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With Adani's one-stop platform, you can make seamless online flight bookings from Amritsar to Rajahmundry. Adani provides you with a complete airfare calendar to assist you in choosing the best flight and cheap air tickets for one-way or a return flight from Amritsar to Rajahmundry. Choose the most convenient flight with affordable flight fares and cashback offers. All domestic flights are available on the platform, including airlines such as IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and AirAsia, and you can also select your chosen departure time. Both direct and connecting flight discounts and deals are updated regularly. If you have a specific arrival date in mind, we recommend reserving a return ticket to take maximum advantage of the discounts such as cashback offers, air ticket deals, or discounted airfares, etc., that come with it. Currently, there are no direct flights from Amritsar to Rajahmundry. The best option is to take a flight from Amritsar to Vijayawada and then cover the 160 Km road journey from Vijayawada to Rajahmundry. Every day, around 17 flights operate from Amritsar to Vijayawada. The shortest duration of a flight between the two cities is 08 h 40 m. The Adani platform will show you a selection of the cheapest flights for your journey. When planning your travel, look for special air tickets, cashback alternatives, special offers, and discounts on the Adani platform. Keep an eye on the airfare calendar and book your Amritsar to Rajahmundry flights with Adani!

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06h 05m₹9,458

Amritsar to Rajahmundry Flight Information

Shortest Time of flights

06h 05m

First Flight

IndiGo 6E-168,departs at 05:30

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IndiGo 6E-168, departs at 05:30

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Airport Codes for Amritsar and Rajahmundry

ATQ-Amritsar, RJA-Rajahmundry

About Rajahmundry Airport

Rajahmundry Airport (IATA: RJA) is a domestic airport in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. National Highway 516E runs parallel to it. It is widely used by ONGC and other government agencies' helicopters for offshore oil exploration activities. In 2007, the Rajahmundry airport went under redevelopment as a consequence of the MoU signed by the Andhra Pradesh government and the Airports Authority of India. The new terminal building is capable of accommodating 150 passengers and was inaugurated in 2012. However, in 2019, it acquired 800 acres of land for expansion, and the government is currently aiming to begin international flights and operations in this airport. The new terminal would handle around 1400 passengers. The Rajahmundry Airport offers a free trolley facility, Wi-Fi hotspot, car rental services, first-aid medical facility, SBI ATM, Wheelchair and other assistance to physically challenged or senior citizens, and a child care room, among others, to its passengers. It has 6 check-in counters and 1 terminal at present.

About Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, on the bank of the Godavari River. Rajahmundry and its surroundings are a visual delight for tourists, with green paddy fields, palm trees, and meandering roads through small villages. This place is also associated with the Telugu poet Nannayya, also called Adi Kavi. Kandukuri Veeresalingam, a well-known social reformer, was also a native of Rajahmundry. One of the largest railroad bridges in Asia is a noteworthy attraction here, which spans across the Godavari River. You can also explore the Godavari River by boat, where the splendour of the Papi Hills will astound you. At Pattiseema, another lovely spot, you'll find comfort in nature while enjoying its lush greenery. Filmmakers frequently use this location for shooting due to its stunning backdrop. The famed Kotilingeshwara Swamy Temple in Rajahmundry is frequently visited by devotees. The Kadiyam nurseries allow you to observe varied flower species in a rainbow of colours scattered across acres of land. The beauty of the sight will spellbind you. The Godavari Pushkaralu festival is held every 12 years in this town. It follows a sacred ritual during which anyone who bathes in the Godavari River is absolved of their sins. Thousands of devotees go to Rajahmundry at this time, and the city is decorated to greet its visitors.

About Amritsar Airport

Officially known as Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, Amritsar Airport (IATA: ATQ) serves the city of Amritsar and is also one of the largest and busiest airports in the Indian state of Punjab. It is in the town of Rajasansi, 11 Km northwest of Amritsar city centre. IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Air India frequently operate from Amritsar Airport. On February 25, 2009, the current integrated terminal building at Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, Amritsar, was commissioned as part of the Airports Authority of India's modernisation effort. Originally, the airport was established by the British and was used for the movements of the VVIPs. After independence, it was connected to Delhi and Srinagar. Its first international flight was to Kabul in 1960. However, in 1982, Air India began its direct flight from Amritsar to Birmingham (UK). The airport has modern amenities such as an LED-based flight information display system, 30 check-in counters, 6 self-service kiosks, X-ray scanners, CCTV, ramps, and wheelchair facility, etc, for its 4 million annual passengers.

About Amritsar

Amritsar is a city in the Indian state of Punjab, which is around 30 Km from the India-Pakistan border. Amritsar is Punjab's biggest and most significant city, as it is the spiritual heart of Sikhism. It has a thriving economy and culture. It houses the famous Harmandir Sahib, also called the Golden Temple. It is the most important place of prayer for the Sikh community. Amritsar was founded in 1577 by Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, on land donated by Mughal ruler Akbar. The city derives its name from the Amrita Saras, meaning Pool of Nectar, a sacred tank or pool constructed by Ram Das. Amritsar is home to the Sikh community and is the most important pilgrimage site for Sikhs from across India and the world. The pilgrims' primary focus is the Golden Temple and its complex, which houses numerous structures placed around the tank. The city is an important rail junction located on the main route between Delhi and Lahore, Pakistan, and is famous for its Wagah border, the border between India and Pakistan.

Airport Information


Opp. Hotel Blue Radison, Ajnala Rd, Raja Sansi, Punjab 143101


Rajahmundry Airport, Madhurapudi, Andhra Pradesh 533103

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no direct flights from Amritsar to Rajahmundry. To reach Rajahmundry from Amritsar, you need to take a flight from Amritsar to Vijayawada and then reach Rajahmundry by taxi.
Yes, the Amritsar Airport has several duty-free shops selling cosmetics, chocolates, fragrances, and alcohol.
Various taxi services offer rides to the airport, and you can find them at the airport only. Public buses are available for transport as well.
There is only one airport in Amritsar, which serves the regions of Amritsar and a large part of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, etc. It is also an international airport.
On an economy-class Amritsar to Rajahmundry flight, passengers can normally bring 7 Kg of cabin bags and 15 Kg of check-in luggage.
There are trains and buses available for going to Rajahmundry from Vijayawada. You can also take a taxi that can take you to your exact destination.
Rajahmundry Airport is a bit far from the city centre but has a safe route. You can go there by state transport bus.
The IATA code for Rajahmundry Airport is RJA. The Amritsar Airport on the other hand has the IATA code ATQ.
Rajahmundry Airport is near Madhurapudi, 18 Km north of Rajahmundry, near the national highway 516E. The pin code for the same is 533103.
The best way is to take a flight from Amritsar to Vijayawada and then a 180 km (approx) road journey from Vijayawada to Rajahmundry.
The name of the Amritsar Airport is Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport after the founder of Amritsar Guru Ram Das Ji.
The Vijayawada Airport is now known as NTR Amaravati International Airport and is 25 km from Vijayawada city centre.
The international flights from Amritsar go to Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Sharjah in Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur.