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Gorakhpur to Gaya Flights

Looking for a flight between Gorakhpur and Gaya?

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As of now, there are no direct or connecting flights between Gorakhpur and Gaya. So, the best option is to fly from Gorakhpur to New Delhi. After landing in New Delhi, board a flight to Gaya. IndiGo, Alliance Air, and SpiceJet operate direct flights from Gorakhpur to New Delhi. Operated by IndiGo, the shortest one takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach New Delhi.

From New Delhi, you will get several connecting flights to Gaya. In fact, there’s one non-stop flight operated by IndiGo, which takes 1 hour and 35 minutes to reach the destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the airfare calendar and book your tickets today!

Flights from Gorakhpur to Gaya


About Gaya Airport

Situated at a distance of 5 km from the city centre, Gaya Airport (IATA Code: GAY) serves the city of Gaya. It is also known as Bodhgaya Airport. It has two terminals and is managed by the Airports Authority of India. This international airport serves Buddhist tourists from Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc.

The airport terminal building is spread over 7500 sq m with a capacity of handling around 250 passengers each for arrivals and departures. For the convenience of passengers, Gaya Airport offers many facilities, such as free trolleys, lost and found baggage counters, wheelchair services, childcare rooms, and shops selling handicrafts and gift items. You will find many eateries, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries within the airport premises.

Gaya airport
About Gaya

Gaya is a major tourist site in Bihar with significant historical and mythical importance. It is the state's second-largest city, located 100 km away from the capital city Patna. Situated on the banks of River Falgu, Gaya is surrounded by hills (Mangla-Gauri, Shringa-Sthan, Ram-Shila, and Brahmayoni) on three sides.

The city is primarily famous as the most important pilgrimage site for the Buddhist community, as Gautam Buddha got enlightenment here. Furthermore, it is believed that Gaya is named after the demon Gayasur, who was killed by Lord Vishnu. According to legend, Lord Rama visited Gaya and performed the Pindadanam ritual here. Hence, this place is a sacred pilgrimage site for the Hindus.

Numerous Buddhist temples and shrines can be found throughout the city. In fact, the magnificent Buddha sculpture, the Bodhi Tree, and the Mahabodhi Temple are among the city's most popular tourist attractions. Gaya is a heaven for foodies, with delectable local food items to try like kopal ki kofta, chat, baingan-bharta, pittha, bari-dal, sattu, marua-ki-roti, litti-chokha, pua, and sukhaota. For sweet lovers, the city also offers a wide variety of options, such as tilkut, lai, kesaria peda, khaja, and anarsa.

The best time to visit Gaya is during winter. However, devotees worldwide visit this place during Buddha Purnima, which falls between April and May.


About Gorakhpur Airport

Gorakhpur Airport (IATA CODE: GOP) is located at a distance of around 8 km from Gorakhpur city and around 7.5 km from the railway junction on the Gorakhpur–Kushinagar highway (NH 28).

There is only one terminal in the airport for both arrivals and departures. Currently, SpiceJet, IndiGo, and Alliance Air are the main airlines that operate the maximum number of flights to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.

Gorakhpur Airport has many facilities, such as baggage services, cafes, and restaurants. Several shops are available within the airport premises, which sell various items like newspapers, magazines, clothes, and stationery products. You can avail yourself of public transport such as auto-rickshaws, buses, and taxis to reach the airport easily.

Gorakhpur Airport
About Gorakhpur

Located on the banks of the Rapti River in Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur is a popular pilgrimage destination. It is about 110 km away to the east of Faizabad and 65 km to the south of the Nepal border. The city is believed to be named after Baba Gorakhnath, a saint who significantly contributed to Indian culture and religious ideals.

The history of Gorakhpur dates back to the Vedic period when it was a part of the Kosala Kingdom. In fact, Iksvaku, the founder of Kshatriya or the solar dynasty, is known to be one of the earliest ruling monarchs of this area. Over time, the place has remained significant to various popular dynasties, such as Shunga, Gupta, Maurya, and Harsha. Gorakhpur is now a centre of trade and industry dealing with agricultural products. Prominent industries present in this city are printing, textile making, railroad maintenance, and sugar milling.

It is well-known for its handloom products, such as tablecloths, bed covers, dhotis, and several other items. In fact, a small group of villages near Gorakhpur is popular for terracotta products. Tourists can purchase terracotta horses and elephant figures as souvenirs from local stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, there are no direct or connecting flights between Gorakhpur and Gaya. So, the best option is to fly from Gorakhpur to New Delhi and, from there, take another flight to Gaya. From New Delhi, you will get several connecting flights to Gaya. Choose the one based on your schedule.

IndiGo and Vistara operate the maximum number of connecting flights between New Delhi and Gaya.

Yes, there are 3-4 direct flights from Gorakhpur to New Delhi operated by airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Alliance Air.

The IATA code for Gorakhpur Airport is GOP, and for Gaya Airport, it is GAY.

  • The Bodhi Palace
  • Hotel Gharana Tree
  • Signature Inn
  • Hotel Aryavarta
  • Hotel Samrat

The best time to visit Gaya is during winter. However, devotees worldwide visit this place during Buddha Purnima, which falls between April and May.

The baggage allowance depends on the airline as well as the class of travel. Generally, the baggage limit on domestic flights is 7 kg for cabin luggage and 15 kg for check-in luggage.

The old name of Gorakhpur is Gorakshapur.

A regular bus service connects various points in Gorakhpur city to the airport. You can also take a taxi to reach the terminal building.

Two days should be sufficient to explore the city of Gaya properly, covering all the important places of interest.

Yes, medicines are allowed on flights. However, it is advisable to carry the corresponding prescription of the doctor.

The aerial distance between Gorakhpur and Gaya is 1058 km.

Kanji Vada, Gol-Gappe, Raj Kachori, Bhel Puri, Kakori Kababs, Galawati Kababs, Biryani, Koftas, etc., are some street foods you should try during your trip to Gorakhpur.

Gorakhpur, the land of ancient glory, is endowed with temples and monuments. The Gorakhnath Temple, Gita Vatika, Gita Press, Railway Museum, etc., are some of the places that any tourist would love to visit.
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Airport Information

Gaya Airport Road, Gaya, Bihar ,823004

Gorakhpur Airport Area, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001