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Delhi to Bellary Flights

Delhi to Bellary Flights

Need to travel from Delhi to Bellary? Adani One is your one-stop flight ticket booking portal. Adani One helps you select the most suitable flight for your journey, thanks to its comprehensive airfare calendar. All major domestic airlines are listed on Adani One. You can book flight tickets directly on Adani One using the easy-to-navigate process. Adani also regularly updates its flight offers, discounts, and deals so you can pick the best bargain. And don't forget to book return tickets if you have decided on your dates - airlines give the best bargains on them! Book today to take advantage of Adani One’s best offers! Currently, there are no flights available from Delhi to Bellary. Although Bellary has a domestic airport, commercial flights are not currently operated from there. The easiest way to get from Delhi to Bellary is to fly to Bengaluru and then drive from there to Bellary (290 km ). The travel time from Bengaluru International Airport to Bellary is around 5 hr 10 min. There are approximately 67 flights each day between Delhi and Bengaluru. Of these, 32 are connecting flights and 35 are direct flights.

Flights from Delhi to Bellary


About Bellary Airport

Kempegowda International Airport (IATA code: BLR) serves Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka. Located around 34 km from the city centre , it is spread over 4,000 acres. The airport is named after Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore . It has the distinction of being the first airport in Karnataka that runs on solar energy . Kempegowda International Airport is the busiest airport in southern India and the third-largest in India in terms of passenger traffic and air traffic movement. In 2018-19 , the airport handled 33.3 million passengers. It has two runways and a single integrated terminal for domestic as well as international flights. The airport utilises ultra-modern technology that includes contactless passenger processing that checks flight tickets, self-bag drops, and biometric-based boarding counters . It has direct flights to more than 60 domestic destinations and is connected to around 14 international cities . It has executed many eco-friendly projects that have put it at the forefront of water management, net-zero carbon emissions, community-aligned noise management, circular economy, sustainable procurement, and sustainable mobility . The airport has world-class VIP lounges; live food counters; a variety of F&B service options; and free Wi-Fi facilities. It also offers a premier duty-free shopping experience for travellers . The airport houses retail outlets for apparel and accessories and a transit hotel for travellers' convenience. Things to Keep in Mind for a Hassle-free Flying Experience. Do not carry any items that are prohibited or dangerous. Put all the carry-on liquids in 100 ml or smaller containers. Be aware of all the contents of your baggage. Purchase travel insurance so that you are covered in case of a mishap or accident. Keep all your medication, important documents, cash, and valuable items in your hand baggage. Carry a medical prescription if required.Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight's departure time - at least two hours for domestic flights and four hours for international ones.Keep your laptop, extra lithium batteries, power banks, and other items close at hand because they will need to be taken out for the security check. Do not place them in your checked-in baggage.Carry a printed copy of your e-ticket along with a photo ID; they will be checked at the airport entrance.Bring proof of any metallic medical implants you may have because these could trigger the security check alarms.You must alert the security personnel right away if you ever notice anything suspicious while flying or at the airport. Attach name tags to your check-in baggage or tie a band around the handle. This will help you identify your bag easily. Never carry a drone on the flight if you do not have permission to do so. Even if your airline allows you to carry the same, ensure that you keep its batteries separately in a handbag. Otherwise, the airport authority has the right to confiscate the drone. One of the easiest ways to make your flight less stressful is to obtain complimentary access to an airport lounge. It is preferable to pass the time between flights in a lounge as opposed to a waiting room at the airport. Download the Aarogya Setup to your smartphone. Bring extra face masks in case you misplace the one you're wearing.

About Bellary

Bellary is a city located near the famous tourist destination of Hampi in the state of Karnataka. Bellary is famous for its historical monuments and forts. The city is home to the stunning Bellary Fort, which is located high on Fort Hill, or Ballari Gudda, a large monolithic hill. Close to it is the Kumbara Gudda, or Face Hill, so named because, when viewed from the southeastern side, it resembles the face of a human being. Minerals like manganese ore, iron ore, copper, gold, granite, lead, asbestos, limestone, quartz, and dolomite are particularly abundant in Bellary. The Neolithic Sanganakallu-Kupgal archaeological site , which goes back between 5,000 and 10,000 years , is among the other points of interest in Bellary. The Sanganakallu-Kupgal region was home to one of Asia's earliest settlements .


About Delhi Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport serves Delhi and surrounding cities in northern India, specifically the National Capital Region (NCR). There are three terminals at Delhi Airport. The airport serves as a hub for airlines like IndiGo, Vistara, Go First, SpiceJet, AirAsia, and Air India. The airport is situated in Delhi's Palam neighborhood and spans 5,106 acres. It has direct flights to more than 70 domestic cities apart from a host of major international destinations. The Delhi airport IATA code is DEL and is located 15 km southwest of the New Delhi Railway Station and 16 km from the city centre. Delhi Airport has exclusive VIP lounges, high-end retail stores, various casual dining restaurants, coffee shops, snack bars, baggage services, a wheelchair facility, ATMs and foreign exchange services, hospital, hotel, and even an oxygen bar. Different modes of transportation are available to reach the airport from the city; the best and the most convenient way would be either a pre-paid taxi that you could book at the airport or app-based cabs that are readily available from any part of the city. You can also catch the bus or train, or use the Delhi Metro service.

About Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is an intriguing mix of its illustrious past and its cutting-edge present. Delhi is a mega city that consists of Old Delhi and New Delhi. While Old Delhi is known for its history and Mughal-era monuments, New Delhi is the modern capital of India. In short, Delhi has a vibrant modernity that blends seamlessly with its history and cultural heritage. Delhi's historical landmarks, vibrant lifestyle, and world-class cuisine attract a large number of domestic and international tourists each year. Delhi's gastronomic identity is shaped by the enormous variety of delicious street food available in the city. Exploring this lovely city is a fun and exciting activity that will undoubtedly help you create lifelong memories. The juxtaposition of heritage architecture and historical landmarks with the abundance of food courts, retail stores, shopping malls, and modern buildings never fails to amaze and impress visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delhi Airport is well-equipped to serve passengers with decreased mobility and particular requirements. There are wheelchair facilities as well for those requiring assistance.

No. Alcohol cannot be carried in your cabin baggage. However, permitted quantities of liquor are allowed in the check-in baggage . Please go through the list of prohibited items before boarding a flight.

Yes. You can carry your laptop with you on flight.

You are permitted to travel with your medication . To avoid any issues later, bring a prescription with you as well .

You can approach the airline’s staff and present your boarding pass and information about your lost luggage.

There are no flights from Delhi to Bellary. Flying to Bengaluru and then driving to Bellary is the easiest way to get from Delhi to Bellary. There are around 67 flights operating between Delhi and Bengaluru daily.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport has three terminals: T1, T2, and T3

No. That isn't necessary. However, it is recommended that you pay a minimal insurance fee to ensure your security on your Delhi to Bengaluru flight.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport has a baby room that includes a nursing station, as well as a children’s play area and baby strollers.

The IATA airport codes for Delhi and Bengaluru are DEL and BLR , respectively.

The amount of baggage that a passenger can carry with them depends on the airline they opt for. The standard allowance for passengers is 15 kg of checked-in luggage and 7 kg of hand luggage per person.

It is advised that you get to the airport two hours prior to take-off if you are catching a domestic flight. For an international flight, you should arrive at the airport four hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure time.

Bellary is well-known for the Kumaraswami Temple at Sandur, a protected monument, as well as the ancient city of Sirugappa , which is near the Bellary Fort.
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Airport Information

Bellary Bellary Airport (BEP), Cantonment, Bellary, Karnataka, India

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, Palam, New Delhi, 110037