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Delhi to Kozhikode Flights

Delhi to Kozhikode Flights

Adani One can help you. The one-stop platform lets you get the best offers from reliable airlines by displaying weekly travel schedules depending on your selected dates. The portal also offers cashback and discounts, which can help you locate the best deals. Adani One will provide you with a specific airfare calendar to assist you with selecting the best route, whether a flight from Delhi to Kozhikode or a return ticket from Kozhikode to Delhi: Select the flight that offers the best price, cashback, or convenience. The offers and discounts for flights are continuously updated. We advise booking a return ticket to take advantage of the reductions offered if you have a specific arrival date. IndiGo and Air India Airlines operate two direct flights and many connecting flights from Delhi to Kozhikode. The shortest flight takes around 3 hours and 5 minutes. The connecting flights have a layover in Mumbai. Depending upon layover time, their flight duration ranges between 4 and 15 hours. When booking your flight online with Adani One, look for air ticket specials, cashback alternatives, and special deals and discounts.

Flights from Delhi to Kozhikode


About Kozhikode Airport

Kozhikode Airport, often called Calicut International Airport or Karipur Airport, serves Malappuram and Kozhikode, both cities in the Indian state of Kerala. CCJ is its IATA code. The distance between Malappuram and Karipur, home to the Calicut International Airport, is 25 km and 28 km, respectively, from the Kozhikode city centre. The Kozhikode Calicut International Airport saw 3,229,910 passengers in 2019 and 2020. A single integrated terminal serves the airport. The Kozhikode airport offers a wide range of amenities and services, including ATMs, currency exchange, duty-free stores, baby care services, restaurants, shops, an information desk, prayer rooms, and medical services. Additionally, the airport has excellent transportation options, allowing travellers to choose between buses, taxis, rental cars, and rickshaws based on convenience.

About Kozhikode

The second-best place to live in India is Kozhikode, which is located in the most picturesque state in the nation. Beautiful beaches, parks, temples, cathedrals, reserves, hillocks, museums, wildlife, sculptures, rivers, and much more can be found in this charming city, popularly known as Calicut. It serves as Kerala's primary commercial and trade centre. Kozhikode's festivals and spices are also well-known. It attracts traders from all over the world with its exquisite spices and other products. Kozhikode has dominated the trade in pepper and other spices since the 13th century, transforming it into an "Indian Emporium" of international trade. As long as there have been travellers, the city has drawn tourists. Thanks to its attractive physical attributes and wealth, it stands out significantly more than any other city. This place became one of the Malabar region's most important ports for trading goods between Europe and India, including spices, silk, and other items, after Vasco Da Gama arrived in 1498. The landscape in Kozhikode is marshy. Because of this, Kozhikode is popularly referred to as the "shrubby jungle" or "Chullikkad" on a global scale.


About Delhi Airport

The single airport serving the city of New Delhi is Delhi Airport (IATA: DEL), popularly known as Indira Gandhi International Airport and IGI Airport. Regarding passenger and freight traffic, the airport is the busiest in India. It is situated at Palam, 16 km from the heart of New Delhi and 15 km from the train station. The airport at Indira Gandhi International has three parallel runways. The following terminals are located at the Indira Gandhi International Airport: The airport's oldest facility, Terminal 1, handles domestic travel. The largest terminal in the world, IGI Terminal T3, was inaugurated in 2010 and could handle 34 million people annually. And all the international flights, along with some domestic flights, are operated by this terminal. Many facilities are provided at the airport, like duty-free shops, telecommunication services, buses, taxis, booking hotels, tours, and more.

About Delhi

Delhi is a city where the old and the new coexist perfectly, serving as a reminder of the nation's illustrious history and prosperous present. The city, the setting for millions of dreams, assumes tremendous duties in bringing people together and stimulating their minds. The British shifted the capital of their empire from Kolkata to Delhi in 1911; since then, it has served as India's capital. With a long history, Delhi exemplifies both traditional culture and a fast-modernised nation. Its lengthy history may be seen in the numerous meticulously maintained structures, historic forts, and tombs that bear witness to the location of multiple strong empires in the past. The best aspects of a modern metropolis, such as a metro system, lively markets, and excellent restaurants, are blended with all this. The past and contemporary coexist together, incorporating centuries-old landmarks into city life.

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Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

One of the most significant Sikh gurdwaras, or Sikh houses of worship, is Bangla Sahib, located in Delhi, India. It is well-known for its connections to Guru Har Krishan, the eighth Sikh Guru, and the pool inside its complex is referred to as the "Sarovar." During the rule of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Alam II, it was initially constructed as a tiny temple by Sikh General Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783. He also oversaw the construction of nine Sikh temples in Delhi that same year.

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India Gate

In New Delhi, along the Rajpath, stands the war memorial known as India Gate. The 82,000 Indian and British soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War are honoured by this monument. India Gate is magnificent when the fountain is lit in colour at night. Additionally, it also houses the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

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Lotus Temple

One of the seven Baha'i Houses of Worship that are spread out around the globe is the Lotus Temple. One of the most popular places in the world is known for its gorgeous white petal lotus architecture.

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Qutub Minar

The second-tallest monument in Delhi is Qutub Minar, which is 72.5 metres (238 feet) tall. Qutub Minar is a minaret or victory tower situated in the Mehrauli neighbourhood of Delhi's Qutub complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vast, verdant lawns of the Qutub compound are a well-liked picnic area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, duty-free shops are available at Delhi airport.

The Malabar Coast is home to Kozhikode Beach, also called Calicut Beach. The location has long been well-known for holding public gatherings. Mahatma Gandhi visited Calicut in 1934, and after his visit, the beach road was given the name "Gandhi Road."

To get around the city, Delhi offers various modes of transport like the metro, DTC buses, rickshaws, Ola/ Uber (0-taxis), etc. 

The most extensive shopping areas in Delhi are Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, Dilli Haat, and Sarojini Nagar.

Many facilities are provided at the airport, like duty-free shops, telecommunication services, buses, taxis, booking hotels, tours, and more. 

Many facilities and services are provided by Kozhikode airport, like ATMs, currency exchange, duty-free shops, baby care facilities, restaurants, shops, information desks, prayer rooms, medical services, etc. 

Some famous sightseeing places in Delhi are India Gate, Red Fort, CP, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk, etc. 

The famous sightseeing places in Kozhikode are Thikkoti Light House, Backwaters, Kozhippara Falls, Kozhikode Beach, Sweet street (Mithai Theravu), Kappad Beach, etc.

The IATA code of Kozhikode airport is CCJ, whereas the IATA code of Delhi airport is DEL.

Kozhikode is currently one of Kerala's best cities. This city charms its residents and visitors with its lush green countryside, peaceful beaches, historic attractions, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, and hills. Kozhikode is a beautiful destination for everyone with its culture and welcoming atmosphere.

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March due to the moderate temperature. However, some weeks from late November to January should be avoided due to significant haze coverage. For outdoor excursions, February and March feature excellent weather and comparatively pure air.

With 315807 individuals, Hindus make up 57.7% of the population. With 207298 followers, Muslims make up 37.6% of the population.

Every generation can appreciate Delhi, whether it be older folks who want to see the landmarks in Indian history, youngsters who want to experience the most incredible nightlife or any other traveller who wants to discover the lovely city.

For those seeking a complete vacation experience that includes relaxing, shopping, and sightseeing, Kozhikode is the perfect destination.

Delhi serves as the nation's capital and the cultural centre of India. Hence, Hence, Delhi has always been the centre of attention, whether it was Hastinapur of the Kauravas, Dharm Raj Yudhisthir's Indraprastha, Mugalo ki Dilli, or Delhi of British India.
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Airport Information

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, Palam, New Delhi, 110037

Kozhikode Calicut Airport P.O, Calicut Airport Rd, Karipur, Kerala 673647