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Bellary to Amritsar Flights

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Adani One platform simplifies your flight ticket booking process considerably. Its one-stop portal displays a complete airfare schedule to assist you in picking the most convenient flight. Check out the most affordable airfares and cashback offers when booking flights through Adani One. All domestic airlines — including IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and AirAsia — are available on the platform. You may select your chosen departure and arrival times. If you have a specific arrival date, we recommend booking a return ticket to reap the benefits of the associated discounts. There is no direct flight service from Ballari to Amritsar as the runway at the existing Ballari airport is narrow. Meanwhile, if you wish to fly from Ballari to Amritsar, the nearest major airport from Ballari is the Bangalore Airport (Kempegowda International Airport).

Ballari is well-connected to Bangalore via bus and train routes. Almost six KSRTC buses commute between Ballari to Bangalore every day. Five airlines currently operate Bangalore to Amritsar flights, with approximately 20 flights each day departing from Bangalore to Amritsar; the shortest flight is only about 3 hours and 15 minutes. There is only one direct flight from Bangalore to Amritsar operated by IndiGo. Most flights from Bangalore to Amritsar have at least one stop on their routes. There are connecting flights with short stopovers in cities such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Adani One presents a selection of the cheapest options to assist you in finding the best flight ticket deal. When buying your tickets, look for air ticket offers, cashback alternatives, and special discount offers. Browse the schedule of flights, and book your Ballari to Amritsar flight (via Bangalore) with Adani One now!

Flights from Bellary to Amritsar


About Amritsar Airport

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (IATA code: ATQ) in Amritsar is one of the four international airports in Punjab. The airport in Amritsar is situated about 11 km northwest of the city centre. Besides being widely connected to several major airports in the country, it also serves flights operating on international routes such as Doha and Qatar. The airport terminal building has many food and beverage outlets and retail stores selling several products, including cosmetics, apparel, electronics and gifts. You can also find many travel-friendly services such as pre-booked taxis (Ola and Uber as well), free Wi-Fi, and a passenger lounge. Taxi services are available at the airport’s taxi stand.

amritsar airport
About Amritsar

Amritsar is a city in the northwestern part of India, in Punjab. It is situated around 32 km east of Lahore, and close to the Pakistan border. Amritsar is Punjab's largest and among the most prominent cities, with a thriving economic, cultural and infrastructural environment. It is also the spiritual heart of Sikhism and home to Harmandir Sahib or The Golden Temple, a significant place of worship for the Sikhs.

Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, built Amritsar in 1577 on land granted by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Besides being home to several Sikhs, Amritsar is the most important pilgrimage site for Sikhs from all over India and the world. The Golden Temple and its numerous structures are essential spots for worshippers.

Jallianwala Bagh, a large park near the Golden Temple premises, is where British colonial government forces opened fire on a gathering of unarmed Indian demonstrators on April 13, 1919, killing 379 people and wounding many more. This incident became known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre or the Amritsar massacre, and Jallianwala Bagh is now a national monument.

Amritsar is also known for its textile and chemical industries, food processing and refining, silk weaving, tanning, and mechanical equipment manufacture. The city is a critical rail junction located on the main route between Delhi and Lahore.

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Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is the holiest site in Sikhism and one of India’s most spiritually important destinations. The spectacular golden grandeur of the temple and the daily langar (community kitchen) draw a significant number of tourists and worshippers each day. The temple welcomes people of all religions and provides free meals to over 100,000 individuals from all walks of life. The shrine is housed in the main temple, part of the larger compound known to Sikhs as The Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. The Golden Temple is undoubtedly among the world’s most beautiful sights. 

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Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is a park near Amritsar’s iconic Golden Temple. It also serves as a monument highlighting British soldiers' massacre of unarmed protestors. Jallianwala Bagh is a 6.5-acre monument attached to one of the worst days in Indian history when thousands of innocent civilians were massacred under General Dyer's command.

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Partition Museum

The Partition Museum is the world's first partition museum dedicated to the tales and anguish of millions who were forced to endure the horrific repercussions of a brutal partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan. It is developed by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT). It showcases the newspaper clippings, photographs, and items donated by the people who lived during the partition.

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Wagah Border

The Wagah Border, 24 km from Lahore, Pakistan, and 32 km from Amritsar, India, constitutes the international border between India and Pakistan. The Wagah Border Ceremony, also known as the Beating Retreat Ceremony, takes place daily. Every evening, shortly before nightfall, Indian and Pakistani soldiers congregate at this border checkpoint for an exhibition of military friendship and theatrics. The international crossings are closed, and both nations’ flags are lowered during this event. This ceremony has been taking place since 1959.

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Akal Takht

The Akal Takht (Throne of the Immortal), founded in the year 1609 by Guru Hargobind Singh, is the seat of the Sikhs’ religious, administrative, and political authority. It is one of the five takhts of the Sikhs and symbolises power, justice, and authority.

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Situated in Company Bagh, this museum was the summer retreat of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the first ruler of the Sikh Empire. The museum presently includes exhibits on the Maharaja’s lifestyle as well as the history, culture and architectural craftsmanship of the Sikh community in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


About Bangalore Airport

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is a major international airport in South India. Located in Devanahalli, about 40 km from the city centre, Bengaluru Airport has often been rated as the ‘Best Regional Airport in Central Asia.’ The airport is currently the third-busiest in India, after New Delhi and Mumbai, in terms of passenger traffic and total cargo movement.

Bengaluru International Airport has an integrated terminal – Terminal 1 – for domestic and international flights. The terminal has four levels, with arrival and departure gates. The terminal building houses many amenities, such as VIP lounges, plaza premium lounges, duty-free shops and prayer rooms for domestic and international flyers. The Bengaluru Airport also provides prayer rooms for Hajj pilgrims.

The airport offers a wide range of services for passengers’ comfort and convenience, including ATMs, free Wi-Fi, Forex desks, baggage trolleys, baggage wrapping services, and mobile charging points. You will also find restaurants, cafés, and a smoking area within the terminal. There are also several transport facilities in the airport complex, with dedicated wings for car rental, taxi, and bus services.

Bengaluru airport
About Ballari (Bellary)

Ballari is 310 km (by road) from Bengaluru (Bangalore), the state capital, and 386 km from Hyderabad. Ballari is situated on a broad, flat plain of black cotton soil, known for its rocky mountains and slopes. The city is centred on two hills, the Kumbara Gudda and the Bellary Gudda.

Ballari has a robust cotton processing sector of ginning, spinning, and weaving industries because cotton is among the primary agricultural products in the area. This industry continues to prosper throughout the city.

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Ballari Fort

The Ballari Fort is located on the summit of Ballari Gudda, or Fort Hill, in the mediaeval city of Ballari. The Palegar chieftain Hanumappa Nayaka is said to have constructed the fort during the Vijayanagara period. In 1769, Hyder Ali captured the citadel from the Nayakas and restored and modernised it with the assistance of a French engineer.

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Chellagurki is a hamlet on the Ballari–Anantapur route, 25 16 km from Ballari. This hamlet is well-known for Yerri Tata’s Jiva Samadhi. The saint is said to have performed various miracles. Visitors visit Yerri Tata’s Samadhi, specifically on new moon days and during the annual car fare organised in his honour.

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Dammur is approximately 17 km from Ballari. It is famous for its cave temple and Venkappa's Samadhi. It also holds a fair annually that both residents and tourists enjoy.

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This village is known for a group of 10 temples from the twelfth century AD . Basaveshwara is the most well-known one and is located in the western portion of Kurugodu. It houses a giant sculpture of Nandi (Shiva’s Bull), approximately 12 feet in height. The other 9 are located in ‘old Kurugodu’. The temples have been built entirely in granite, and no mortar was used in their construction.  

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Mannetti Mailara is a place of worship for devotees in Bellary. Mailara Lingeshwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at Mailara. There is a famous legend about how Shiva destroyed a demon called Mallasura and this place is connected to this legend. 

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The Sanganakallu in the Kupgal region is an old archaeological site with excavations dating back to the Neolithic period. This area has unearthed one of South India's earliest known village settlements. The explorations are centred on four mountains that people of the period perhaps occupied throughout the Neolithic period.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are around 20 to 24 flights that fly between Bangalore and Amritsar every day

The first Bangalore to Amritsar flight is IndiGo 6E | 6247; it departs at 4:40 am. This is an indirect flight with one stop at Delhi international airport.

The shortest flight from Bangalore to Amritsar takes only about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The IATA code for Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is BLR. The Amritsar Airport, also known as Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, has the code ATQ.

IndiGo and Air India operate the most flights on the Bangalore to Amritsar route, but flights are also offered by SpiceJet, Vistara and Go First.

Passengers can usually carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of check-in luggage on an economy-class flight from Bangalore to Amritsar. Air India flights from Bangalore to Mangalore allow 8 kg cabin baggage and 25 kg check-in luggage. The weight limit varies between airlines and the class of travel. Please check the baggage rules before checking in at the airport.

Yes, many duty-free shops at Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport sell cosmetics, chocolates, perfumes, and liquor.

A regular bus service connects Ballari to the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore. You can also take a train from Ballari to Bangalore.

Ballari is known for the namesake Bellary Fort, which sits atop Fort Hill.

Rasam bonda and holige (or obbattu) are some popular food items in Ballari. While rasam is spicy and tangy, holige is sweet. 

Amritsar, the Sikhs' revered city, is known for its many attractions, including the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and the Wagah Border. However, the city has also earned a reputation as a lovely shopping destination.

Amritsar is called the Golden City of India because the Golden Temple, the Sikhs’ sacred shrine, is located in this city.

The best months to visit Amritsar are November to March, when the climate is cool and ideal for touring and visiting the Golden Temple.

The temple is open for 24 hours and can be visited anytime. If you prefer to avoid long queues, early morning (around 4:00 am) and late at night are the ideal times to visit the temple. However, Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, is put in a resting place from late night to early morning. 
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Airport Information

Amritsar Ajnala Rd, opp. Hotel Blue Radison, Raja Sansi, Punjab 143101

Bellary Bellary Airport (BEP), Cantonment, Bellary, Karnataka, India