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Patna to Rajahmundry Flights

Patna to Rajahmundry Flights

Are you in need of a Patna to Rajahmundry Flight? You can be assured that Adani's one-stop platform will assist you with the online booking of your flight tickets. If you wish to fly from Patna to Rajahmundry or return from Rajahmundry to Patna, you can be sure that Adani helps you choose the best flight to suit your calendar among top options like IndiGo, Air India and Air Asia. You can be sure to receive cashback in case you are dissatisfied with your choice. Adani provides a variety of discounts and offers. You can indulge in these discounts best by booking your flight tickets plenty in advance. No direct flights operate from Patna to Rajahmundry. However, every week, many connecting flights are operated by IndiGo on this route. All of these flights have a layover in Hyderabad but the shortest flight takes only approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes to cover the distance from Patna to Rajahmundry. Be sure to have a look at Adani to find the flight that suits your schedule and make your Patna to Rajahmundry flight booking immediately!

Flights from Patna to Rajahmundry


About Rajahmundry Airport

Located in Madhurapudi, the Rajahmundry Airport (IATA: RJA, ICAO: VORY) is situated approximately 15 Km away from the centre of Rajahmundry. This airport was originally built during the British era. While there is only one working terminal at the airport, there have been talks about the construction of a new terminal. The active terminal has a capacity of 150 passengers for arrival and departure. There are three boarding gates and six check-in counters within the airport. The Rajahmundry Airport provides services like a Wi-Fi hotspot, wheelchair assistance, child care room, car rental and more. You can easily get to and travel away from the airport in taxis. Bus services to travel to neighbouring states are also available outside the airport.

About Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is located in Andhra Pradesh, which is a South Indian state. The city is officially known as 'Rajamahendravaram'. It is known to be an important transportation hub. Furthermore, the city is a base for the production of rice and salt. The city is home to the Central Tobacco Research Institute, a paper mill and more. It has a tropical climate with the majority of the year being humid. You can experience more rain during the summers in comparison to winters. The most popular dishes of Rajahmundry are the Andhra Thali and Hyderabad Biryani. Being a coastal city, situated along the Godavari River, one can find a lot of seafood here. A few of the main ingredients in their cuisine are coconut, Guntur chilli, curd and tamarind. Some other famous dishes include Pakam Undalu Mirchi bhaji and Pootarekulu. One cannot leave the city without tasting the famous drink of the region: Rose Milk. It comes in many flavours like Kova Rose Milk, and Semiya Rose Milk. It essentially is cold milk stirred with sugar and rose essence. Often called the city of arts and poets, Rajahmundry is known to be one of the oldest cities in India and the language Telugu was founded here.


About Patna Airport

Located in Patna, which is the capital of Bihar, is the Jayprakash Narayan Airport (IATA: PAT). The airport gets its name after Jayprakash Narayan who was a political leader and an activist for independence. It is the fourteenth busiest airport in the country. There have been plans to expand this airport. The international terminal is currently not operating. The airport also has a cargo terminal. The domestic terminal operates airlines like Go First, IndiGo and Air India. Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata are a few among many cities which are connected to this airport. The airport offers facilities like ATMs, cafes and restaurants, information desks and wheelchairs. The best way for one to get to the airport or travel away would be the local taxi service. However, bus services are also available near the airport. The closest railway station to the airport is the Patna railway station which is nearly 7 Km away.

About Patna

Also known as Pataliputra in ancient times, Patna is the capital of the state of Bihar and it is situated on the banks of the Ganga river. It is known to be one of the oldest cities in India, and it was called Azimabad during the Mughal era. Despite its long history, the city is now considered to be quite modern, and it is Home to the Assembly Chambers, Government House and Oriental Library. Litti Chokha, a savoury dish devoured by all the people in Patna, is made up of wheat and sattu. Some other delicacies of this region are Sattu Sharbat, Chana Ghugni and Tilkut. You cannot leave the place without having a bite of the famous Kesar Peda. Hindi is the frequently spoken language in the area but you can hear a lot of English too. Some of the dialects spoken in Patna are Magahi and Bhojpuri.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are one-stop flights due to the long distance between the cities.

The shortest flight from Patna to Rajahmundry takes 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Yes, but the international terminal is currently not in operation.

Rajahmundry Airport has the IATA code of 'RJA'. Jayprakash Narayan Airport has the IATA code of 'PAT'.

Annavaram consists of the word 'anna' which means “as you wish” and 'varam' which means “boon”.

Rose Milk is the most famous drink in Rajahmundry.

Patna was originally known as Pataliputra.

Some dialects spoken in Patna are Magahi and Bhojpuri.

Litti Chokha is a famous food in Patna.

Gandhi Ghat is famous because this is where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed.
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Airport Information

Patna Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg, Bhatpura village, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800014

Rajahmundry Madhurapudi, Andhra Pradesh 533103