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While there are no direct Aurangabad to Kanpur flights, the best alternative is to take a flight from Aurangabad to Lucknow, which is the nearest airport to Kanpur, about 78 km away. There are around 5-6 connecting flights from Aurangabad to Lucknow every day, which have layovers in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. The shortest flight on this route is operated by IndiGo, and it has a layover of 2 hours and 25 minutes in Mumbai, and the total flight duration is 5 hours and 5 minutes.

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Aurangabad to Kanpur Flight Information

Shortest Time of flights

08h 05m

First Flight

IndiGo 6E-5158,departs at 06:45

Last Flight

IndiGo 6E-5158, departs at 06:45

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Airport Codes for Aurangabad and Kanpur

IXU-Aurangabad, KNU-Kanpur

About Kanpur Airport

Kanpur Airport (IATA: KNU) is a domestic airport, with limited connectivity to the other cities in India. It is located about 7 km from the city, and has one passenger terminal. The airport offers numerous amenities and facilities to passengers, such as restaurants, souvenir shops, wheelchair assistance, a medical facility, baggage trolleys, information desks, etc.However, since there are currently no flights from Aurangabad to Kanpur, one has to take a flight from Aurangabad to Lucknow, which is approximately 78 km from Kanpur, and takes about 2 hours to cover the distance by road.Lucknow Airport, or Choudhary Charan Singh International Airport (IATA: LKO), is an international airport that is connected to all the major destinations in India and abroad. It has two terminals for passengers, where Terminal 2 manages domestic flight operations, and Terminal 1 is for international flights. Both terminals provide facilities such as restaurants, shopping outlets, information desks, wheelchair assistance, medical facilities, ATMs, Wi-Fi, passenger lounges, etc. To reach Kanpur, one can hire a taxi or rental car, available at the airport.

About Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the most popular cities in Uttar Pradesh; it is also the financial capital of the state. Known as the 'Manchester of India', this commercial hub is famous for its textile goods, refineries, cotton, and, most importantly, its leather. The city is known to produce excellent quality leather products bought by traders both nationally and globally. For this reason, Kanpur is sometimes also called the 'leather city of the world'.During British rule, the city was known as Cawnpore and it was the central garrison town. The first cotton mill in the country was also established in this city. Due to its importance during British rule, Kanpur played a significant role in the 1857 mutiny.The people of Kanpur are known to be warm and friendly to visitors and believe in simple living. The city is well-connected to the rest of the country and can be reached by bus, train, or air. Kanpur also has a metro line, a rail-based mass transit system, most of which is still under construction.

Place to visit in Kanpur


Nana Rao Park:




Kanpur Memorial Church


Moti Jheel:


Radhakrishna Temple:


Bhitargaon Temple

About Aurangabad Airport

Aurangabad Airport (IATA: IXU) is a domestic airport located around 7 km from the city centre. It serves the city of Aurangabad and the neighbouring areas in Maharashtra, and is connected with all the primary cities in India via direct and connecting flights. It has a single passenger terminal, providing numerous facilities like free trolleys, a medical assistance room, restaurants, cafes, shopping outlets, information desks, baby care rooms, wheelchair facilities, ATMs, etc. To reach the airport from the city, you can take a bus or a taxi.

About Aurangabad

Aurangabad is one of the most well-known cities in Maharashtra. It is popular for its cotton textiles and silk fabrics, besides being a place of historical importance and a tourist hub. The famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves are located on the outskirts of Aurangabad. The entire region, including the outskirts, was once the capital of the Delhi Sultanate during the reign of Alauddin Khilji, and was called Daulatabad.A few centuries later, Malik Akbar founded a city in the area called Kharki, which is the modern-day Aurangabad. His son, Fateh, later changed the name to Fatehnagar. Years later, when Aurangzeb became the viceroy of the Deccan, he renamed Fatehnagar as Aurangabad and built 52 walled gates around the city. This is why the city is nicknamed the 'city of gates'.The constant cultural shift and being the capital city of different dynasties gave Aurangabad a unique tinge. The most popular dish here is Naan Kalia/Qalia, which is essentially naan or bread served with Mutton soaked in a mixture of spices. The dominant language of Aurangabad is Marathi; however, Urdu is also a majorly spoken language here, besides Hindi.The city's rich history and mouth-watering cuisine are its most attractive features. But Aurangabad is also a modern-day gem and one of the fastest developing cities in India. It became the first greenfield smart city under the Smart Cities Mission.

Place to visit in Aurangabad


Grishneshwar Temple


Ellora Caves


Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum


Bibi Ka Makhbara


Ajanta Caves


Daulatabad Fort:


Airport Information


Aurangabad Airport, Jalna Road, MIDC Industrial Area, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006


Kanpur Airport, C9R7+CMJ, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, there are no flights from Aurangabad to Kanpur. The best alternative is to take a flight from Aurangabad to Lucknow, and then travel to Kanpur by road. There are about 5-6 connecting flights from Aurangabad to Lucknow every day, with layovers in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai.
The shortest flight from Aurangabad to Lucknow, which is operated by IndiGo, takes about 5 hours and 5 minutes, including a layover of 2 hours and 25 minutes in Mumbai.
The IATA code for Aurangabad Airport is IXU, whereas the IATA code for Kanpur Airport is KNU.
Kanpur is located about 78 km from Lucknow Airport, and can be reached in approximately 2 hours by road.
Please check the airline's policy on carrying eatables during your flight. Most domestic flights allow passengers to carry dry food items that are properly packed and spill-proof.
Passengers can usually carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of check-in luggage on an economy-class domestic flight. But it is always a good idea to check the baggage rules before checking in at the airport, as some airlines may have different policies.
Aurangabad airport is about 7 km from the city centre and can be reached by bus or taxi in about 15 minutes.
Kanpur is best known for its leather products. It also has some markets that are famous for silver jewellery.
The aerial distance between Aurangabad and Kanpur is approximately 891 km.
Approximately 2-3 days are required to explore all the top attractions in Kanpur; however, if you wish to visit some of the nearby locations, keep 1-2 additional days in hand. For your trip from Aurangabad to Kanpur, keep in mind that you will have to travel from Lucknow Airport to the city, so you might need an extra day for this road journey.
The best time to visit Aurangabad as a tourist is from October to March. It can get very hot during the summers, which may prove to be uncomfortable for sightseeing.
October to March is the best time to visit Kanpur for sightseeing, as during these months, the weather is pleasant to explore the city.
No, 2 days are not enough to visit all the popular places in Aurangabad, as the most famous attractions around the city may require day trips. Plan your vacation to Aurangabad for at least 4-5 days, so that you can cover all the locations.
Ajanta Caves is located about 102 km from Aurangabad, and it takes close to 3 hours to reach by car.
Some of the popular delicacies that one must try in Kanpur are Shami Kebab, Biryani, Basket Chaat, Thaggu ke Laddoo, Kebab Paratha, and Sahoo Kachoris.