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Domestic Airlines in India

A commercial flight is also known as a domestic flight that has civil Aviation in it, in which the departure and arrival occur in the same land or country. This article will tell you how to book domestic flights and the online domestic flight booking procedure.

History of the Aviation Industry in India

The history of aviation in India dates back to 1911 when the first commercial aviation flight took off on February 18 of the same year. It was a short, 10 km flight from Allahabad to Naini. But it paved the way for the civil aviation market in India, which is the third-largest in the world today. The next few decades saw other players entering the airline market, like Deccan Airways and Kalinga Airlines. In the 1950s, the aviation industry came under the government's control. The majority of airlines present were merged to form two leading airlines – Air India (international flights) and Indian Airlines (domestic flights) – run by the government.

Airline Operators in India

The airline industry of India is growing and improving by the day. We are the third-largest aviation market globally, behind only the US and China, and expected to overtake the two nations by 2030. In addition to working efficiently and providing the best-in-class services to their passengers, the airline operators in India are also very common

Frequently Asked Questions

IndiGo is ranked first amongst the domestic airlines of India due to its largest fleet size and the highest market share.

Currently, there are 39 airlines in India, including scheduled, cargo, regional, and cargo.

Low-cost airlines like IndiGo, Go First, and SpiceJet provide competitive prices.

Vistara, IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet, Go First are popular domestic airlines in India.

A domestic airline flies within the specific boundary of a country.

Tata Air Services was India's first domestic airline; it eventually became Air India.

Domestic airlines in India are primarily divided into low-cost and full-service carriers.

Some of India's most popular domestic air travel routes are Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Bengaluru, Chennai-Delhi, Goa-Delhi, Bengaluru-Kolkata, and Delhi-Srinagar.