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Departure Guide FAQs

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Ideally, you should arrive 2 hours prior for domestic departures and 4 hours prior for international departures.

If you lose something on board your flight, in the terminal or airport buses, please complete the service form on the lost and found page on the website. You can also contact the lost and found centre located at the airport. You can reach out to us on

If you find something unidentified, it is advised to not touch such articles, and bring it to the attention of the terminal duty manager or a CISF personnel for immediate action.

Parents of unaccompanied minors need to contact respective airlines for the handover procedure before check in. There is a procedure to be followed for Unaccompanied Minor or Young Passenger.

An unaccompanied minor is a child without the presence of a parent or legal guardian. This term is used in immigration law and in airline policies. The specific definition varies from airline to airline and country to country.

In most cases it is safe for women, with normal pregnancy, to travel by air. However, a fitness certificate is required by a medical practitioner. Women above 32 weeks of pregnancy are not allowed to travel by air. You can contact your respective airline for further information.

Passengers holding a valid ticket for travel within 24 hours can access the visitor lounge at the terminal. Please note that visitor entry to terminals and lounges may be restricted without prior notice due to security or operational reasons.

Yes, only international passengers with a valid ticket can shop at the duty free shops.

Medicines in limited quantities, which are required, may be allowed to carry. For larger quantities or prescription drugs, a doctor's prescription will be required.

You can share any feedback at

The minimum age for children travelling alone is between 5 and 16, depending on the airline. Please get in touch with your respective airline for more information.


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