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Looking for flights from Agra to Nagpur? Adani One can help you find the best deals on flights from Agra to Nagpur. You only have to enter the names of your origin and destination cities and departure date to get a list of potential flights sorted by price. Adani One displays a detailed flight calendar to help you choose the best flight at the most affordable prices. All domestic airlines, including IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and AirAsia, are listed on the portal, and you get exciting deals and cashback offers on your flight from Agra to Nagpur.

There are no direct flights from Agra to Nagpur, but there is at least one connecting flight operating daily between the two cities. The flights are operated by IndiGo, Vistara, and AirAsia, and have one or two layovers at major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, or Pune. Check out Adani One detailed airfare calendar, and book the most convenient flight from Agra to Nagpur today!


About Nagpur Airport

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (IATA: NAG) is located in Sonegaon, 9 km southwest of Nagpur, and is spread over 1,355 acres. The airport serves approximately 8,500 passengers per day, and has a single terminal. Nagpur Airport is the hub for Go First and IndiGo.The airport provides all vital facilities such as postal services, medical facilities, shops and restaurants, fax, local, ISD and STD telecom facilities, and much more. You can travel to the airport by bus, auto or taxi. The Nagpur railway station is located 10 km from the airport.

About Nagpur

Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra, the stateís winter capital, and the 13th most populous city in India. It is located along the Nag River, near the country's geographical centre. Nagpur's landscape consists of low hills, flat plains, and rich, black soil in the river valley. Cotton and sorghum are major crops grown in this area due to the presence of black soil.Nagpur is well-known for its orange produce, and is sometimes referred to as the ëOrange Cityí. It plays a major role as a trade centre for oranges grown throughout the Vidarbha region. It is also referred to as the ëTiger Gatewayí or the ëTiger Capital of Indiaí due to the presence of several tiger reserves near the city.Nagpur was founded by Bakht Buland, a Gond king, in the early 18th century. It became the headquarters of the Bhonsles of the Maratha confederate states, before falling under British control in 1817. Nagpur was momentarily deemed the capital of Madhya Pradesh state after Indian independence until 1956, when it was absorbed into the newly-formed Bombay state. In 1960, it became a part of Maharashtra, and gained prominence in the state.

Place to visit in Nagpur


Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple


Futala Lake


Shri Swaminarayan Temple

About Agra Airport

Agra Airport (IATA: AGR) only serves a few cities. It is a military airfield as well as a public airport. The air force station is one of the largest air bases that serves the city of Agra. The station now has the privilege of having the first in-flight refuelling squadron of aircraft in IAF history.The airport was first established during World War II, and was named the Royal Air Forces Station, Agra. In 1947, the airport was renamed Air Force Station, Agra.It is located about 5 km from the city centre and you can reach the airport in approximately 15 minutes. The airport has 5 check-in counters. Currently, it can handle a capacity of 250 travellers at peak times.IndiGo is the only operator that has flights scheduled from Agra. You can board direct or connecting flights to destinations like Bangalore, Bhopal, Mumbai, and Lucknow. Some services available at the Agra airport are assistance for senior citizens and the physically disabled, free trolleys, a lost-and-found baggage centre, a medical centre, and a tourist information centre.

About Agra

Agra is a city located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is located along the banks of the Yamuna River in the Indo-Gangetic Plain, about 200 km southeast of Delhi. Agra is the fourth-most populated city in Uttar Pradesh, with approximately 1.6 million residents.In the early 16th century, Sultan Sikandar of the Lodi Dynasty established the city as the capital of the Delhi sultanate. During some periods of the Mughal Empire, Agra was the capital. During the British Empire, it was the capital of Agra province. Buses, taxis, trains, rickshaws, and tongas are among the various modes of public transportation available in Agra.The Taj Mahal, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most famous attraction in Agra. In the mid-17th century, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Agra is recognised for its leather, cut stone, and handmade carpets. Tourism is a significant contributor to the city's economy. Agra is part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, which also includes Delhi and Jaipur and the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, which includes Lucknow and Varanasi.

Place to visit in Agra


Agra Fort


Akbar's Tomb


Anguri Bagh


Fatehpur Sikri


Jama Masjid


Taj Mahal

Frequently Asked Questions

IndiGo and Go First provide flight services to and from the airbase.
Nagpur Airport is located 9.7 km away from the railway station. You can take taxis, auto-rickshaws, cabs, or the metro to reach the airport.
The IATA code for Nagpur is NAG, and for Agra is AGR.
Though Agra doesn't have flights to all Indian cities, one can reach there via airports in New Delhi, Lucknow or Jaipur.
The city's tourism is its main attraction and also the base for its economy. The presence of monuments such as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and Akbar's Tomb, makes Agra unique.
Nagpur Airport has one terminal and two aerobridges.
Nagpur is known as the ëTiger Capital of Indiaí because it connects many of India's tiger reserves to the rest of the world. After Pune, it is one of Maharashtra's most important cities for the IT sector. Nagpur is located exactly in the middle of India, with the Zero Mile Marker indicating the country's geographic centre.
Currently, there are no international flights flying from Agra Airport.
There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Agra: Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Skri.
Agra is known for its leather industry that makes shoe uppers for major shoe companies worldwide.
Akbarís Tomb is the resting place of the great Mughal emperor, Akbar.
Radhasoami Samadhi in Agra has been under continuous construction for over the past 100 years, from 1904 till date.