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Lucknow to Mysuru Flights

Lucknow to Mysuru Flights

If you're looking to fly from Lucknow to Mysuru, you will not find any direct flights operating between Lucknow and Mysuru. However, you can book tickets to Bengaluru Airport, which is only 144 km from Mysuru. Once you reach Bengaluru Airport, you can take a bus or a cab to your destination. Several reputable airlines connect Lucknow to Bengaluru and other major cities. Weekly, around 49 flights operate between Lucknow and Bengaluru. Find important information about flight timings, baggage rules, COVID-19 safety protocols, and much more in this guide.

Flights from Lucknow to Mysuru


About Mysuru Airport

Bengaluru International Airport or the Kempegowda International Airport caters to Bengaluru and adjoining areas. It was the country’s busiest airport by passenger traffic numbers and aircraft movements in 2014. The airport has three operating terminals spread over an area of 1,330 acres and a 15,000 m runway. A hub for Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, and Go First, the airport at Bengaluru handles about 3,500 aircraft movements a day. With an annual passenger growth rate of 21.5% between 2011 and 2015, it is one of the world's fastest-growing airports. The airport offers various amenities to its passengers, including eateries, shopping centres, ATMs, baggage services, taxi services outside the airport, etc., to deliver an excellent airport experience.

About Mysuru

Mysuru or Mysuru is in the southwestern part of India in Karnataka. It is located southwest of Bengaluru. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysuru from 1399 to 1947. During this time, the palace became a centre for culture and arts. Mysuru is renowned for its heritage sites and regal palaces, including the Mysuru Palace. Tourism is a major industry apart from the traditional industries. Within the magnificent Mysuru Palace is a museum filled with relics that belong to the former royal family. The most famous display is that of an elaborate gold throne set with precious stones, known as the Mysuru Palace Diamond Throne or Salora. It was commissioned in 1659 by King Raja Wadiyar III and is also known as the Golden Canopy, as its canopy is made entirely of gold. The throne weighs more than 151 pounds (68 kg) and is studded with 2,865 diamonds and 6,818 rubies. Mysuru is known for its IT sector. Many visit this place to celebrate Dussehra, called the Mysuru Dasara, an elaborate 10-day event.


About Lucknow Airport

The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport serves the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. It is situated in the Amausi area of the city. The Lucknow Airport is the main base of Taj Air Cargo, a cargo airline that operates flights to Europe and the Middle East. Till 19 September 2014, it was a customs airport, open only to flights arriving from outside India. On 20 September 2014, it was expanded to include flights departing from India as well. It is one of the three airports in UP (the other two being Gorakhpur and Kanpur) equipped to handle Airbus A-320 aircraft. Currently, the Lucknow Airport has 2 terminals. Terminal 1 caters to international flights while the second terminal services domestic flights. The airport also has a shopping centre and restaurants. You will also find ATMs and free high-speed Wi-Fi offered as part of passenger services.

About Lucknow

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, is a city of many contrasts. It also may be a city of many firsts, including the world's first mail-order catalogue, the first newspaper in an Indian language, and the first modern hospital. Travellers are mesmerised by the imposing Tomb of Ghazi-ud-din Haider in the Old City. Dating back to 1565, it is India's oldest surviving Islamic building. Nearby are the Agra Road Cemetery and the Hazratganj Market. The Bara Imambara, built by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula in 1784, has two large halls with balconies and intricate lattice work on ceilings. To the north is the Hazratbal Mosque, a shrine that honours a hair from Muhammad's beard. The 18th-century Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) was erected as a victory monument after British troops defeated local rulers during a revolt in 1857. Built in 1876 by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the Chota Imambara was originally intended as a place for him to pray for the good health of his mother, Nawab Hamida Begam. No wonder the town is called the City of Nawabs. Today, the booming sectors in Lucknow are real estate and small-scale industries. The city is famous for arts, crafts, etc. Chikankari, Zari, and Gota needlework are Lucknow's most well-known crafts. Lucknow’s culture makes it unique.

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Bara Imambara

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Chota Imambara

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take dry food items in your hand baggage.

There are 7 connecting flights between Lucknow and Mysuru.

There are 5 connecting flights between Lucknow and Bengaluru.

3 to 4 days are enough to explore Lucknow.

There are 2 non-stop flights between Lucknow and Bengaluru.

At present, seven flights fly between Lucknow and Bengaluru everyday.

Ambedkar Park Jama Masjid Constantia House Satkhanda

The Lucknow Airport is called the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, and its code is LKO. The airport at Bengaluru is called the Kempegowda International Airport, and its code is BLR.

The minimum time to fly from Lucknow to Bengaluru is 2 hours 40 minutes.

The first flight (IndiGo 6E | 325) leaves Lucknow for Bengaluru at 8:50 am.

IndiGo has the maximum number of flights between Lucknow and Bengaluru.

The last flight (IndiGo 6E | 5305) on the Lucknow to Mysuru route leaves at 6:40 pm.
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Airport Information

Lucknow Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

Lucknow Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009