopal Flights

Mangaluru to Bhopal Flights

There are no direct flights from Mangaluru Airport to Bhopal airport. However, some connecting flights are available between the two cities. IndiGo, Air India, Go First are the most preferred airlines to travel from Mangaluru to Bhopal. After Reaching Bhopal, one can opt for a car, a bus, train, etc., to reach the city centre. You will find all the necessary information about Mangaluru to Bhopal flights in the following sections.

Flights from Mangaluru to Bhopal


About Bhopal Airport

Bhopal airport, officially known as Raja Bhoj Airport, is the main airport serving the city of Bhopal, which is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. It was named after Parmar King Raja Bhoj of the 10th century. It is the second busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh, in terms of passenger movement and air travel. It is located on the northwest side of Bhopal, which is 15 Km away from the Bhopal Junction railway station in the city centre, and 20 Km away from the Habibganj railway station south of the city. The airport is located near the intersection of National Highway 46 and the State 18 highway, which connects Bhopal to Indore. The airport offers services such as free Wi-Fi, ATMs, child care room, post office, visitor information center, first aid services, smoking rooms, leisure rooms, stores, restaurants, currency exchange, the lost and found section, etc.

About Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Often called the ‘city of lakes’, Bhopal has several natural and artificial lakes. Bhopal, with its central location, is very well connected to all the corners of the country. It stands among the 15 largest cities of India. The city has many large and medium industries and is regarded as a vital financial centre of Madhya Pradesh.

Card image cap
Bhojpur Temple

Card image cap
Gohar Mahal

Card image cap
Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum

Card image cap
Moti Masjid

Card image cap
Raisen Fort

Card image cap
Sair Sapata

Card image cap
Sanchi Stupa

Card image cap
Taj ul Masjid

Card image cap
Van Vihar National Park


About Mangaluru Airport

The IATA code for Mangaluru International Airport, popularly known as Bajpe Airport, is IXE. When the airport first opened on December 25, 1951, it was named Bajpe Aerodrome. It is an international airport that mainly serves Mangaluru. It is one of Karnataka’s two international airports, the other being Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. Mangaluru International Airport is Karnataka’s second busiest airport. In addition to domestic destinations, flights to major Middle Eastern cities depart daily from this airport. Free Wi-Fi, ATMs, baby care facilities, currency exchange, duty-free shops, restaurants, information desk, medical services, luggage wrapping, prayer room, drinking water, and postal services are few of the amenities available at the airport.

About Mangaluru

Mangaluru is a major port city in Karnataka that is situated 352 Km west of Bengaluru. Mangaluru is a pleasing tourist destination with a tropical monsoon climate, hot summers, and rainy monsoons. Pristine beaches are some of the attractions of Mangaluru.

Card image cap
Kudroli Temple

Card image cap
Milagres Church

Card image cap
Panambur Beach

Card image cap
Tannirbhavi Beach

Card image cap
Ullal Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, children over the age of two years need to have a separate ticket.

The central bus station in Bhopal is located about 11 Km from the airport.

The central railway station is located around 10 Km from the airport.

You can carry single-hand luggage weighing up to 7 kgs.

Rosario Cathedral Milagres Church New Mangalore Port Ullal Beach

Mangaluru airport provides baggage services, ATMs, a taxi booking counter, wheelchairs, medical facilities, and an information desk.

Bhopal airport offers facilities such as ATMs, hotel booking counter, tourist information counter, food counters, and cafes.

The name of Bhopal airport is Raja Bhoj Airport and its code BHO, whereas the name of Mangaluru airport is Mangaluru International Airport and its code is IXE.

The first flight to leave from Mangaluru to Bhopal is IndiGo 6E508 at 9 am.

IndiGo, Go First, and Air India are the most preferred airlines on the Mangaluru to Bhopal flight route.

The last flight on this route is IndiGo 6E7142, which leaves at 9:50 pm.
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Airport Information

Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport, Gandhi Nagar Post office, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal (MP)-462036

Mangaluru Mangaluru International Airport,Bajpe Main Rd, Kenjar HC, Mangaluru, Karnataka 574142