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Aurangabad to Kullu Flights

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Are you searching for Aurangabad to Kullu flight tickets online? Well, your search ends here with Adani's one-stop platform. This platform lets you search for flexible flight schedules from Aurangabad to Kullu and book the cheapest air tickets. Find information about flights and book the most convenient one without having to browse through a range of websites or go through multiple flight agencies. Adani’s platform offers the most comprehensive details of flight bookings for a range of flights, including Aurangabad to Kullu flights.

You can make online flight ticket bookings from Aurangabad to Kullu on the Adani platform and get various offers and perks, including cashback and quick discounts. You can select the flight that is most suited to your needs based on your desired date and time of travel and take advantage of various airline discounts. Keep checking the Adani platform for exciting deals, discounts, and offers. You can even check the airfare calendar for Aurangabad to Kullu flights and get cheap flight tickets with just a few clicks on the Adani platform.

Currently, no direct flights are operating between Aurangabad and Kullu. However, you can fly down to Delhi from Aurangabad and then take a connecting flight that operates Monday to Saturday via Chandigarh to Kullu. Alternatively, a direct flight from Delhi to Kullu is available on Sundays. The flights to Kullu are operated by Alliance Air.

Flights from Aurangabad to Kullu


About Kullu Airport

Kullu Airport, also known as Bhuntar Airport (IATA: KUU), is located in Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh. Its solitary runway nestled deep in a valley makes this airport a tough challenge for pilots. Several towering peaks in the valley rise nearly a thousand feet above the runway. The airport is about 11 km away from the town of Kullu.

Kullu Airport serves as a significant air link between the Himalayan towns in the region and the rest of India. This airport is well equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure. It is the most convenient way to get to Manali.

The airport has a single domestic terminal. Major cities such as Delhi and Chandigarh are connected to the airport by direct flights. Kullu Airport offers complimentary baggage services. All other amenities are also available at the airport to make your journey more convenient. Passengers will find ATM services, cafes, snack bars, post offices, banks, STD-PCO, and many other services at the airport. These services are designed to provide passengers maximum comfort during their travel.

About Kullu

Kullu, known as the 'Valley of Gods', is a cluster of magnificent valleys in Himachal Pradesh. It was previously known as Kulanthpitha, which means ‘the end of inhabitable earth’. Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese traveller who visited Kullu in 634 or 635 AD, described the region to be completely surrounded by mountains.

At an elevation of 1230 m, Kullu is nestled between the beautiful Himalayas and the Beas River. Kullu and the nearby town of Manali are popular tourist destinations, particularly among honeymooners. Several feature filmmakers have been drawn to Kullu because of its scenic beauty and snow-capped mountains, towering Deodar jungles, rivers, and apple orchards. For tourists, the Kheerganga hot springs, Manikaran pilgrimage, and the Great Himalayan National Park are some of the places worth visiting. Affordable and cosy cottages are also available for rent in the hills for a comfortable stay.

Kullu is a popular destination for adventure sports such as hiking, paragliding, mountaineering, river rafting, and trekking. Angling is another popular activity among both locals and visitors. Many hiking trails are located in the Spiti, Lahaul, Zanskar, and Ladakh valleys, with private firms organising expeditions up to 12 days.

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Lake Bhrigu

It is a high-altitude lake located 40 km from Manali in the Kullu district. The path to the lake takes you past beautiful meadows. Few tourists know about the lovely Bhrigu Lake Meadows, which could be compared to the alpine meadows seen in high-altitude areas like Switzerland.

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Great Himalayan National Park

More than 375 species of animals, 31 species of mammals, and 181 species of birds live inside this park. To visit the park, you must first obtain permission. Trekking and hiking are permitted inside the park. 

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This is a small hamlet that lies between rivers Parvati and Beas and is known for its hot springs and scenic views. The town has many temples and a gurdwara, making it a famous Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage destination. 

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Naggar is a small, little-known town in the Kullu region where you can take leisurely walks, rest, and revitalise while being surrounded by mountains, lush flora, valleys, and the River Beas. 

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Raghunath Temple

The Raghunath Temple, located in the enchanting hill town of Kullu, is one of the primary attractions in the town. The temple is linked to Lord Rama as it is believed that the idol of Lord Raghunath mounted here is the same used by Lord Rama during the Ashwemedha Yaga. 

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River Rafting from Pirdi to Bajaura

Rafting in Kullu-Manali takes place along the River Beas and is suitable for experienced and novice rafters. The rafting segment begins in Pirdi and continues via Bajaura to Katrain. 


About Aurangabad Airport

Aurangabad Airport (IATA: IXU) is a public airport in the city of Aurangabad. It is also known as Chikkalthana Airport. The airport has played a key role in boosting the tourist industry in Aurangabad.

Aurangabad Airport has direct connectivity with cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Air India and IndiGo are the major airlines that operate out of Aurangabad.

The airport offers free baggage services, restaurants and places to shop apart from basic services like child care room, medical assistance, parking and more to passengers.

Aurangabad Airport is well connected to the city's surrounding areas, and passengers can choose from a range of convenient transit options. Commercial and state government operators offer taxi, interstate, and local bus services. Travellers can also use car rental services, interstate car/taxi services, and prepaid taxi services provided by private service firms.

Aurangabad Airport
About Aurangabad

Aurangabad is a major city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with a rich history and a variety of industries operating here. The city is rapidly growing, allowing for further tourism development in the neighbouring areas. It is an interesting destination for history enthusiasts, art lovers etc. It is also a major tourist destination in Maharashtra.

Aurangabad is most popular for the Ajanta and Ellora caves, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides these caves, the city has a diverse range of tourist attractions, including historical sites and temples of national significance such as Bibi-Ka-Maqbara and Daulatabad to name a few. It has a long history and is known for being a part of Magadha, one of ancient India's most powerful empires.

Malik Ambar built the city of Aurangabad, which was formerly known as Khadki, in 1610. The town came under Mughal control after the Nizam Shahi dynasty fell in 1633. It was renamed Aurangabad after becoming the capital of Aurangzeb during his conquest over the Deccan region.

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Bibi Ka Maqbara

If you believe that the Taj Mahal is the ultimate expression of love, you must pay a visit to 'Bibi Ka Maqbara’, one of the historic sites in Aurangabad. Though not as large or well known as the Taj, this ancient monument represents the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's love for his wife, Dilras Banu Begum. It is modelled after the Taj Mahal and is known as Taj of the Deccan. 

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Pitalkhora Caves

One of India's outstanding examples of rock-cut architecture, the spectacular Pitalkhora Caves were carved out of rocks in the 3rd century BCE. These 14 ancient Buddhist caverns are located in the western ghats and surrounded by a gushing waterfall that adds to the caves' beauty.

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Ellora Caves

The Ellora Caves are another must-see destination near Aurangabad and an architectural marvel from the bygone era. Located around 29 km from the city centre, the Buddhist and Hindu caves were constructed by the Rashtrakuta dynasty, whereas the Jain ones were built by the Yadav dynasty. 

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Grishneshwar Temple

This ancient Hindu pilgrimage site is located in a lovely village around 30 km from Aurangabad and is also within the Ellora Caves' limits. The temple is a popular tourist destination in Aurangabad and is regarded by Hindu worshippers as a hallowed spot. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas (major shrines of Lord Shiva). 

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Museum of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

This museum honours the brave Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji's life and services. The museum has six exhibition halls with many historically significant items. 

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Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves are among the most popular places to visit in Aurangabad. These caves, which date back to the 2nd century, are regarded as the epitome of ancient architecture and the most magnificent form of Indian art. These caves comprise roughly 30 Buddhist caverns cut out of rocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kullu is a magnificent town in Himachal Pradesh, nestled in luscious green mountains with perpetual waterfalls and rushing streams. 

The Kullu valley is renowned as "Valley of the Gods" because of the numerous Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh pilgrimage sites present here.  

Bhature, Vada, Jatu, Patrodu, Sattu, and other dishes are popular here. 

On your Kullu-Manali tour, the most remarkable things to buy are Kullu hats, wooden garments, Dorjes, shawls, carpets, unique Tibetan artefacts, and handicrafts. 

There are no direct flights from Aurangabad to Kullu. 

There are no direct (non-stop flights) between the two cities. However, IndiGo and Air India have flights from Aurangabad to New Delhi. Alliance Air has flights from Delhi to Kullu. 

It is among the only few cities with multiple heritage sites. Ajanta and Ellora caves, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, make Aurangabad unique among other cities. 

The IATA codes for Aurangabad and Kullu are IXU and KUU, respectively. 

Naan Khaliya is a non-vegetarian meal that is popular and exclusive to Aurangabad. 

Himroo is a cotton and silk fabric that is grown locally in Aurangabad. The word Himroo derives from the Persian term 'hum-ruh', which means similar. Himroo is a reproduction of the ancient Kum-Khwab, made with silver and golden threads for royal families. 

Snowfall in Kullu is most common in December and January, while an early snowfall in November is possible. The majority of Kullu is still covered with snow during this time. However, the snow doesn't stay on the ground for long. 

Sultanpur Market in Kullu is ideal for buying traditional jewellery and wonderful miniature paintings. 

Gul Mandi in Aurangabad is a famous place to buy traditional Himroo shawls and other beautiful items. 

Kullu Airport, also known as Bhuntar Airport, is located in Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh, 52 km from Manali and 11 km from Kullu. 

Malik Ambar (Anbar) built the city of Aurangabad, which was formerly known as Khadki, in 1610. It was later renamed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. 
Airport Information

Kullu Airport Road, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 175125

Aurangabad Jalna Road, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006