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Kochi to Pune Flights

Thinking of booking a Kochi to Pune Flight? Adani One allows you to book flights to various cities in no time. In addition, it provides you with great offers and discounts on flight bookings. You can choose a flight according to your convenience, whether it is a Kochi to Pune flight or vice versa. Adani One also has an airfare calendar with fares for Kochi to Pune on different dates. The airfare calendar is very beneficial in planning your holiday at your convenience. You can also avail of huge discounts, cashback and offers on your Kochi to Pune flight in just one go.

There are many Kochi to Pune flight options available from Kochi Airport. These options include direct and one-stop flights. There is one direct Kochi to Pune flight operated by IndiGo daily. Another airline operating on this route is AirAsia. However, it does not have a direct Kochi to Pune flight option.

Flights from Kochi to Pune


About Pune Airport

Pune Airport lies around 10 km northeast of the centre of Pune. It is a customs airport and a civil enclave operated by India's Airports Authority. It lies on the western side of the Indian Air Force's Lohegaon Air Force Station.

The airport operates domestic and international flights. The Pune Airport handled around 8.09 million passengers in 2020. The Airports International Council awarded the Pune Airport the Best Airport by Hygiene Measures in the entire Asia-Pacific in 2020.

Pune Airport has a 2,540 m long runway with a 10/28 orientation. IAF uses a former secondary runway as the taxiway. AAI has also developed a 2200m x 23 m parallel taxiway to facilitate civil operation on the 10/28 southern side runway. Currently, IAF and AAI work on an understanding where they have scheduled night landings for civilian flights.

pune airport
About Pune

Pune, also known as Poona, lies in Maharashtra at the junction of the Mutha and Mula. Pune is often called the "Queen of the Deccan."

Pune gained importance in the 17th century as the Bhonsle Marathas' capital city. Pune now is a famous tourist resort with various historical and religious heritage sites, moderate climate, parks, museums, hotels, and other cultural attractions.

Pune has also been a cultural and educational centre. It was referred to as the Cambridge and Oxford of India by former Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Around 612 colleges and 307 recognised research institutes are affiliated with Pune University (1948). These colleges and institutes offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses and attract many international students because of the exceptional facilities.

Pune's Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute is known for its research in the Prakrit and Sanskrit languages. Pune also serves as the Indian Army's Southern Command headquarters and has Khadakwasla Academy in its close vicinity. The National Defence Academy is also located here.

Many industries have developed around Pune. The road from Pune to Solapur, Mumbai, Ahmednagar, and Satara has sprawling complexes of large factories producing various products. The city is connected to Mumbai via the country’s first expressway and is a very important gateway for trade and commerce in the city.

Card image cap
Aga Khan Palace

This palace was built by Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III. The palace’s architecture is beautiful. From the arches to the rooms to the garden area, all are well constructed. The palace, where the likes of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi were imprisoned, has been declared a monument of national importance.

Card image cap
Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The Pataleshwar Caves are situated in the city of Pune in Maharashtra. They were built around the 8th century. Some artefacts preserved here date back to 700-800 A.D. Located on Jangli Maharaj Road, the Pataleshwar Caves include a huge temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The central attraction of the temple is a cube-shaped room with the Linga of Shiva in the middle. There is also a museum adjoining the temple of Lord Shiva. Here, you will find a grain of rice with more than 5,000 characters and letters inscribed on it.

Card image cap
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

This museum was established by famous writer Dr. Dinkar G Kelkar, who created this in remembrance of his son, Raja. The museum exhibits several 14th-century sculptures, musical instruments, battle weaponry, and beautiful ivory, silver, and gold objects. People come here to see the unusual assortment of unique items from the past. Baba Kelkar gathered a collection of about 20,000 articles from around the world, which he donated to the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. He established the museum in honour of his son, who died when he was only seven. The museum houses a vast collection of musical instruments; paintings; Mughal lamps and antiques; paintings depicting scenes from the Ramayana; carved palace doors; terracotta, copper, and brass vessels; and a pottery collection. The museum also has statues of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati.


About Kochi Airport

Kochi airport is known as Cochin International Airport. It is an international airport serving the Kochi city in Kerala, India. It is around 25 Km northeast of the city centre at Nedumbassery.

Kochi airport is the first of its kind developed under PPP (public-private partnership) in India. The project received funding from nearly 10,000 non-residing Indians from 32 countries. The airport is owned and operated by Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL).

Kochi Airport is Kerala's biggest and busiest Airport. It is South India's 4th-largest airport. According to a 2019 survey, Kochi Airport serves Kerala's 61.8% of total air passenger movement. Kochi Airport handled more than 10.2 million passengers and 71,871 aircraft movements in 2018-19.

Kochi Airport operates one cargo terminal and three passenger terminals over 225,000 sq m. In 2015, Kochi Airport became the first fully solar-powered airport in the world. It won the coveted Champion of the Earth Award, the United Nation's highest environmental honour, in 2018 for this entrepreneurial vision. In addition, the Airports Council International awarded Kochi Airport the Best Airport in Asia-Pacific in 2020.

After Independence, the merger of India and the Kingdom of Kochi, the airport was operated by the Indian Navy. However, it allowed the facility to be used for civilian aircraft. The 1980s Gulf Economic boom necessitated international connections for expatriates working in the Middle East.

kochi airport
About Kochi

Previously known as Cochin, Kochi is an important port on the Arabian Sea's Malabar Coast. It lies in the west-central part of Kerala state. Kochi, the name of the former princely state, included Fort Cochin, Vypin Island, Ernakulam, Willingdon Island, Mattancherry and Gundu Island. The localities of Eloor, Thrikkakara, Trippunithura and Kalamassery have since been included in the city.

Kochi was a fishing village till its separation from the mainland in the 14th century by the Arabian Sea's backwaters and the Western Ghats streams descending to the east. Thus, it became India's safest southwestern coast port. As a result, the port gained new strategic importance and attained commercial prosperity.

In the late 15th century, the Portuguese reached the southwestern coast of India. Pedro Alvares Cabral, the Portuguese navigator, established their first European settlement at Kochi in 1500. In 1502, Vasco da Gama established the first Portuguese trading station in Kochi. In 1503, Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese viceroy, built the first European fort in Kochi. In 1663, the Dutch captured the port from the Portuguese.

Kochi gained prosperity under Dutch rule (1663-1975). Cardamom, pepper and other spices, along with coconut, coir and dried coconut, were shipped through Kochi harbour.

The British ruled Kochi from 1795 to 1947. At the beginning of the 20th century, the construction of ship repair yards, a modern dry dock port and Willingdon Island took place. After Independence, Kochi became the Indian Navy's major training centre. In 1972, the Cochin Shipyard was established as the country’s largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility.

The inland waterway running parallel to Kochi's coast provides cheap transportation and encourages trade. The deepwater harbour is open throughout the year. A railway connects it with Ernakulam.

Card image cap
Cherai Beach

Situated at Vypeen Island's northern tip, the Cherai Beach provides stunning views of the setting sun. Palm trees and a huge area of the vibrant ocean make the beach an appealing site to spend an evening.

Card image cap
Hill Palace

The Hill Palace Museum, around 10 Km from Kochi, was the official palace of the former emperors of Kochi. Built in 1865, it is known as Kerala’s first-ever heritage museum. The palace complex is made up of 49 buildings and is surrounded by 52 acres of terraced land. This spot attracts visitors who are in the area because of attractions such as a cultural museum and a deer park. A great number of plants, especially uncommon varieties with medicinal qualities, can be found in the grounds’ garden. The museum, which houses paintings, weapons, jewellery, sculptures, coins, and furniture, portrays the exuberance of the monarchy that ruled over the region from the palace.

Card image cap
Marine Drive

The sea view from Kochi's Marine Drive is one of the city's top attractions. The promenade is designed to face the backwaters, making it very scenic. It is a popular hangout spot for the locals.

Card image cap
Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Fort

The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is located in Fort Kochi. In this gorgeous Roman Catholic church, along with the stunning stained glass windows, there are frescoes on the columns and seven enormous canvas paintings. Beautifully painted depictions of Christ’s Via Crucis can be found on the ceiling. This magnificent structure features two tall spires that welcome visitors even from afar. The outside is white-washed, while the interior is in pastels. With its massive arches and awe-inspiring altar, the church’s interior is designed in the Gothic style. The renowned Italian painter Fr Antonio Moscheni and his student De Gama of Mangalore adorned the main altar.

Frequently Asked Questions

The address of Pune Airport is New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032.

The address of Kochi Airport is PO Nedumbassery, Kochi: 683111, Kerala, India.

Pune Airport is around 12 Km from the city centre. It takes about 30 mins to reach the Airport from the city centre.

Pune Airport is around 35 Km from the city centre.

You can reach Pune Airport from the city centre using the bus or cab service. The nearest bus station to the Pune airport is the Lohegaon Airport stop.

You can reach Kochi Airport from the city either using a prepaid airport taxi or a city bus. There is also a feeder service to the airport from the Aluva Metro station.

The Indian Air Force owns Pune Airport.

Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) owns and operates the Kochi Airport.

The IATA code for Pune Airport is PNQ and for Kochi Airport is COK.

The name of Kochi Airport is Cochin International Airport.

Yes, one direct Kochi to Pune flight is operational between the two cities.

The direct Kochi to Pune flight and the direct Pune to Kochi flight operate past midnight and reach their destinations before dawn.

IndiGo operates the direct Kochi to Pune flight.

The time taken by a direct Kochi to Pune flight is around 2 hours.

The baggage allowance on Kochi to Pune flight is 7 Kg cabin baggage and 15 Kg check-in baggage.
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Airport Information

Pune New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032

Kochi Kochi Airport PO Nedumbassery Kochi : 683111. Kerala ,India