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Bhavnagar to Kochi Flights

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Are you looking to book a flight from Bhavnagar to Kochi? Booking a flight ticket is no longer a time-consuming task. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can buy flight tickets within minutes on Adani One. Besides flight booking, Adani One can also come in handy for checking flight status. The airfare calendar on the platform is aimed at helping travellers find the cheapest flight from Bhavnagar to Kochi. Adani One also offers sizable discounts on flight tickets to help you cut down on airfare expenses.

The Bhavnagar to Kochi flight route has no direct or connecting flights. The nearest airport to Bhavnagar is the Ahmedabad Airport, which is 178.5 km from the city. Getting to Ahmedabad Airport from Bhavnagar is easy, thanks to the availability of multiple transportation modes. A cab ride from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad Airport will hardly take 3 hours. At the same time, a train ride could take up to 5 hours. There are approximately 31 flights that fly from Ahmedabad to Kochi daily.

The Ahmedabad Airport is well-connected to popular international destinations like New York, Singapore, Dubai, etc. The airport also boasts excellent flight connectivity for all major domestic cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. Book your flight ticket from Bhavnagar to Kochi on Adani One flight ticket platform!

Flights from Bhavnagar to Kochi


About Kochi Airport 

Located in Nedumbassery, Cochin International Airport (IATA: COK) has been operating since June 1999. The airport is owned and operated jointly by the government of Kerala and Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL). The airport is situated about 25 km away from the city centre. You can easily reach the airport from the city centre via car, and prepaid taxi services are available at the airport.

Cochin International Airport comprises three terminals. Two terminals are domestic, and the other is international. The first domestic terminal has around 56 check-in counters. It has a dedicated food court and six lounges where passengers can relax. Terminal 2 has 26 check-in counters and six boarding gates. The waiting area of terminal 2 can accommodate up to 400 passengers at a time.

Opened in March 2017, the international terminal 3 is built on four different levels. Having 84 check-in counters, Terminal 3 features everything from VIP lounges to bank counters and duty-free stores. Apart from these terminals, Kochi Airport has a separate cargo centre, which houses a dedicated warehousing facility.

Kochi Airport
About Kochi

Spread across a maze of scenic islands, Kochi is a world-famous port town established in 1958. The city's tranquil backwaters and marvellous beaches attract tourists from around the world. This charming town is steeped in a rich and long history. Kochi was once a small fishing village, which evolved to become a major commercial hub of the spice trade in India.

Colonial merchants would often frequent the city to trade sandalwood and spices. The spice trade in Kochi gained so much prominence that it became a point of interest for Arab merchants. Even today, despite having turned into a fast-growing metropolis, Kochi has not lost touch with its roots. The city is home to many museums whose historical exhibits can help you relive Kochi's majestic history.

Immersed in natural scenery, Kochi boasts a perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity. The appeal of the city is further uplifted by the fact that it is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, as well as near the Western Ghats.

Many well-known resorts in Kochi offer Ayurvedic treatments for rejuvenation, a popular activity for tourists. The vibrant streets are dotted with cosy cafes, churches and souvenir shops. Kochi is also renowned for its Malabar cuisine, a unique blend of spicy, tantalising flavours.

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Bolgatty Palace

Constructed in the Dutch architectural style, Bolgatty Palace is a popular historical attraction. The palace was originally built by Dutch traders and opened to the public in 1744. Bolgatty Palace has now been transformed into a luxury hotel for travellers.

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Cherai Beach

Ideal for water sports, Cherai Beach, attracts adventure enthusiasts of all age groups. This picturesque beach hums with activity around the clock as it is located near some of Kochi's most popular resorts. Cherai Beach is also perfect for activities like meditation, yoga, and swimming.

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Fort Kochi Beach

A visit to Fort Kochi Beach is a must, especially if you want to relish seaside views and bask in the sunshine. Fort Kochi Beach is close to several colonial-style mansions that speak volumes about the city's history.

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Lulu Shopping Mall

It is perfect for shoppers who want to pamper themselves with offerings from the finest brands. The mall houses around 225 outlets along with a bowling alley and amusement rides to keep visitors thoroughly entertained.

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Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a one-of-a-kind spot that promises stunning backwater views. The destination has a dedicated walkway that is perfect for leisurely evening strolls. Consider visiting Marine Drive with your other half to enjoy some time together.

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Wonderland Amusement Park

If you are travelling with kids and want to enjoy an adventure, consider heading to Wonderland Amusement Park. The park offers a wide range of water rides alongside other water-based activities.


About Bhavnagar Airport

Operated by the Airports Authority of India, Bhavnagar Airport (IATA code: BHU) is situated about 4 km away from the city centre. The airport is regularly serviced by leading airlines like SpiceJet and Alliance Air. As of now, Bhavnagar Airport has a single runway.

Terminal 1 covers an area of 17,410 sq ft. The terminal has three check-in counters and can accommodate 110 passengers at a given time. The terminal at Bhavnagar Aerodrome houses a VIP lounge for passengers on the lookout for a luxurious experience. Terminal 2 is meant for cargo.

Bhavnagar Airport also boasts a good availability of baggage trolleys that can easily and conveniently move around. Bhavnagar Airport has two parking bays for accommodating aircraft of different sizes. Book a taxi to reach the airport from the city centre as other modes of transport may not get you to the destination on time.

Bhavnagar Airport 
About Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar has emerged as a popular holiday destination in recent times. There are various famous temples in and around Bhavnagar that contribute to the religious significance of the city. The world's biggest ship-breaking yard, Alang Ship Breaking Yard, is also situated in Bhavnagar. The history of Bhavnagar has played a pivotal role in boosting its popularity.

Back when colonial rule was prevalent, Bhavnagar used to be a princely state. Bhavsinhji Gohil was the man who founded Bhavnagar in 1724. The Rajput Gohils continued their rule in Bhavnagar until 1947 when India gained independence. Krishna Kumar Sinhji, the last Maharaja, peacefully handed over Bhavnagar to create a united India.

Bhavnagar is a fast-growing industrial hub in India and is one of the biggest producers of salt in the country. Its diamond cutting industry is also flourishing rapidly, which explains why Bhavnagar is witnessing fast-paced development.

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Aksharwadi Swaminarayan Temple

Aksharwadi Temple is another popular religious attraction that devotees visit all year round. Immersed in spiritual aura, this temple boasts eye-catching architecture.

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Blackbuck National Park

Travellers looking to indulge in wildlife sightings must not miss out on a 34 sq km Blackbuck National Park, which is a one hour drive from Bhavnagar. During your visit, you will get the chance to spot flamingos, indigenous black bucks, wild boars, and so on.

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Malnath Shiva Temple

Malnath Shiv Temple is a famous religious site surrounded by lush green mountains. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Takhteshwar Temple

Perched on a small hill, Takhteshwar Temple attracts swathes of pilgrims from across the world. The temple is dedicated to several Hindu deities.

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Kuda Beach

Situated 30 km from Bhavnagar Railway Station, Kuda Beach is a stunning beach in the Gulf of Cambay at Kuda village near Bhavnagar. It is the best spot for travellers keen to spend quality time with friends and family. Many stalls around the beach sell delicious snacks.

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Victoria Park

Surrounded by lush greenery, Victoria Park is your go-to destination for family picnics and evening jogging sessions. It was designed in the year 1888 by Mr. Proctor Sins for Maharaja Takhtasinhji of the Bhavnagar city. Plan a visit to Victoria Park to bask in the glory of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there are no direct or connecting flights from Bhavnagar to Kochi. The closest major airport to Bhavnagar is Ahmedabad International Airport, from which you can fly towards Kochi.

There are around 31 flights that fly between Ahmedabad and Kochi daily. Ahmedabad Airport serves several domestic and international destinations like Agra, Jaipur, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, etc. 

There are many ways to reach Ahmedabad Airport from Bhavnagar. You can take your pick from different transport modes like a train, taxi, rental car etc. Consider hiring a cab as it will get you to the airport in around two to three hours. 

Different airlines have varied rules in place for carrying food items on a flight from Bhavnagar to Kochi.  

Kochi is again open to local and international tourists following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Home to both large and small-scale industries, Bhavnagar has always been an important centre of trade in India. The best places to visit in Bhavnagar are Kuda Beach, Gaurishankar Lake, Blackbuck National Park etc.  

Kochi is mainly famous for its ancient forts and splendid beaches, which draw a large number of tourists each year.

Bhavnagar is a paradise for food lovers as the city boasts various cuisines. Fafadiya Ganthiya and Pav Ganthiya are famous foods from Bhavnagar.  

Bhavnagar is famous for some of India's most beautiful lakes and national parks.

Although restrictions on travel have been scrapped, airport authorities have mandated wearing face masks. Make sure you adhere to the safety protocols and Covid-19 guidelines published by your respective airline.  

Bhavnagar is renowned for its glorious history, dating back to 1724 when the city was founded by Bhavsinhji Takht.

Kochi has lately emerged as a popular beach destination for tourists.

Bhavnagar is located in the southeastern region of Gujarat.  

Kochi is located at a distance of 2,144 km from Bhavnagar.  

A trip to Kerala remains incomplete until you explore diverse cuisines and the pristine natural charm of Kochi. Boasting an excellent fusion of different cultures, traditions and languages, Kochi deserves to be on your Kerala travel bucket list. 
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Airport Information

Kochi Kochi Airport PO Nedumbassery Kochi : 683111. Kerala ,India

Bhavnagar Airport Road, Subhashnagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001