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Are you looking for a Bagdogra to Bellary flight?Adani One is here to provide you with the best flight booking experience. Now, you can book flight tickets to any destination of your choice with a few clicks on Adani One. The platform offers you several cashback offers and discounts to make your journey easy and affordable. The app displays flights operated by all major carriers, including IndiGo, Go Air, SpiceJet and AirAsia. A comprehensive airfare calendar on the platform allows you to check the fares applicable for the next few weeks and plan your trip accordingly. We always recommend booking a return ticket to get the best deals on Adani One. Since Bellary Airport is not commercially active, the nearest airport to reach Bellary is Hubballi Airport. Currently, there is no direct flight between Bagdogra and Hubli. However, there is a single connecting flight available on the route with a layover in Bangalore. Presently, this connecting flight is operated by IndiGo, and it takes around 8 hours and 50 minutes. Check out various exciting offers on flights from Bangalore to Bellary on Adani One today.


About Bellary Airport

Hubli Airport (IATA Code: HBX) is a domestic airport that is located 8 km from Hubli. The airport is well-connected with major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Jabalpur, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Goa. The airportís terminal is spread across 369 acres that can accommodate 150 passengers each at arrivals and departures. Presently, IndiGo is the major airline that operates scheduled flights from the airport. The airport has all basic facilities such as medical first-aid, wheelchair assistance for senior citizens and the physically-challenged, baggage trolleys and a childcare room. Various modes of transportation, including taxi or car services, are available for travellers to roam around the city.

About Bellary

Bellary, officially known as Ballari, is a city in the state of Karnataka. The history of Bellary can be traced back as early as the 12th Century. It is widely believed the first proof of the name of the place was found in an inscription dating 1131 AD. Bellary was spelt as Ballare. In the Hoysala inscriptions, Ballare was captured by the Hoysala ruler King Vishnuvardhana. The possible origin of Bellary is found in Basava Purana. It is believed that Lord Mallesha (Lord Shiva) appeared in a ìballaî or in the size of a grain to satisfy his devotee Ballesha Mallayya. The place where he made his appearance is supposedly called Bellary. The cultural heritage of the city is reflected in its art, architecture, history and festivity. The dance forms like Dollu Kunitha, Veeragase, Nandikolu Kunitha, Jodu Halige enthral people coming in from other parts of the country and abroad. The famous festival that is celebrated in Bellary is the Vijaya Utsava. The main language spoken in Bellary is Kannada though some people speak in Hindi, other languages spoken are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English.

About Bagdogra Airport

Bagdogra Airport (IATA Code: IXB) is located at a distance of 16 km from Siliguri in West Bengal. The airport is well-connected to major Indian cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Guwahati, Chennai, and Mumbai. International flights to Bhutan and Bangkok are also available at the airport. The facilities at the airport include luggage trolleys, wheelchair assistance for senior citizens and the physically challenged, a medical room, a child care room, etc. There are several food counters and duty-free shops located at the airport for travellers.

About Bagdogra

Bagdogra is a hill town nestling in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range. The town is located close to the cities, including Darjeeling, Siliguri and Sikkim and is a major gateway to many northern cities in West Bengal. Bagdogra is known for its beautiful tea gardens and lush greenery. The quaint beauty of Bagdogra is complemented by the River Teesta which flows along the town. There are facilities for river rafting attracting many tourists. Sevokeswari Kali Temple and Salugara Monastery are must-visit tourist attractions in Bagdogra.

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Airport Information


M8PG+25X, Distt. Darjeeling Siliguri, Bagdogra, West Bengal 734421


Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is only one connecting flight from Bagdogra to Hubli.
Yes, you can carry dry food on domestic flights.
There are no direct flights between Bagdogra and Bellary. Since Bellary Airport is not commercially operational, you need to reach Hubli Airport to take a connecting flight to Bagdogra.
Yes, the name of the airport is Sri Krishnadevaraya Airport. Currently, the airport is not operational.
The best places to do shopping in Bellary are Akash Art Gallery & Bookshop and Hampi Arts & Gold Coins.
Some of the places of tourist attractions near Bagdogra are Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Lava, Jalpaiguri, Murti etc.
The IATA code of Bagdogra is IXB, and for Bellary, it is BEP.
The aerial distance between Bagdogra and Bellary is 2,234 km.
The best time to visit Bellary is the winter season between October and March. The beauty of Bellary may be enjoyed to its fullest during the winter season.
The famous food of Bellary in Bellary is Baba Badnekai and bonda rasam.
The most common language of Bellary is Kannada, though Hindi is also spoken by many people.
The official language of Bagdogra is Bengali. However, Nepali and Hindi are also widely spoken.
You can travel by taxi or bus to reach Hubballi Airport.
The nearest airport to Bellary is Hubballi Airport located around 220 km from Bellary, and it takes around 4 hours and 36 minutes to reach Hubballi Airport.