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Adani One is the platform you should look for while booking flights. It provides you with a detailed airfare calendar to help you find the best flight for your journey. Adani One lists all major domestic carriers like IndiGo, Air India, Go First, AirAsia, Vistara, and SpiceJet. All flights departure and arrival times are provided to help you plan your trip wisely. Adani One also has deals on tickets, cashback offers and more. There are no direct or connecting flights from Agra to Patna. Travellers will need to travel to New Delhi Airport from Agra to take a flight to Patna. Delhi Airport is about 225 km away from Agra and the distance can be covered in about 3-4 hours. There are several direct flights from New Delhi to Patna, operated by SpiceJet. These flights generally take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the journey.Get amazing discounts on Agra to Patna flight tickets. Book your flight ticket on Adani One today!


About Patna Airport

Patna Airport (IATA: PAT), otherwise known as the Jayaprakash Narayan Airport, is named after the freedom fighter Jayprakash Narayan. It is a customs airport located in Patna, the state capital of Bihar. It serves both international and domestic flights to and from Patna. Owned and operated by the Airports Authority of India, the airport is currently being expanded by the AAI which has plans to build a new civil enclave at Bihta Air Force Station. Currently, the airport has a single runway. Various services and facilities provided by the airport are free trolleys, baggage wrapping, flight insurance counters, ATM and cash machines, currency exchange, food court, retail facility for general-purpose products, parking facilities, quick-service restaurants, lounge, post office, newspaper/magazine vending machines, smoking rooms, child care rooms, on-call medical facilities, wheelchairs available for use, shoe shiner, FIDS, food hanger, AFS, assistance to differently-abled, car rental services, pre-paid taxi services, free Wi-Fi, etc.

About Patna

Patna is the capital of Bihar. Historically, Patna was known as Pataliputra. It is the largest city in Bihar. Patna is considered a sacred city by the Sikhs as the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, was born here. With the cityís history stretching back to over two millennia, it was the stronghold and capital of several dynasties and is a treasure trove of culture and traditions. The modern city of Patna is located on the banks of the river Ganges. It is one of the worldís oldest cities and was founded in 490 BCE by the King of Magadha. The city was popularly known for learning and fine arts. It was also home to scholars such as Aryabhata, Vatsyayana, Chanakya, and many others. The official language of Patna is Hindi. However, people also speak various other languages like Magadhi, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Bengali, Oriya, English, etc. The city is a paradise for food lovers and is filled with street food joints to posh restaurants. Some most popular culinary delights that you must taste while in Patna are litti chokha, kachori, kebabs, khaja, khichdi, kesaria peda, thekua, tilkut, etc.

About Agra Airport

Agra Airport (IATA: AGR) serves Agra city. The airport is a civil enclave on a military airbase. This is one of the largest air bases of the Indian Air force. Agra Airport is a domestic airport. The airport currently hosts a single terminal and has a holding capacity of around 250 passengers at a time. Well equipped with several amenities, a few services provided by the airport are medical facilities, trolley services, lost and found baggage services, airport parking facilities and shopping facilities like handicraft shops, branded garment shops, and spas. IndiGo is the major airline operating out of Agra Airport. Located only 6 km from the city, passengers can choose to travel by public transport like autos or buses or even hire private taxi services. Visitors to the city can choose between the numerous hotel options available within a few kilometres of the airport.

About Agra

Agra, an important city in Uttar Pradesh, is located on the banks of the Yamuna River. The name Agra is derived from the term Agravana which means grove forest. Agra is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. Agra was also known as Akbarabad during the Mughal era. During the Mughal Empire, Agra was one of the most important cities in the Indian subcontinent and became the centre of arts, commerce, religion, and learning. After Indiaís independence, Agra developed into an industrial town. It has a booming tourism industry and footwear, leather, and other manufacturing industries. The official languages of Agra are Hindi and Urdu. Other major languages spoken in Agra are Braj and English. The primary cuisine of Agra is Mughlai cuisine, which mainly consists of red meat, dried fruits, spices, and many more. For vegetarian dishes, paneer is used instead of meat. Some of the most popular foods you must taste in Agra are petha, dalmoth, and bedai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several hotels near Agra airport. Some of the nearest ones are Bhawana Hotel, Hotel Byke Ride, Hotel Swarajya Palace, etc.
There is a dedicated smoking lounge located in the airport.
It takes around 20 minutes via Idgah road on a taxi or a car to reach Agra Airport which is around 6 km away from the city centre.
Patna Airport (PAT) is about 7.5 km away from the city centre.
The airline and class you travel determines how much baggage you can take. Typically, domestic flights allow passengers to carry 7 kg of hand luggage and 15 kg of checked baggage. However, do check with your airline before your journey.
Agra Civil Enclave is a domestic airport with limited connectivity.
Yes, there are several hotels near Patna Airport like Hotel Patliputra Continental, The Clovers Inn, etc.
The IATA Code for the Agra and Patna Airports are AGR and PAT respectively.
The winter season, which is between October and March, is the best time to visit Patna.
Idgah Bus Station, located only around 3.6 km away from the airport, is the nearest bus stand to Agra Airport.
There are no flights from Agra to Patna. You will have to travel to Delhi Airport and then catch a flight to Patna. SpiceJet operates direct flights from Agra to Patna.
Alcohol will not be served on domestic flights in India. You will get alcohol only on international flights.