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Chandigarh to Tuticorin Flights

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Are you searching for flights from Chandigarh to Tuticorin?

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Currently, there are no direct flights from Chandigarh to Tuticorin. However, two connecting flights operate on this route that are handled by IndiGo. Depending on the layover, either in Chennai or Bangalore, the flight duration for a flight from Chandigarh to Tuticorin is around 7-8 hours.

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Flights from Chandigarh to Tuticorin


About Tuticorin Airport

Tuticorin Airport (IATA: TCR) is situated near Vagaikulam, about 16 km from Tuticorin (Thoothukudi). It is a small domestic airport with one terminal that handles arrivals and departures of all domestic flights. It is very well equipped with facilities such as baggage services, wheelchair assistance, medical facilities, luggage trolleys, restaurants, cafes, shopping outlets, child care rooms, VIP lounges, passenger lounges, wifi, etc. The airport offers several modes of transportation, including taxis and car rental services to reach the city.

About Tuticorin

Tuticorin, or Thoothukudi, is heavily influenced by the cultures of those who ruled it. Portuguese, British, and Dutch elements are evident everywhere you look. Macarons, a popular sweet treat available in Tuticorin, are made using a Portuguese recipe passed down the generations. The presence of several churches, mosques, and temples across the city demonstrates the cultural diversity of the town.

Tuticorin's local language, Tamil, is spoken by most of its residents. A large number of people are also fluent in English.

As in the rest of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is a major celebration in Tuticorin, apart from the Tuticorin Paniya Matha Festival, Skanda Sashti, Vaikasi Visakam, and the Mutharamman Kovil Festival, which are a few of the district-specific festivities.

Tourists may sample some of the most authentic Tamil food in Tuticorin. Most Tuticorin curries are cooked with a basic veetu masala made from coriander seeds, red chilli, turmeric root, cumin seeds, and parboiled rice.

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Ettayapuram Palace

Ettayapuram Palace is situated around 52 km outside the city. The massive white stone palace, with exquisite flower carvings on the walls and pillars, stone lion turrets, and round domes, retains much of its previous majesty.  

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Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for being a home for the tigers; only a few such national parks in South India exist. The Nilgiri langur, bonnet macaque, lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri tahr, sambar, elephant, sloth bear, flying squirrel, gaur, panther, pangolin, and wild dog are some other animals spotted here.  

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Kalugumalai, often spelt Kazhugumalai, is a sleepy little hamlet, known for its monolithic Jain beds and ancient rock-cut temples. This place got its name because of Kalugumalai Hills, which surround the city; it translates to the Hill of Vultures.  

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Kattabomman Memorial Fort

The government of Tamil Nadu erected the Kattabomman Memorial Fort as a tribute to the freedom warrior Veerapandiya Kattabomma Karuthayya Nayakkar, also known as Kattabomman. Despite its appearance, this is not an old fort but a monument erected in the style of a fort at the spot where he was hanged.  

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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

Devoted to Lord Murugan, this temple is considered to be one of the most cherished temples in Tuticorin. It is located around 37 km outside the city and is one of the oldest spiritual centres for achieving salvation among the Hindus. Lord Murugan's Arupadaiveedu, or six abodes, include this temple.  

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Tuticorin Port

The port of Tuticorin, which serves as the principal port hub for the state, is one of the most active areas in the city. Located about 5 km from Tuticorin, it is a commercial port that services the interior towns of southern India. It was declared as an eminent port in India in 1974.  


About Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh International Airport (IATA: IXC) is situated on the southern side of Mohali, about 20 km from the city. There are two terminals at the airport: Terminal 1 handles domestic flights, whereas, Terminal 2 is for international flights. Both the terminals are equipped with modern amenities and include services such as restaurants, cafes, shopping outlets, wheelchair assistance, medical facilities, wifi, aerobridges, passenger lounges, car parking, information deks, etc. To reach the airport from the city, you can use a taxi or a bus.

Chandigarh Airport
About Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh was one of India's first planned cities and currently serves as the capital for the states of Haryana and Punjab. Indo-Gangetic Plain and Shivalik Range are only a few kilometres away from the town. Le Corbusier, Maxwell Fry, and Jane Drew planned the city, and it was completed in the late 1960s. The city was split into 50 sectors by wide roads, and its administration and industrial areas were planned to be located on opposite corners–North and South. The residential section was separated from the green belt by mango trees. On November 1, 1966, Chandigarh became a Union Territory.

The ideal time to visit the city is between September and November, as the weather during these months is perfect for sightseeing. Every street in Chandigarh is lined with eateries serving traditional Punjabi cuisine. The presence of microbreweries and pubs enrich Chandigarh's nightlife.

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Children Traffic Park

The Children Traffic Park in Sector 23 features numerous real-life road scenarios and is equipped with extensive traffic control mechanisms. Some of these mechanisms include road bends, inclines and declines, overpasses, underpasses, parallel parking areas, blind alleys, as well as uncontrolled intersections, T-intersections, Stop signs, and blinkers. 

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City Bird Wildlife Sanctuary

The City Bird Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Sector 21. Because of the various species of parrots, the sanctuary is also often referred to as the Parrot Bird Sanctuary. The park is spread across an area of approximately 2.9 hectares.  

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Fitness Trails

The fitness trails in Sector 10 are spread over a total area of 94 acres, of which 52 acres are devoted to blooming plants in a variety of colours, and the remaining 42 acres feature sculptures created by different artists.  

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Garden of Palms

Garden of Palms is a relatively recently-built garden in Chandigarh, situated in Sector 42C. It is one of the most diverse gardens in the city, with 21 distinct species of palm trees. It also features creeks, ravines, cycling trails, and cafes and other amenities. 

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Kalagram is a famous craft village located in Chandigarh. It was initiated by the government to preserve as well as introduce Indian art and traditions to the outside world. It is located about 6 km from the city centre. 

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Leisure Valley

The Chandigarh Carnival is held at Leisure Valley, which is surrounded by a bouquet of gardens. A variety of flora can be found here, which makes it a popular destination for runners, walkers, and picnickers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The IATA code for Tuticorin Airport is TCR, whereas the same for Chandigarh International Airport is IXC. 

IndiGo is currently the only airline operating flights between Chandigarh and Tuticorin. 

Tuticorin is also called Thoothukudi. Land that has been reclaimed from the sea is referred to as Thoortha, and Kudi might indicate settlement or colony. Therefore, a village established on ground recovered from the sea might be referred to as Thoothukudi or Thoortha Kudi. Tuticorin was finally adopted as a name by the Dutch settlers.

It is customary for Tuticorin to be associated with the pearl and shipping industries and the manufacture of salt and other salt-related products. 

Tuticorin is situated in the southern part of Tamil Nadu and is about 604 km from Chennai.  

Chandigarh International Airport is located about 20 km from the city centre, and is well connected to the city via buses, taxis, and rental cars. 

Currently, there are only 2 connecting flights that operate from Chandigarh to Tuticorin every day; these flights have a layover in Chennai and Bangalore. 

Yes, ships from Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand often dock at Tuticorin, which is Tamil Nadu's second-largest natural harbour. 

Chandigarh is also known as the City Beautiful. The city gets the moniker thanks to its enchanting gardens, stunning architecture, a tranquil lake, and several other attractions. 

Approximately 3-4 days should be sufficient to explore all the popular attractions in Chandigarh. You can keep an extra day in hand for nearby places. 

December to March is the best time to visit Tuticorin as the weather during this time is pleasant and comfortable for sightseeing. 

Two days are relatively enough for Tuticorin as all the places in the city are situated close by. You may keep an extra day or two in hand for places that are a little further away. 

The best time to visit Chandigarh as a tourist is between September and November, as it is right after the monsoons, and the city is surrounded by greenery. 

Thoothukudi Macarons, Ramassery Idli, Mahim Halwa, and Manapparai Murukku are some of the delicacies that are a must-try in Tuticorin.  

Tuticorin Airport is located about 16 km from the city, and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to reach the city from the airport. 
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Airport Information

Tuticorin Tuticorin, Airport Airport Road, Vagaikulam, Tamil Nadu 628103

Chandigarh New Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh International Airport, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306