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Chandigarh to Raipur Flights

Book the cheapest Chandigarh to Raipur Flights with Adani!

There are no direct flights from Chandigarh to Raipur. However, there are more than 70 connecting flights from Chandigarh to Raipur every week, with different departure timings. You can find all the necessary information regarding Chandigarh to Raipur flights in this guide.

Flights from Chandigarh to Raipur


About Raipur Airport

Raipur Airport, officially known as Swami Vivekananda International Airport, is the main and the busiest airport in Chattisgarh. The airport is 16 km from the Raipur city centre and 10 km from Naya Raipur. It has been ranked as India's 28th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic. The airport has a single terminal that handles both the arrival and departure operations. This terminal has eight gates, two aero-bridges, four security counters, three conveyor belts, 20 check-in counters, and eight X-ray baggage machines. The airport offers basic amenities, such as Wi-Fi, mobile charging points, and drinking water. It is well-connected to multiple nearby cities via road, rail, and air. Besides, Swami Vivekananda International Airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the country.

COVID-19 Information

Know more

There are specific guidelines that one needs to follow while travelling amidst the pandemic. With each state government having prescribed particular guidelines for passengers arriving in their state, it is important to be aware of those before starting your journey. While taking a flight from Chandigarh to Raipur, make sure to adhere to the following basic regulations:

Follow these guidelines while travelling:
General Principal test

If you're flying out of or into one of India's metro cities, here are some general prin… Read More

Arogya Setu App
Aarogya Setu App

The Aarogya Setu App must be downloaded and activated on the phone of the traveller

Mask On
Mask Worn

At all times, a mask must be worn.

Every airline sets specific rules regarding the number of bags one can carry and the possible related charges. Most airlines have defined specific security guidelines for passenger luggage. These include a list of items passengers are allowed to bring on a flight, packing tips, and other relevant baggage-related information.

As per the general guidelines, passengers can carry only one check-in bag not exceeding the weight limit as stated by respective airlines. You can drop your check-in bag at the counters before obtaining your boarding pass. On most domestic flights, the standard baggage weight allowed per passenger is 15 kg (1 piece only).

Hand Baggage Information

Each airline has limits on the number and weight of carry-on luggage. The carry-on baggage allowances can vary according to the airline you are flying with. According to the general guidelines, one handbag weighing up to 7 kg and measuring not more than 115 cm (L+W+H) is allowed per passenger.

In addition to the one piece of hand baggage permitted, you are allowed an additional personal item such as a purse or a small laptop bag (up to or less than 3 kg). For security and safety purposes, passengers will be asked to keep their bags under the seat or in the overhead bin.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Hassle-free Flying Experience
  • Make sure to not carry liquids in containers that are over 100 ml.
  • Keep important documents, medical prescriptions, cash, cards, expensive items, and other essentials in your handbag.
  • Remember to carry medical prescriptions if you have metallic medical equipment that can trigger the metal detectors.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID and the boarding pass as they will be checked thoroughly before entering the airport.
  • Laptops, power banks and lithium batteries are to be kept in separate packs. They will be removed during security checks, so ensure they are easily accessible. Those items are not allowed in check-in bags.
  • Knives, sharp objects and cutting instruments of any size and shape are not allowed in carry-on bags. They must be packed in checked baggage.
  • Avoid carrying prohibited and unsafe objects.
  • Reach the airport in time to avoid rushing in at the last minute. Usually, reaching the airport 2 hours before domestic flights' departure is recommended.
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended to prevent false security alerts, and keep a note of your belongings in your carry on bags. Notify the security if you find anything suspicious.
About Raipur

Raipur is the capital city of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is the administrative centre of the Raipur district and division and the biggest city in the state. In the 14th century AD, a Kalchuri King named Ram Chandra had founded the city. Tourists come from all over the world to visit Raipur, which is an ideal place to interact with local tribal people and explore the culture of the city. It has a lot of important historical museums as well as art galleries and religious places that show how much it has changed over time. Raipur is also known as the "Rice Bowl of India", as many varieties of rice are cultivated here. This beautiful city has the Mahanadi River on one side and the Maikal Hills on the other. There are many lakes in the city, and the most notable is Burha Lake. Raipur also has a vibrant ecosystem for arts and culture.

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Nandanvan Garden

Spanning over 800 acres of land, the Nandan Van Zoo thrives with Raipur’s flora and fauna. The zoo was established to protect these species, some of which are endangered. The Safari rides are the zoo’s most significant highlight, which take visitors through the open habitats of wild herbivores, carnivores, and diverse birds. Some animals you can see here (if you are lucky) are Blue bulls, tigers and lions, leopards and jackals, and even Himalayan and Albino bears. The enclosures in the zoo are well-maintained, and the animals are properly fed and looked after. After all the excitement from the safaris, visitors can embark on a leisurely boat ride on the Khandwa Reservoir.

Card image cap
Purkhauti Muktangan

Purkhauti Muktangan in Uparwara, Chattisgarh, is a popular tourist spot where one can understand more about the local tribal culture. Spread over more than 20 hectares, this open museum offers a glimpse into the habitat, artefacts, food habits and folk dances of the state's tribal communities. Dedicated to the 34 tribes of Chhattisgarh, its premises feature life-like figures of tribal performances and folk art forms. With a plethora of items on display, tourists can spend their entire day exploring the Muktangan. Considered a great picnic spot, Purkhauti Muktangan is known for allowing visitors to experience all of Chattisgarh under one roof.

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Swami Vivekanand Sarovar

Located in Raipur, this lake is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Swami Vivekananda Sarovar is also called Burha Talab, which means old lake. Surrounded by verdant greenery- palm trees, in particular- this is the perfect picnic spot for tourists. Many people go jogging or take walks around the lake to enjoy the natural beauty of Swami Vivekananda Sarovar and its surrounding area. The park’s main attraction is a magnificent giant statue of Swami Vivekananda. It is open throughout the year and provides free entry for everyone. Many devotees of Swami Vivekananda find their way here to enjoy the park's calm and tranquillity.

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Ghatarani Waterfalls

Ghatarani Waterfalls, located 85 km from Raipur, is one of Chhattisgarh's biggest waterfalls. It is known for its lush vegetation and scenic environment, making it a tourist's favourite picnic location. There is a Jatmai Temple near the falls and a temple dedicated to the Goddess Ghatarani. The cascade, covered by a dense forest, can be accessed after a short hike. The waterfall, surrounded by vegetation, cascades over the stone cliff, generating milky white foam. The magnificence of the stunning waterfall captivates people, and many devotees come here to seek the blessings of God Jatmai and Goddess Ghatarani.

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Rabindra Kanan

Rabindra Kanan is located about 3 Km from the main city of Agartala, close to Raj Bhavan. Well connected by road and rail, Rabindra Kanan is easy to reach. Rabindra Kanan is famous for its spectacular landscapes. Many wildlife photographers can be seen taking photographs of the various colourful blooms. Regarding its history, Rabindra Kanan was formally built as a private park for king Birendra Kishore Manikya of Agartala. It is also said that he used to plant marigold flowers in this garden. The prime highlight of Rabindra Kanan is towering trees and beautiful flowers. Apart from this natural beauty, it is also famous for puppet shows.

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Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is located 28 Km from Agartala city. This haven of biodiversity, spread across 18.53 Km2, is home to several wildlife species. It is also a research centre. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary’s tourist attractions include a stunning view of rubber and coffee plantations, boating on the lake, and a joy ride on the toy railway. The reserve also has a few decent tourist bungalows. Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary includes Clouded Leopard National Park. At this wildlife sanctuary, you may spot macaques, spectacled leaf monkeys, slow lorises, capped langurs, leopards, civets, jungle fowl, and deer, among other animals. This wildlife sanctuary also houses avian species such as the whistling teal, white ibis, and winged stork.

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Ujjayanta Palace

Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala was once a royal palace of Tripura. Built in 1901, it boasts tiled flooring, carved oak ceilings, and exquisite doors. Rabindranath Tagore, a frequent visitor to Tripura, gave the palace its name. The Public Halls, Throne Room, Library, Chinese Room, Durbar Hall, and Reception Hall are some of the rooms within the palace. It was once used as a meeting spot for the Tripura Legislative Assembly (till 2011). Now, however, it serves solely as a museum for tourists. The palace is situated by a lake, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of the Mughal gardens. This beautiful palace features multiple Hindu temples devoted to the goddesses Lakshmi Narayan, Kali, Jagannath, and Uma-Maheshwari, spread over 28 hectares of parkland. One of Northeast India’s largest museums, with an area of over 800 acres in the capital city, it showcases the local art, traditions, lifestyle, utility crafts, and culture.

Card image cap

Unakoti, a popular tourist destination in Tripura, is a historical pilgrimage centre that draws visitors and devotees from all over the world. The Unakoti Tirtha is approximately 180 Km from Tripura’s capital, Agartala, and about 8 Km from Kailashahar town’s sub-divisional headquarters. Unakoti is home to many of India’s gods and goddesses, as well as carvings and sculptures. For a place with such religious and spiritual significance, it is only fitting that it also be home to rich flora and natural beauty. Many of the art forms here represent Lord Shiva’s life, as well as other Hindu mythological figures. There are also rock sculptures of Nandi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ram, and Lord Ganpati. The topography and natural features of the area make Unakoti a fantastic spot for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. On the holy occasions of Ashokashtami, Shivratri, and Makar Sankranti, mass gatherings of devotees take place here. You can reach Unakoti by taking a taxi or renting a car from Agartala city.

Best Time to Visit Raipur
The best time to visit Raipur is from October to February. During this period, the temperature remains in a comfortable range of 14 °C to 28 °C. You can also plan to visit during the monsoon to see popular festivals like Teej, Pola, Hareli, and Champaran Mela.


About Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh International Airport is operated by the Indian Air Force and the Airports Authority of India. Spread over an area of 53000 sq. metres, the airport can handle around 4.5 million passengers annually. Chandigarh Airport primarily serves the union territory of Chandigarh and the cities of Mohali and Panchkula in Punjab and Haryana, respectively. An interesting fact about the airport is its runway is located in the union territory of Chandigarh, while the terminal is located in the village of Jhiurheri, Mohali. It is a one-of-a-kind terminal and is known for its eco-friendly theme. It has been built to look like a botanical garden. The airport offers several services such as self-boarding kiosk stations, currency exchange counters, free medical facilities, child care areas, and wheelchairs. Chandigarh Airport caters to airlines like IndiGo, Air India, Go First, and Vistar

Chandigarh Airport
About Chandigarh
Chandigarh is a Union Territory and is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the Sivalik range of the Himalayas. The city derives its name from Chandi Mandir. It is one of the earliest planned cities, designed by legendary French architect Le Corbusier. Also known as "City Beautiful", Chandigarh is famous internationally for its architecture and urban designs and has the highest per capita income in the country. The urban landscape of Chandigarh is represented with gorgeous boulevards, stunning lakes, well-maintained gardens, and roads. Sukhna Lake is one of the most pristine places in Chandigarh, popular for boating. Leisure Valley and Rock Garden are other major attractions of Chandigarh, which draw tourists to the city. Besides, Chandigarh is renowned for being one of the cleanest cities in the country. Surrounded by forests and nature, the city is a tourist's paradise.
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Botanical Garden

Located in the heart of the city, the botanical garden in Chandigarh is famously known worldwide for preserving rare plants. The botanical garden is a delight for nature photographers as this place gives them enough options to be creative. The garden is spread over 176 acres of land. It's located 7.9 km away from the Chandigarh bus station and 26km from the Chandigarh airport. People from all over the globe visit the botanical garden to witness its beauty. Apart from plants and flowers, the place also houses rare birds such as hornbills, wood ducks, golden pheasants, etc. The garden is also famous for growing a wide variety of rare plants and developing an atmosphere for them. There are other tourist spots near the botanical garden, such as a hibiscus garden and a garden of fragrance which you can consider exploring. Also, if you’re coming with your child, this can be an opportunity for children to know more about nature and its wonders. Several schools also bring their students for educational tours.

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Japanese Garden

Located 5.5 Km away from the Chandigarh bus station, the Japanese Garden is one of the most recently inaugurated gardens to attract thousands of tourists every year. This garden is unique in terms of the hints it drops at Japanese culture. Employing Japanese architecture, this garden was developed at a cost of Rs. 6 crores. The garden boasts of lakes, pagodas, waterfalls, a centre for meditation, and an idol of Buddha. While walking down the Japanese Garden, you would also come across exquisite wooden bridges built over the water bodies. Every element of the garden is imbued with the Japanese flavour. A wide variety of colourful, vibrant flowers, lush green gardens, and the fresh feel they exude add to the overall experience.

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Rock Garden

Chandigarh is a destination that offers a wide variety of tourist spots and the Rock Garden is one of the most famous ones among them. The garden features beautiful art objects which are carefully fashioned from urban and industrial waste. It is located between the Rock Garden of Chandigarh and the Capitol Complex in Sector 1, Chandigarh. It provides visitors with the feeling of watching an open-air exhibition and navigating a miniature maze at the same time! It houses a surreal arrangement of broken chinaware, rocks, boulders; broken and discarded fluorescent tubes; glass bangles; building waste; monkeys, soldiers, women, and temples made of coal and clay! If you're someone who loves to explore the beautiful in the mundane, make sure you visit the Rock Garden.

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Sukhna Lake

If you want to experience the serenity of Chandigarh, visit Sukhna Lake. There are so many activities near the lake that you can do. Be it for a family picnic or a boating activity, Sukhna lake is a must-visit place with your loved ones.

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Terraced Garden

The Terraced Garden is a popular spot among tourists as well as locals in Chandigarh. The attraction boasts a wide variety of colourful, vibrant flowers. The place was established in 1979, and since then, it has gained immense popularity. It is spread over an area of 10 acres. The lush green gardens and the fresh feel of flowers add to the overall experience. While walking down the Terraced Garden, you will come across a musical fountain which only turns off when the sun is setting. If you’re someone who loves to explore nature, the Terraced Garden in Chandigarh would prove to be heaven! Make sure you carry comfortable shoes with you as the trip includes a lot of walking.

Video Guide from Chandigarh to Raipur

Frequently Asked Questions

More than 70 flights operate from Chandigarh to Raipur in a week.

There is no direct flight between Chandigarh and Raipur.

The first flight from Chandigarh to Raipur, IndiGo 6E-6473, departs at 6:15 am.

The last flight from Chandigarh to Raipur, Vistara UK-707, departs at 3:25 pm.

IndiGo has the maximum number of flights from Chandigarh to Raipur.

The name of the Raipur airport is Swami Vivekananda International Airport, and its code is RPR. The name of the Chandigarh airport is Chandigarh International Airport, and its code is IXC.

All flights between Chandigarh and Raipur are operating normally. However, it is essential to follow the health protocols and check with your airline beforehand.

Usually, airlines allow passengers to carry their food on the aircraft. However, it is best to confirm with your airline before travelling.

You can visit the official website of your airline or call their customer care representative to check your booking status.

No, you can obtain it at the airport too. However, it is highly advisable to do it online beforehand.

You can approach the staff of the airline that you have travelled with and provide your boarding pass and details of the lost baggage.
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Airport Information

Raipur Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India 492015

Chandigarh New Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh International Airport, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306