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Bhavnagar to Kanpur Flights

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Are you looking for flights from Bhavnagar to Kanpur?

You can easily find the cheapest flights on Adani One, including the best airlines, flight deals and flight duration. When planning your trip, don't forget to use the airfare calendar and the cashback offers on your selected flight. Flight prices vary depending on class, with business class tickets being more expensive than economy class tickets.

There are no direct flights from Bhavnagar to Kanpur. The best option is to take local transportation from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad Airport, situated around 175 km away, and then take a flight from Ahmedabad to Kanpur. IndiGo and SpiceJet operate most flights from Ahmedabad to Kanpur.

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Flights from Bhavnagar to Kanpur


About Kanpur Airport 

Kanpur Airport (IATA: KNU) is a domestic airport located in Kanpur city and has paved the way for more convenient access to nearby tourist attractions, such as Sankissa, Kalinjar Fort, Bhitargaon, National Chambal Sanctuary, Etawah Safari Park, and Kannauj. In 2020–21, it was India's fifth most profitable airport.

A new 6,000-square-metre terminal is being built and will be completed by mid-2022. The new terminal will have six hangars, a waiting room for 300 passengers, and four-lane highway access.

Kanpur airport was previously designated as a military airport used solely by the Indian Air Force. As a result, it is still known as Chakeri Air Force Station. Commercial flights began to operate from this airport only in 1970. It began operating as a regular domestic airport in 2004, connecting Kanpur to nearly all major cities.

Kanpur Airport
About Kanpur

Kanpur is known as the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh and is also its largest city. It was previously known as Manchester of India because of its textile industry. Kanpur, located on the banks of river Ganga, is the major industrial centre of North India. It is well-known for its colonial architecture, gardens, parks, and high-quality leather exports.

Kanpur, previously called Cawnpore, is currently India's 12th most populous city. It was home to India's first woollen mill during British rule. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Agricultural College, Indian Institute of Technology, GSVM Medical College, National Sugar Institute, and Government Textile Institute are all located in Kanpur.

Kanpur is bounded by two rivers: the Ganges and the Pandu. Kanpur is also known for the Ganga Mela, which is held on the seventh day of the Holi festival. The city hosts numerous cultural events during different festivals. Kanpur has a humid subtropical climate, with summer temperatures reaching 45 °C.

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Bithoor town, located on the banks of the Ganges, is a short drive north of Kanpur city. It is a significant spiritual centre that draws thousands of Hindu pilgrims every day. Many people take holy dips at the Brahmavart and Patthar Ghats, while the Valmiki Ashram, where Sita Mata is said to have stayed during her exile, is also a landmark in Bithoor. 

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JK Temple

The 50-year-old Juggilal Kamlapat Temple, also known as Shri Radhakrishna Temple, is worth visiting. The temple contains five shrines housed in separate towers, evoking the old vernacular style of temple architecture.

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Kamla Retreat

A private mansion owned by the Singhania family, Kamla Retreat requires prior permission to visit, but it remains Kanpur's most well-preserved spot. The retreat has a museum that displays many artefacts from the area. 

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Kanpur Memorial Church

The Kanpur Memorial Church, built in 1875, is dedicated to the British civilians killed during the bloodiest siege of Kanpur during the 1857 revolution. The structure's striking Gothic-style architecture will captivate visitors from afar as it towers over the surrounding landscapes. 

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Allen Forest Zoo

Kanpur Zoological Park is another name for Allen Forest Zoo. It is the largest zoo in North India, with more than 0.28 sq km of beautifully landscaped area. Chimps, leopards, rhinos, and tigers can be found here. Visitors can also picnic in the botanical garden or relax by the lake.

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Moti Jheel

This reservoir cum rectangular lake was built during British rule to supply water to the city. Later, a recreational area with a children's park and a landscaped garden was added.  


About Bhavnagar Airport

Bhavnagar Airport is a domestic airport in Bhavnagar (IATA code: BHU), located nearly 5 km from the city centre. It has a single terminal with one runway. The airport has one boarding gate, and the same terminal is used for both arrivals and departures. Direct flights connect the airport to Pune and Mumbai. One of the major airlines operating in and out of Bhavnagar Airport is SpiceJet.

The airport has three check-in counters and a VIP lounge and can handle around 100 passengers at peak capacity. It offers basic amenities to its passengers like free luggage trolleys, drinking water, wheelchairs and first-aid. There are several eating joints and snack bars and multiple shops selling books, clothes, and toys, among other things.

The easiest commute from the Bhavnagar airport to the city centre is by local cabs, rented taxis, and autos. Since there are no direct flights from Bhavnagar to Kanpur, one can opt to take a flight from Ahmedabad Airport, the nearest major airport to Bhavnagar.

Bhavnagar Airport 
About Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar, formerly Bhaunagar, is a city in Gujarat, India. It is situated on the western coast of the Arabian Sea, in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay). The city of Bhavnagar was established in 1723.

Spinning and weaving mills, metalworks, tile and brick factories, sawmills, iron foundries, and chemical plants became important commercial and industrial centres. The city has a small vessel port and is connected to the Western Railway system.

Samaldas Arts College is one of Bhavnagar's oldest educational institutions and was the college of Mahatma Gandhi for a short while. With prominent monuments dating back to the nineteenth century, Bhavnagar is one of the most beautiful examples of architectural genius. Tourist attractions in and around Bhavnagar include Nilambag Palace, Takhteshwar Temple, Barton Library, Victoria Park, Bhav Vilas Palace, etc.

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Nilambag Palace

The royal family used to reside at the Nilambag Palace. The palace is also the city's only heritage property owned by the royal family. In 1879 AD, the palace was built on a 0.4 sq km plot. A German architect designed the palace, which incorporated elements of colonial architecture in a modern form.

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Gaurishankar Lake

The scenery at this location is serene, with a beautiful lake running through the hills. Gaurishankar Lake, also called Bor Talav and Bhavnagar Lake, is worth visiting as it offers a picturesque view to its visitors. It is also a treat for birdwatchers due to the presence of various birds like ducks, cranes, geese etc.

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Barton Library and Museum

This is one of India's oldest libraries, dating back to the British era, with many volumes brimming with vital information about every nook and cranny of Bhavnagar in Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, and English.

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Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a man-made forest in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, about 5 km from the Bhavnagar Railway Station. This park is located on the outskirts of Gaurishankar Lake and is one of India's oldest artificial forests and a popular tourist attraction in Bhavnagar.

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Takhteshwar Temple

This temple located on a hilltop near Bhavnagar Railway Station, exudes magnificence beyond description. Takhteshwar, a Shiva temple made completely of white marble, is a popular tourist destination. It is one of the oldest temples in Gujarat.

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Ghogha Beach

Ghogha Beach is roughly 26 km from Bhavnagar, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Kutch. It is a popular destination for local excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no direct flight from Bhavnagar to Kanpur. So, one must take local transport to reach Ahmedabad Airport from Bhavnagar, and then take a flight to Kanpur.

Currently, more than five flights are operating from Ahmedabad to Kanpur.

It takes approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes to get from Ahmedabad to Kanpur by flight. 

The airport has one terminal with one check-in desk, one security desk, and two boarding gates. The terminal, which covers an area of 390 sq m, has a passenger handling capacity of 50 for both arrivals and departures. 

Kanpur Airport (IATA: KNU) is a domestic airport in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh that serves flights to and from Kanpur city.

The IATA code for Ahmedabad airport is AMD, and the IATA code for Kanpur airport is KNU. 

In most cases, passengers travelling economy class from Ahmedabad to Kanpur can bring 7 kg of carry-on luggage and 15 kg of checked luggage. Flights from Ahmedabad to Kanpur with Air India allow 8 kg of cabin baggage and 20 kg of check-in luggage per passenger. The weight restriction varies from airline to airline and depends on the travel class. Please contact your airline if you have any questions about the luggage regulations before arriving. 

Regarding taking food items on flights, different airlines have different policies. Please see the airline's policies for additional information about bringing food items on your flight from Ahmedabad to Kanpur. In general, dry food products are permissible to transport, but your food should be adequately packaged and spill-proof. 

Yes, there are many duty-free shops at Ahmedabad International Airport. 

Yes. Terminal 1 mostly handles domestic flights, while Terminal 2 handles international flights. 

Yes, you can easily find cabs and buses at Ahmedabad airport. 

The Ahmedabad Airport is located nearly 175 km from Bhavnagar and can be easily accessed by the modes of local transportation. 

October to March is the ideal time to visit Kanpur. Spring, which lasts from February to March, is also pleasant due to the breezy weather. Kanpur experiences cold winters from November to January, with dense fog covering the city.

From October to February (winters), the Winters are the best time to visit Bhavnagar because the weather is pleasant and mild, making it ideal for sightseeing. In addition, this is the time of the year when Bhavnagar hosts several religious, film, drama, music, and literature festivals. 

Top Airlines like SpiceJet and IndiGo are operating from Ahmedabad to Kanpur. 
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Airport Information

Kanpur Kanpur military airport, Airforce Lane, Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208004

Bhavnagar Airport Road, Subhashnagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001