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About Gaya Airport

The beautiful city of Gaya is well-connected. The airport in Gaya is also called Bodhgaya Airport (IATA code: GAY) and is located at a distance of around 12 km from Gaya and around 5 km from Bodhgaya. It is an international airport named after the renowned Buddhist pilgrimage destination, Bodhgaya. The airport covers an area of around 954 acres. Gaya holds major significance from a religious perspective and sees a lot of devotees visiting the city during the holiday seasons. To cater to this, the airport started its operations in 2002. It offers flights to destinations like Kolkata, Delhi, Varanasi, and Yangon, while IndiGo covers a slightly broader range of destinations with flights for Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Varanasi. The majority of the passengers are usually Buddhist tourists flying from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Currently, the Airports Authority of India (AAI), is planning to make it a standby for Kolkata Airport. The major facilities provided at the Gaya Airport include drinking water facilities, childcare rooms, special assistance to the differently abled and elderly passengers, check-in counters, currency exchange, trolleys, wheelchair assistance, prayer rooms, Wi-Fi, etc.

About Gaya

Gaya is located in Bihar and is the headquarters of the Gaya and Magadh division of the Indian state of Bihar. The city is the second-largest one in Bihar and is located around 100 Km away from Patna. Gaya is significant for Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist religions. The Bodhi tree is located in Gaya, and is the site where Buddha attained enlightenment. Gaya is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures several times. It is known as the place where Ram, Lakshman, and Sita performed ìPind Daanî, a Hindu ritual, for Dasharatha. It remains a major pilgrimage site for Pind Daan rituals. Gaya also has an interesting story behind how it got its name. It is believed that the city is named after the mythological asur, Gayasur. According to the Puranas, the demon was able to win blessings from Lord Vishnu after he performed strict penance. The body of Gayasur turned into a pile of rocky mountains that later formed the cityís beautiful landscape. Today, Gaya attracts plenty of tourists all year round. The city is also known for its fertile grounds, which is optimal for the agriculture sector. Gaya is full of rich traditions and culture. The weather is seasonal, with high temperatures surrounding the city throughout summer, and evenly distributed rainfall taking place during the monsoon season. Winter is the best time to visit Gaya.

Place to visit in Gaya


Barabar Caves


Bodhi Tree


Tibetan Monastery


Vishnupad Temple

About Bagdogra Airport

The beautiful town of Bagdogra is connected to the world with an international airport, Bagdogra International Airport (IATA code: IXB). The airport is located in western Siliguri. The airport got international status in 2002 due to the large number of tourists visiting this city. It is located at a distance of around 16 km from the township in Siliguri, West Bengal. This airport is also a gateway to popular hill stations in Sikkim and West Bengal. The airport offers flights to many locations such as Delhi, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc. SpiceJet, AirAsia, and IndiGo use the airport as their hub. There are several other airlines such as Air India, Go First, and Vistara flying from the airport.

About Bagdogra

In the quiet Himalayan ranges of the Darjeeling district sits the beautiful town of Bagdogra. It comes under the Siliguri subdivision of the Darjeeling district. Though it may sound like a small town, it is well-connected via various transportation mediums, including an airway, railway, and roads. With tea gardens and the Himalayan ranges surrounding the city landscape, Bagdogra offers much more than just a getaway. It offers its rich culture through art and local food. The city offers mesmerising beauty with its serene river banks, hills, gardens and greenery. On the subject of celebrations, Bagdogra has an interesting story behind their new year celebration. The city does not follow the Hindu or the Western calendar but the Tibetan calendar. The celebrations around the new year are full of grandeur. Around this time, the city offers its best version. The climate of Bagdogra during summers is hot, with temperatures rising up to 40∞C. During winters, the temperature goes down as low as 2∞C. This small town is symbolic of the heritage, culture, and diversity in India.

Airport Information


M8PG+25X, Distt. Darjeeling Siliguri, Bagdogra, West Bengal 734421


Gaya International Airport, International airport, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 823004

Frequently Asked Questions

Cell phones are not allowed inside the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. However, visitors can keep the phones at the counters placed in the entrance.
Duty-free shops are not available at this airport at the moment. Other facilities such as an ATM and business centre with WiFi are available.
Though there are no direct flights operating from Mumbai to Gaya, there are several connecting flights. It takes a minimum of 6 hours 10 minutes to reach Gaya from Mumbai by flight.
The airline policy dictates whether you are allowed to take your own food. However, make sure your food is properly packed and spill proof. Make sure you go through with the airline policy to know if you are allowed.
There are local auto and taxi services available at the airport. Cab booking services such as Uber and Ola can be used too. The airport is not too far away from the city centre.
Siliguri is located at a distance of approximately 10 Km by road from the international airport located at Bagdogra.
The international airport located at Bagdogra is located at a distance of around 67 Km from Darjeeling.
Currently, there is only 1 flight available from Bagdogra to Gaya, which is a connecting flight. There is no direct flight from Bagdogra to Gaya as of now.
Yes, the airport located in Bagdogra is an international airport where flights are available to international destinations like Bhutan and Bangkok.
Yes, Gaya is a city that has much to offer for both adventure seekers and nature lovers. At Gaya, there are opportunities to go trekking or get engaged in water sports and also visit the caves and cave temples. Since it is a naturally blessed land, abundant in waterfronts and hills, it is a delight for nature lovers.
The name of Bagdogra airport is Bagdogra International Airport, and its code is IXB. The IATA code of the Gaya Airport is GAY.
It is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under the Bodhi Tree there. Bodh Gaya means the site of enlightenment.
At present, only IndiGo operates flights from Bagdogra to Gaya.
Gaya is religiously significant when it comes to pind daan as it is believed to be the place where Lord Ram performed pind daan for his deceased father.
Siliguri Corridor is often hailed as ëThe Chickenís Neckí because of the significance of its location. It is this corridor that connects the northeastern region of India with the rest of the country.