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Nagpur to Jammu Flights

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Book the Cheapest Nagpur to Jammu Flights on Adani One! Adani One is a one-stop portal and the best place to book flights online. Adani will provide you with a full airfare calendar to help you choose the best flight, whether it is a trip from Nagpur to Jammu flight or a return ticket from Jammu to Nagpur. So pick the best flight on the most dependable flight ticket booking platform, Adani One. The platform supports all domestic flight carriers, including AirAsia, Go First, IndiGo, and Air India, and you may select your chosen departure time. Adani One also assists you in finding the cheapest flights from Nagpur to Jammu. Adani One stands out because of its trustworthy, efficient, and smooth interface. Our mobile app or desktop site will help you find the most convenient alternatives, from flights to hotels if you are planning a trip. Planned vacations have never been simpler to organise. Adani has the most up-to-date flight schedules for major airlines flying from Nagpur to Jammu. The platform lists the lowest rates available on this route. There are no direct Nagpur to Jammu flights. Most of the flights operate via Delhi or Mumbai. There are 10 connecting flights operating between Nagpur and Jammu in a week. Passengers can book tickets for flights between Nagpur and Jammu based on their travel requirements. The shortest flight duration with one stop is 5 hours and 55 minutes . There are two other flights with two stops and over 24 hours of travel time.

Flights from Nagpur to Jammu


About Jammu Airport

Satwari Airport (IATA Code: IXJ) is another name for Jammu Airport. It is 8 km away from the city centre. The primary airlines that regularly operate domestic flights, linking the city with the country's major cities and towns, are Go First, IndiGo, and SpiceJet. The airport terminal accommodates domestic aircraft, and the runway is 45-m long. There is a single terminal at this airport, which can handle 180 passengers. It has two gates and 14 check in desks. All the facilities have been upgraded regularly, as the airport attracts several pilgrims and foreign tourists all year round. The passengers need to check the weather and the security guidelines before taking flights between Nagpur and Jammu. The airport provides various services, including trolleys, wheelchairs, and other services for senior citizens and the physically challenged. These services are free and easily accessible from and to the airport. There are several outlets within the airport grounds where you may find a variety of restaurants. Cafes, restaurants, and other eateries are available to provide you with delectable cuisine.

About Jammu

Jammu serves as the winter capital for Jammu & Kashmir from November to April. All the government offices shift from Srinagar to Jammu during this time. Raja Jamboo Lochan founded the city in the 14th century. Jammu is famous for temples, forts, scenic beauty, and forests. Jammu is located on the hillock near the bank of River Tawi. Pir Panjal and Karakoram mountain ranges in Jammu and Kashmir, located in the Himalayas, are known for their beautiful nature and friendly population. Kashmir is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ due to its stunning natural splendour. Gigantic mountains, beautiful temples, turquoise ponds, clear streams, woods, lush pastures, and tall pine trees abound in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu experiences a certain extreme climate, with winters reaching around 0.9°C to heatwaves during summers. People can take connecting flights from Nagpur to Jammu and explore the city of Jammu. Due to Jammu’s challenging road conditions, the ideal mode of transportation is roadways. You can book a cab or a taxi from one of Jammu’s many private taxis for a pleasant and private ride. However, you can also opt for more pocket-friendly options like bus or auto for commuting within the city.

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Bahu Fort  

The Bahu Fort is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Jammu. The Dogra Empire's Raja Gulab Singh constructed this fort in the 18th century. At the height of 325 m, it is positioned directly across from Jammu's Old Town.   

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Mubarak Mandi Palace 

The property's earliest structure dates from 1824, and more structures were gradually constructed later. The palace was the residence of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir till 1925, and it is now a significant tourist destination with a mix of Rajasthani, Mughal, and Baroque (European) architectural styles. The Pink Palace, Gol Ghar Complex, Rani Charak Palace, and Nawa Mahal are many attractions. 

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Raghunath Temple  

Maharaja Ranbir Singh constructed this temple complex in the 19th century. There are 7 temples in the complex, and each of them features a unique tower. The structure appears to be a mix of Sikh and Mughal influences.  

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Vaishno Devi Temple 

The temple is devoted to Goddess Mahalakshmi, and it is said that anything you wish for here will come true. To go to Vaishno Devi Temple, one of the top sites to visit in Jammu, you can take a helicopter, a pony ride, or a palanquin trip. 


About Nagpur Airport

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, also called Nagpur Airport, is an international airport. The IATA code for this airport is NAG, and it serves the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra. Located at a distance of 8 km from the city centre at Sonegaon, it spans a huge area of 1,355 acres. In 2005, the airport was named after Dr B R Ambedkar, one of India’s founding fathers and the chief architect of India’s constitution. The airport caters to 2 international airlines and 5 domestic airlines with two terminals. The airport is capable of handling 8,500 passengers daily. Nagpur Airport is also home to the AFS Nagpur branch of the Indian Air Force. Growth in passenger traffic is fuelled by passengers travelling to and from the state capital Mumbai, located over 700 km away. The airport is well-connected to the rest of the city and state through taxis, buses, and rental cars. The airport offers various services and amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, currency exchange, baby care facilities, restaurants, shops, duty-free stores, medical services, and an information desk, for passenger convenience.

About Nagpur

Named after the Nag River that passes through it, Nagpur is one of Maharashtra's best-known cities. It is the third-largest city in Maharashtra. The history is long and illustrious, dating back to the 8th century BC. From majestic historical monuments and beautiful landscapes, there are several tourist attractions to enjoy in and near Nagpur. The city attracts several tourists due to its impressive heritage and rich culture. Popularly called the ‘Orange City of India’, it is renowned worldwide for the wide variety of delicious juicy oranges grown here. It is also known as the ‘Tiger Capital’ of the country due to several tiger reserves in and around Nagpur. It is home to the largest hollow Buddhist Stupa in the world. Nagpur attracts millions of local and international tourists every year. The city houses the Zero Mile Marker, making it the geographical centre of India. Per the 2011 Census, Nagpur had a population of 2,405,665. Nagpur has four modes of transport (road, rail, air, and metro). Nagpur is linked by road, rail, and air to India's four major metropolitan areas (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai). Auto-rickshaws are the most common mode of hired transportation across most parts of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cell phones and cameras are strictly prohibited inside the Raghunath Temple due to security reasons. 

All the Nagpur to Jammu flights are operating on a normal schedule. But it is always advisable to check the schedule before booking the ticket. 

No, there are no duty-free shops at Jammu Airport. 

Yes, you can carry food, such as dry food items and fruits, on flights.  

You can change your bookings through the airline’s official website or contact their customer care team. You need to provide your PNR number, and they will assist you in changing or cancelling your bookings. 

In case you have misplaced your bag, you can contact the airline’s office and provide the details of your bag, along with your boarding pass details.  

There are four Nagpur to Jammu flights from IndiGo that operate daily. There are no direct flights between Nagpur and Jammu. 

As there are no direct flights between Nagpur to Jammu, the minimum time to travel from Nagpur to Jammu is around 5 hours and 55 minutes. 

You can book a cab or a taxi from one of Jammu’s many private taxis for a pleasant and private ride.  

Nagpur has four modes of transport: road, rail, air, and metro. 

It is an interesting, interactive, and attractive science centre affiliated with Nehru Science Centre Mumbai.  

Precisely, the Zero Milestone is the geographical centre of colonial India, built by the British to measure the distances of various places from this point. 

Dogra Art Museum features the famous collection of Pahari miniature paintings, especially from Basohli. 

Located at a distance of 8 km from the city centre at Sonegaon, it spans a huge area of 548 hectares (1,355 acres). 

Jammu Airport is known as Satwari Airport and is situated in Raipur Satwari in the Jammu district. It is located 14 km away from the India-Pakistan International border. 
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Airport Information

Jammu Civil Airport, Raipur Satwari, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180003

Nagpur Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440005