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Kolkata to Bhuj Flights

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Are you looking for Kolkata to Bhuj flights? Adani One can help you in finding the most convenient flights possible. Adani One will offer you a selection of the most cost-effective flights to aid you in locating the most affordable flight option for you. When planning your holiday, check for the best ticket deals, cashback options, and other special offers and discounts that may be available. Examine the flight schedule and make your reservation for your Kolkata to Bhuj journey with Adani One! Adani One will provide a detailed airfare schedule to assist you in planning the perfect vacation, whether it's a ticket from Kolkata to Bhuj or a return flight from Bhuj to Kolkata. Among the domestic airlines available on the platform are IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and AirAsia, and you may select your chosen departure time from a list of options.

There are no connecting or direct flights between Kolkata and Bhuj. You can take a direct flight from Kolkata to Ahmedabad and then take a bus or taxi to Bhuj, which takes about 6 hours. On any given day, there are 4 direct and many connecting flights between Kolkata and Ahmedabad. The direct flights on this route typically take about 2 hours and 40 mins.

Flights from Kolkata to Bhuj


About Bhuj Airport

Bhuj Airport (IATA Code: BHJ) is spread across approximately 800 acres. It has a single terminal that caters to both arrivals and departures. There are 4 check-in counters and an area for security checks.

The airport has a fascinating history. Pakistan bombed this airport on December 8 during the 1971 war, and the Indian Air Force’s jets could not use it. Three hundred women from a village called Madhapur in Bhuj came to help repair it, and within 72 hours, the airport was functional again!

The airport offers several facilities, such as free trolleys, a lost and found baggage counter, wheelchair assistance for the infirm and the elderly, and snack counters for a quick bite.

The airport is roughly 6 km from the city centre and is well connected by public transport.

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About Bhuj

Bhuj is the headquarters of Kutch and has a history that features several ruling dynasties. The Naga kings, the Rajputs, the Sultans, and the British all left palaces in the city throughout their reigns. There was a devastating earthquake in 2001; the epicentre was 20 km from Bhuj. The city suffered significant losses during this catastrophe.

As the most famous town in the Kutch area, Bhuj attracts visitors with its incredible handiwork and unique buildings. Bhuj's textile industry also draws many tourists from around the globe, making it a popular tourist destination. The mountain range, Bhujio Hill, which towers Bhuj, gave the city its name.

Since its inception, Bhuj has been a shining light for several kings and queens. Rao Hamirji founded the city in 1510, and Rao Khengarji made it the capital of Kutch.

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 Aina Mahal Bhuj 

Maharaj Lakhpatji's historical palace in Bhuj, known as "The Hall of Mirrors," is one of the most renowned tourist attractions. Aina Mahal, constructed in ancient Kutchi architecture, is currently home to a fascinating collection of art and antiquities that will delight history buffs and art connoisseurs alike. 

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The Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj is one of the city's most excellent tourist spots. This lake was built by the ancient monarchs to meet the household water requirements of the local people as an oasis in the middle of the salty and parched Kutch region. It's impossible to deny that the lake is gorgeous and that it should be on the bucket lists of everyone who visits. 

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The Mandvi Beach 

Mandvi Beach in Kutch is a must-see tourist destination in Bhuj Gujarat. It's a tranquil area to get away from the city, thanks to its beautiful beaches and clean surroundings. There are water sports facilities available at the location.  

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 The Prag Mahal Bhuj 

Prag Mahal is one of India's architectural marvels and the pride of Bhuj, located on the city's outskirts. Built in the 19th century, the palace has Gothic windows and Corinthian pillars. Prag Mahal also has the second tallest clock tower in the country.  

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The Swami Maharaj Temple 

Shri Swaminarayan Temple is among the city's most popular attractions. Sampraday Swaminarayan temples, the earliest constructed in 1822, became popular across the country. It's a marble architectural marvel in Bhuj near Hamirsar Lake that's a sight to see. 


About Kolkata Airport

Kolkata's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (IATA: CCU) serves the city of Kolkata and the surrounding West Bengal region. The distance from here to the city centre is around 17 km. Before being renamed after Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, a significant leader of India's independence struggle, the airport was known as Dum Dum Airport. Only two international airports are operational in West Bengal, one in Bagdogra and the other in Kolkata, and Kolkata is the biggest in eastern India.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport features a wide variety of public transportation options for passengers arriving and departing. Of course, taxis and bus lines transport guests to and from the city.

Kolkata airport
About Kolkata

The city of Kolkata is a prominent tourist destination in India. West Bengal's capital, Kolkata, is known as ”The City of Joy”. The city's cultural tradition is unparalleled, with remarkable architectural, art, and cultural examples. A day spent exploring Kolkata will give visitors a glimpse of India's rich colonial history and culture. Additionally, Kolkata acts as the entrance to India's eastern and north-eastern regions.

Kolkata served as British India's capital until the capital was moved to Delhi. The Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, Howrah Bridge, and the Raj Bhawan are a few of the city's must-see attractions. Indian mythological figures are brought to life by the idol builders in Kumartuli. Belur Math is the place to go if you want to connect with your spirituality.

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Birla Temple 

Beginning in 1970, this temple's construction took an astounding 26 years to complete. There are multiple Birla temple sites around India, including the Birla Temple in Delhi. India's Birla family commissioned the temple and dedicated it to Lord Krishna and Radha. The temple is a fine specimen of Rajasthani style architecture and is made of sculpted white marble.

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Eden Gardens

Cricket, the most popular sport in India, was introduced to the nation by the British. One of the largest cricket stadiums in the world, Eden Gardens has been dubbed the “Cricket’s Answer to the Colosseum”. The Eden Gardens are the country's and the world's second-largest cricket stadium by seating capacity. A renowned cricket venue in India, the Kolkata Knight Riders cricket club plays their home matches on this ground.

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Howrah Bridge 

As one of the city's most recognisable symbols, the Howrah Bridge is the world's sixth-longest cantilever bridge. The Hooghly River pontoon bridge had to be replaced; hence the bridge was initially dubbed the New Howrah Bridge. It is also called the Rabindra Setu after the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore.

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Museum of India 

The Indian Museum is India's biggest and oldest museum. It has some of the country's most significant and unique collections, including ancient artefacts, armour and decorations, relics, skeletons, tombs, and Mughal masterpieces.

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Park Street 

Locals refer to Park Street as "Food Street" because of the abundance of eateries and bars. During the 1970s and 1980s, this was one of the city's most popular hotspots for nightlife. The street is one of Kolkata's most popular tourist attractions and is frequented by locals and visitors.

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Victoria Memorial 

The Victoria Memorial was constructed in 1921 in honour of Queen Victoria and is now a museum. It was commissioned by Lord Curzon after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 and was erected in a unique architectural combination of Mughal and British styles. There are many rooms in the museum dedicated to displaying miscellaneous items and antiquities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IATA code of Kolkata Airport is CCU, and the IATA code for Ahmedabad Airport is AMD. 

Yes, you can carry food on your flight but check with your carrier to make sure. Also, ensure that it is appropriately packed in a spill-proof container.  

Passengers in the economy class of Kolkata to Bhuj flights can bring up to 7 kg of bags and 15 kg of check-in luggage. Please check the baggage policy for the specific airline to avoid extra charges.  

Yes, you can find duty-free shops at Kolkata Airport. 

The aerial distance between Kolkata and Bhuj is 1915 km. 

We recommend arriving two hours before departure for your Kolkata to Bhuj flight. 

The airport is famous as it was damaged in the 1971 war and then rebuilt in 72 hours. A movie has also been made on this. 

There are facilities such as free wheelchairs and porters for people with disabilities at the airport premises. If needed, please call your airline to book a wheelchair in advance. 

The guidelines keep changing, as they are updated frequently according to the degree of health concerns worldwide. Please check the latest updates before the date of travel. 

It is one of the best places to visit in Eastern India. It has many beautiful places like Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, India Museum, etc. 

Kolkata city centre is approximately 17 km from the airport. 

Winter is the best time to visit Kolkata. October to March has pleasant weather, while summers can be extremely hot and humid. 

Around 4 direct flights operate daily from Kolkata to Ahmedabad.  

The minimum flight time from Kolkata to Ahmedabad is 2 hours and 40 mins.  
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Airport Information

Bhuj IAF Campus, Bhuj, Gujarat 370001

Kolkata Jessore Rd, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052