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Chandigarh to Kochi Flights

Planning a trip from Chandigarh to Kochi and looking for the easiest way to travel? Booking Chandigarh to Kochi flight would be the best option. There is a high frequency of connecting flights between the two cities. You also get a reasonable ticket price if you book it through Adani’s app. You can find budget-friendly domestic flights as there are flexible timings for Chandigarh to Kochi flights.

Approximately 20 flights operate daily between these two cities. The first flight leaves at 6:15 am, and the last flight leaves at 9:15 pm. You can check the airfare calendar of the Chandigarh to Kochi flight on Adani's platform. Just enter the date of travel, and the app will display the available flights with price points. You can choose the one that is most reasonably priced and suits your itinerary.

There are many benefits of online flight ticket booking from Chandigarh to Kochi through Adani’s app. They provide some of the best deals and discounts on flight ticket booking. You will have a seamless experience booking your flight and also save up. The app will display the cheapest flight from Chandigarh to Kochi.

It takes a minimum of 6 hours and 40 minutes to fly from Chandigarh to Kochi. This is when the connecting flight is through Mumbai and includes a few hours of layover time. The aerial distance between the cities is 2314 km. Chandigarh to Kochi flight fare can be between Rs. 8,000 to 18,000. It depends on the ticket availability, season, timings, etc. It's best to book the flight well in advance to avoid fluctuation in prices during last-minute bookings.

You will find the cheapest flight from Chandigarh to Kochi when your connecting flight is through Delhi, but the layover time is more than 9 hours. There are many other connecting flights to Kochi, with one stop at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru.

Adani’s app will be your one-stop destination while booking a flight ticket from Chandigarh to Kochi. If you have a return date in mind, you can take advantage of the discounts provided on return tickets. From checking flight status to cheap air tickets, Adani’s portal provides detailed information regarding flights from Chandigarh to Kochi.

Flights from Chandigarh to Kochi


About Kochi Airport

Cochin International Airport (COK) is at Nedumbassery in Kochi. It is 25 km northeast of the city centre. It is India's first greenfield airport constructed under a public and private partnership of Cochin International Airport Limited and the Government of Kerala. The airport has three terminals in total. Two terminals handle domestic flights and one terminal for international flights.

The terminals have properly lit signage for easy direction, so you can navigate seamlessly. Some of the major airlines operating daily are Indigo, Vistara, Air India, etc. When you book a Chandigarh to Kochi flight, you will have many airline options to choose from.

There are modern facilities at the airport like Wi-Fi, banking facility, money exchange, private taxi booking, duty-free products, cafes and eateries, computerised passenger check-ins, etc. There is a baggage wrapping service, VIP rooms, and reserved lounges.

Take souvenirs for friends and family from their gift shops. Browse through the bookstalls to find something interesting to read while you wait. You get prepaid taxi services at the airport to take you to any part of Kochi. You can book the taxis for round trips, daily tours, etc., depending on your requirement.

kochi airport
About Kochi

Situated on the southwest coastline of Kerala, Kochi or Cochin is known as the queen of the Arabian sea. It is a peaceful city with a picturesque environment. It is perfect for people who love the natural charm with the blend of modernity. Kochi has a trading history that goes back to 600 years, and it is the financial capital of Kerala. The city was known for its trade with many regions, and thus, it has influences from Indian, British, Portuguese, Chinese, and Jewish cultures.

Kochi is one of the top spice suppliers in the global market. It also has some of the best heritage accommodations. Being near the coastline, the cuisine is highly influenced by seafood. Popular dishes to try in the city are fish mollie, cochin fish curry, a stew made with chicken or mutton, and appams made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.

Onam and Cochin Carnival are two big events celebrated in Kochi. It is when the city comes alive with cultural events. Vallam Kali (boat race) is another cultural event that happens between August and September. During this time, the rivers come alive with the famous snake boats.

There are various ethnic groups residing in Kochi like Konkanis, Jews, Gujaratis, etc. There is an overall essence of old charm around the city. Kochi is filled with architectural monuments, beaches, authentic local eateries, and peaceful quarters. Spending a weekend getaway in Kochi is surely rejuvenating.

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Cherai Beach

Situated at Vypeen Island's northern tip, the Cherai Beach provides stunning views of the setting sun. Palm trees and a huge area of the vibrant ocean make the beach an appealing site to spend an evening.

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Hill Palace

The Hill Palace Museum, around 10 Km from Kochi, was the official palace of the former emperors of Kochi. Built in 1865, it is known as Kerala’s first-ever heritage museum. The palace complex is made up of 49 buildings and is surrounded by 52 acres of terraced land. This spot attracts visitors who are in the area because of attractions such as a cultural museum and a deer park. A great number of plants, especially uncommon varieties with medicinal qualities, can be found in the grounds’ garden. The museum, which houses paintings, weapons, jewellery, sculptures, coins, and furniture, portrays the exuberance of the monarchy that ruled over the region from the palace.

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Marine Drive

The sea view from Kochi's Marine Drive is one of the city's top attractions. The promenade is designed to face the backwaters, making it very scenic. It is a popular hangout spot for the locals.

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Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Fort

The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is located in Fort Kochi. In this gorgeous Roman Catholic church, along with the stunning stained glass windows, there are frescoes on the columns and seven enormous canvas paintings. Beautifully painted depictions of Christ’s Via Crucis can be found on the ceiling. This magnificent structure features two tall spires that welcome visitors even from afar. The outside is white-washed, while the interior is in pastels. With its massive arches and awe-inspiring altar, the church’s interior is designed in the Gothic style. The renowned Italian painter Fr Antonio Moscheni and his student De Gama of Mangalore adorned the main altar.

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It is a famous tourist spot among children and adults. This theme park's more than 50 thrilling rides ensure that everyone, who visits it, gets a memorable day. Both land and water-based rides are available in this waterpark.


About Chandigarh Airport

Also known as Chandigarh Airport (IXC), it has two terminals catering to domestic and international flights. The airport receives various connecting flights from Bangkok, Dubai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. The union territory of Chandigarh has the airport runway, and the international terminal is on the south side of the runway in Jhiurheri, Mohali, and Punjab.

Various airlines operate from Chandigarh International Airport like Indigo, Go First, Vistara, etc. It is just 9 km from the city centre and can be reached using public or private transport. When waiting for your Chandigarh to Kochi flight, you can relax at the various restaurants and cafes on the airport premises.

The airport is equipped with modern facilities like self-boarding kiosks, free trolleys, ATM and cash machines, currency exchange counters, international SIMs, car rental bookings, etc. Child care areas and assistance for the elderly and the physically challenged are also available at the airport.

You can enjoy world-class amenities like plush seating, multi-cuisine, international magazines, etc., at the premium lounge. It can be accessed through priority passes, loyalty cards, or high-end credit cards. Known for its contemporary aesthetics and international level of amenities, Chandigarh International Airport is the epitome of modernisation. You will have a seamless experience of navigating and boarding your flight ticket from Chandigarh to Kochi.

Chandigarh Airport
About Chandigarh

Chandigarh was designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. It is the first planned modern city with orderly layout sectors, museums, memorials, green spaces, lakes, etc.

The main regions include the Capitol Complex, Sector 17 City Centre, leisure valley, etc. There are several cultural and educational institutes here. Chandigarh is located at the foothills of Shivalik and is the embodiment of the modern lifestyle. The city got its name from the goddess Chandi whose temple is in Chandigarh.

With a rich prehistoric past, Chandigarh exists on gently sloping plains where once was a lake surrounded by marsh. The area was also populated by Harappans about 8000 years ago. Chandigarh is unique as it is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. The city has fantastic street food stalls selling delectable items, fascinating nightlife, large shopping spaces, and several architectural structures.

There are various beautiful parks for nature enthusiasts and historic monuments for history enthusiasts. Places like sectors 17, 35, and 26 are hotspots for cafes, restaurants, night clubs. You get authentic cuisine with items like chole bhature, butter chicken, dal makhani, sarso ka saag, and chaat, among other savoury dishes. Enjoy shopping at sectors 17, 22, 35, and Azad Hind Market, which is famous for high-end retail showrooms and local designer shops.

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Botanical Garden

Located in the heart of the city, the botanical garden in Chandigarh is famously known worldwide for preserving rare plants. The botanical garden is a delight for nature photographers as this place gives them enough options to be creative. The garden is spread over 176 acres of land. It's located 7.9 km away from the Chandigarh bus station and 26km from the Chandigarh airport. People from all over the globe visit the botanical garden to witness its beauty. Apart from plants and flowers, the place also houses rare birds such as hornbills, wood ducks, golden pheasants, etc. The garden is also famous for growing a wide variety of rare plants and developing an atmosphere for them. There are other tourist spots near the botanical garden, such as a hibiscus garden and a garden of fragrance which you can consider exploring. Also, if you’re coming with your child, this can be an opportunity for children to know more about nature and its wonders. Several schools also bring their students for educational tours.

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Garden Of Silence

Located at a distance of 7 km from the Chandigarh Bus station, the Garden of Silence came about in the pursuit of a unique aim. This garden is not packed to the rafters with hundreds of plants, birds, or flowers. Instead, it is a meditative garden that offers a magnificent view of the Shivalik Range. The garden houses the idol of the seated Buddha in the middle, who is said to circulate positive energies in the environment. The Garden of Silence has emerged as a popular tourist attraction. Every year, thousands of people visit here to spend some time alone, meditate, and possibly connect with the supreme being. The surrounding areas are full of greenery and fresh air, making it a perfect place to sit, relax, and meditate. If you feel you need a break from life, visit the beautiful Garden of Silence.

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Japanese Garden

Located 5.5 Km away from the Chandigarh bus station, the Japanese Garden is one of the most recently inaugurated gardens to attract thousands of tourists every year. This garden is unique in terms of the hints it drops at Japanese culture. Employing Japanese architecture, this garden was developed at a cost of Rs. 6 crores. The garden boasts of lakes, pagodas, waterfalls, a centre for meditation, and an idol of Buddha. While walking down the Japanese Garden, you would also come across exquisite wooden bridges built over the water bodies. Every element of the garden is imbued with the Japanese flavour. A wide variety of colourful, vibrant flowers, lush green gardens, and the fresh feel they exude add to the overall experience.

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Rock Garden

Chandigarh is a destination that offers a wide variety of tourist spots and the Rock Garden is one of the most famous ones among them. The garden features beautiful art objects which are carefully fashioned from urban and industrial waste. It is located between the Rock Garden of Chandigarh and the Capitol Complex in Sector 1, Chandigarh. It provides visitors with the feeling of watching an open-air exhibition and navigating a miniature maze at the same time! It houses a surreal arrangement of broken chinaware, rocks, boulders; broken and discarded fluorescent tubes; glass bangles; building waste; monkeys, soldiers, women, and temples made of coal and clay! If you're someone who loves to explore the beautiful in the mundane, make sure you visit the Rock Garden.

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Sukhna Lake

If you want to experience the serenity of Chandigarh, visit Sukhna Lake. There are so many activities near the lake that you can do. Be it for a family picnic or a boating activity, Sukhna lake is a must-visit place with your loved ones.

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Terraced Garden

The Terraced Garden is a popular spot among tourists as well as locals in Chandigarh. The attraction boasts a wide variety of colourful, vibrant flowers. The place was established in 1979, and since then, it has gained immense popularity. It is spread over an area of 10 acres. The lush green gardens and the fresh feel of flowers add to the overall experience. While walking down the Terraced Garden, you will come across a musical fountain which only turns off when the sun is setting. If you’re someone who loves to explore nature, the Terraced Garden in Chandigarh would prove to be heaven! Make sure you carry comfortable shoes with you as the trip includes a lot of walking.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are approximately 20 flights between Chandigarh to Kochi. However, nearly all these are connecting flights. No direct flights between the two cities operate currently.

Yes, Chandigarh and Mohali Airports are the same, with the former terminal catering to domestic flights and the latter catering to both domestic and international flights.

To get cheap air tickets, you need to consider the date, ticket availability, and the airline. The prices seem to be higher during the holiday or peak season. Generally, the cheapest flight from Chandigarh to Kochi is on weekdays. It is also cheap when you book tickets well in advance of your travel date.

The flight distance between Chandigarh to Kochi is 2284.58 km.

Yes, you can ask the security for the wheelchair or request one during ticket booking.

The cheapest flights can cost up to Rs. 8,000 when booked using coupon codes and discount deals on online flight ticket booking platforms.

The code for Chandigarh Airport is IXC, and the code for Cochin International Airport is COK.

It depends on the airline and travel class. Most domestic flights allow 7 kg of hand luggage and 15 kg of checked luggage.

Visit the official airline websites and fill in the information like the city of departure and arrival and PNR number with the last name to select the seat and meals.

Currently, there are no direct flights from Chandigarh to Kochi. You can book the cheapest flight from Chandigarh to Kochi with one stop at Delhi.

Yes. Cochin International Airport has a visitors area at the departures of the international terminal (T3).

Cochin International Airport was built with a partnership between Cochin International Airport Limited and the Kerala Government.

The address of Chandigarh international airport is New Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh International Airport, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306.

Chandigarh Airport has two terminals. One terminal caters to domestic flights. Another one is for international flights.
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Airport Information

Kochi Kochi Airport PO Nedumbassery Kochi : 683111. Kerala ,India

Chandigarh New Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh International Airport, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306