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Jammu to Vadodara Flights

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Looking for Jammu to Vadodara flights? You have come to the right place!

Through Adani One, you can book flights from Vadodara to Jammu or from Jammu to Vadodara. You can select flights that suit your departure time from the portal. New deals on direct as well as connecting flights are made available to travellers every day. If you have a specific date on which you would like to return, you can purchase a round-trip flight ticket, which would allow you to avail of great discounts. You can select the most economical flight from Adani One.

Jammu and Vadodara are connected by various airlines, including some of the country's major domestic carriers. You can book Jammu to Vadodara flights on your choice of airlines, like IndiGo, Vistara, and Air India, which offer connecting flights between the two cities. You must complete your reservation anytime between two weeks and one month before your departure date.

There are about 16 flights from Jammu to Vadodara every day. IndiGo and Air India are the major airlines between the two destinations. However, Adani One will allow you to choose whichever airline suits you best while offering the biggest discounts and great cashback offers.

Flights from Jammu to Vadodara


About Vadodara Airport

Vadodara Airport (IATA: BDQ), also known as Civil Airport Harni, is located in the Harni neighbourhood, about 7 km from the city's centre. Vadodara Airport caters to both domestic and international flights. The airport boasts of having two terminals with cutting-edge amenities.

Vadodara has excellent transportation links to India's major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Air India and IndiGo operate regular flight services between the city and the metros.

About Vadodara

Vadodara, often referred to as Baroda, is a major city in Gujarat. It is home to some of the most well-known architectural marvels in India. Vadodara is Gujarat's cultural centre, home to the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, one of India's most opulent palaces, and several other historical landmarks. This region, primarily populated by Gujaratis, is a must-visit during the Navratri festival, celebrated with great pomp over nine days.

The period between October and March is the perfect time to explore Vadodara. In the months between April and September, Vadodara’s climate is the hottest, with temperatures reaching 42°C, along with heavy rains. However, you can visit Vadodara during the early monsoon.

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EME Temple

Authorities of the Indian Army run the EME Temple in Vadodara. It is a unique aluminium-clad structure that combines traditional and modern architecture. Named after the people who designed it, it serves as a symbol of secularism practised by the Indian Army.

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Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace, which serves as the private residence of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, is one of India's most beautiful landmarks. This magnificent palace is a must-see in Vadodara as it is the world's largest private house, around four times the size of Buckingham Palace.

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Surya Narayan Temple

The Surya Narayan Temple is one of India's most famous Hindu temples. It is dedicated to the Sun God, referred to as Surya Devta by locals. People believe that if they visit this temple, they will get respite from disease and discomfort.

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Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

This spectacular archaeological site is nestled in the Pavagadh Hills in the heart of Champaner. It is one of Gujarat's most popular tourist destinations.

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Sardar Patel Planetarium

This planetarium delivers an hour-long instruction in English and Gujarati three times a day about the solar system, satellites, and astronomical history, complete with spectacular video footage of space, cutting-edge sound systems, and a curved projection screen that replicates reality.

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The ancient Aurobindo Ashram is the bungalow where Sri Aurobindo, a prominent Indian philosopher, yogi, and patriot, lived from 1894 to 1906 as a city resident. This enormous villa has 23 rooms, a study room, a library, and a sales emporium, among other things. The tranquil setting, suitable for meditation, introspection, and spiritual healing, attracts visitors from across the globe.


About Jammu Airport

Jammu Airport (IATA: IXJ) is a civil airport in Jammu, India, that serves the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The airport, also known as Satwari Airport, is 14 km from the India–Pakistan border. The airport's infrastructure has been improved and upgraded to provide passengers with comfort and security as they arrive and depart.

Air India, SpiceJet, JetKonnect, IndiGo, and GoAir, operate domestic flights connecting Jammu to several major Indian cities, including Goa, Delhi, Leh, Srinagar, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. Jammu Airport is a single-terminal domestic airport. The domestic terminal can hold 180 passengers during peak hours. As Jammu is a popular pilgrimage destination and also draws many foreign tourists owing to its breathtaking beauty, the terminal's facilities are regularly upgraded.

Jammu Airport provides trolleys, other baggage and luggage services, and wheelchair assistance for senior citizens and the physically challenged. Passengers can rent automobiles on the grounds to move about the city. Passengers waiting to board flights will find a few stores selling jewellery, periodicals, stationery, and other souvenirs at the airport. The airport also has duty-free shops, cafes, and restaurants that serve delicious meals and allow you to do quick, last-minute shopping.

About Jammu

Jammu is situated along the banks of the mighty Tawi, with the Himalayas to its north. The city was said to have been established around the 14th century BC. Jammu was formerly the capital of the Dogra dynasty, but Maharaja Ranjit Singh acquired it in the 19th century. Several Hindu temples, including the Raghunath Temple Complex, are located in this city. The Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, founded in 1999, and the University of Jammu are also situated here.

Jammu Tawi (JAT) is the railway station that connects the city to other places in India. After the partition in 1947, Jammu did not have a train service. However, in 1971, the Indian Railways completed the Pathankot–Jammu Tawi Broad Gauge route, improving its connectivity.

Jammu's economic and cultural hub is the city itself. In Ranbir Singh Pura, Jammu, a famous type of Basmati rice is grown and processed in the city's rice mills. Apart from the rice mills scattered across Jammu, industrial facilities produce various items in the Bari Brahmana Industrial Estate, such as carpets.

Jammu (also called the 'City of Temples') is home to the popular Maha Kali Temple. Buddhist stupas dating back to the 2nd century AD can be found throughout Jammu, testifying to the city's rich history.

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Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort, located on the left bank of the Tawi River, was built by Raja Bahulochan about 3000 years ago. It used to house an important shrine dedicated to the goddess Kali. One can visit this fort to take in the marvellous panoramic view of the entire city.

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Amar Mahal Palace

King Raja Amar of Dogra established this museum in the 1890s and used it for many years as a house for the royal family. The red sandstone palace has been transformed into a museum that houses rich collections of paintings, literature, inscriptions, and sculptures.

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Akhnoor Fort

Akhnoor Fort, perched on a cliff along the Chenab River, is a must-see for all tourists. The fort is said to be built on top of the village’s ruins dating back to the Harappan civilisation. The Indian Archaeological Survey looks after this monument.

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Bagh-e-Bahu, located near Jammu's iconic Bahu Fort, is a charming garden and a popular destination among tourists and locals. Lush-green lawns, towering fountains, stone sculptures, a lake, and a gigantic aquarium are among the various things one can see here.

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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

It is one of the few wildlife sanctuaries in Jammu, housing various wild animals, especially birds. Pheasants, Blue Rock Pigeons, Indian mynah, Red Junglefowl, Indian Peafowl, and Chakor can all be spotted here.

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Surinsar Lake

Surinsar Lake, also known as the twin of Mansar Lake, is a picturesque lake hidden within densely forested mountain ranges. Visitors and residents love to spend time here in the tranquil beauty that this place has to offer. It is a terrific spot to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The airport houses cafes, snack bars, bookstalls, garment shops, and bakeries where one can indulge oneself while waiting for their flight. One can also marvel at the dome of the domestic terminal, a gigantic monument inspired by Gujarati customs.

In Vadodara, visitors can select between various high-end hotels, including The Gateway Hotel, and The Oasis Hotel. Budget hotels in the city include Hotel Harmony, Kalyan Hotel, and Hotel Ambassador.

The railway station is around 5 km from the airport, and the two are well connected by road. Buses frequently run from the airport to various regions in the city and neighbouring towns. The domestic terminal has car rental and prepaid taxi kiosks to make it easier for travellers to get to their destination.

Jammu's main bus terminal is 10 km from the city's airport, although low-cost buses connect both places. The airport is 7 km from the city's railway station, and a private taxi can take you there.

Two of the city's deluxe hotels are the Hotel Asia and Fortune Inn Riviera. Budget travellers might consider Satyam Lodge, Vardaan Hotel Jammu, and Hotel Park Inn.

Passengers waiting to board flights can shop for jewellery, magazines, stationery, and other trinkets at the airport. There are also duty-free shops for last-minute purchases and many cafés and restaurants serving delicious meals.

Vadodara to Jammu has approximately 16 flights every day. On this route, there are no direct flights and 16 connecting flights.

Vadodara's monsoon is stuffy and mostly cloudy, while the dry season is mostly clear and hot. Throughout the year, temperatures typically vary from 14°C to 40°C, with temperatures rarely falling below 11°C or going over 43°C.

The distance between Vadodara to Jammu by flight is 1170 km.

If you travel by road to go from Vadodara to Jammu, it will take about 26 hours.

Jammu is a diverse city with residents from many different walks of life. Indian and foreign pilgrims come to pray at the different temples in Jammu. Amarnath Cave and Vaishnodevi are two well-known temples in this area. Sikhs, Buddhists, and Muslims are among the other religious minorities in Jammu after Hindus.

In addition to Urdu and English, Kashmiri, Dogri, and Hindi are spoken here.

Popular meals with distinct flavours include Kashmiri Pulao and Patisa. Jammu has its own cuisine, and Dogra cuisine is well-known across India.

Phirni is a popular dessert in Jammu. It uses rice, milk, saffron, cardamom, and other spices. Dry fruits and rose essence are added to give it a distinct flavour. The dessert's genuine flavour or taste comes from the care with which the rice is crushed.

Jammu was once called Jambupura, named after Raja Jambulochan. Jambupura was renamed Jammu.
Airport Information

Vadodara Civil Aerodrome, Harni Rd, Vadodara, Gujarat 390022

Jammu Civil Airport, Raipur Satwari, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180003

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