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Passenger Departure Guide FAQs

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Ideally, you should arrive 2 hours prior for domestic departures and 4 hours prior for international departures.

Ahmedabad Airport has a Wi-Fi network, giving you access to 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi. You require a valid Indian mobile number to access it. You can also buy a high-speed Wi-Fi network at a minimal cost once the free access time limit is over.

An Unaccompanied Minor Passenger is a child between the ages of 5 and 12 travelling without a parent or legal guardian. The term is used in immigration law and airline policies. A Young Passenger is a child between the age of 12 and 17.

Yes, Ahmedabad Airport offers barrier-free access for passengers with special needs. Also, there are reserved parking slots, ramps and special rest rooms. In addition, wheelchairs are available at the departure ramp of the airport. Customer Service Executives at the airport assist and guide you throughout the journey. You are requested to contact your respective airline or the Airport Terminal Managers for further assistance.

Passengers holding a valid ticket to travel within the next 24 hours can access the visitor lounge at the terminal. Please note that visitor entry to terminals and lounges may be restricted without prior notice due to security or operational reasons.

You can take up to 15 kg of check-in baggage without extra charge. Each airline has defined guidelines regarding luggage – both check-in and carry-on.

Most airlines allow passengers with special needs to take their wheelchair with them. However, you should inform the airline beforehand.

There is no public transport available for the airport from the city presently. However, the airport is well-connected via prepaid taxis, app-based cabs and autos.


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