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Indore to Pondicherry Flights

Indore to Pondicherry Flights

Book the Cheapest Indore to Pondicherry Flights on Adani One! We understand that booking flights online can be complicated and time-consuming, especially with so many different websites out there. Thus, to help make the booking process easier, Adani One allows you to search for flights from your city to other cities in just a few clicks! Booking flights with Adani One is efficient and easy, thanks to our airfare calendar, which lets you choose the right tickets with the perfect deals and offers! You can use Adani One to search for the best deals for flights from Indore to Pondicherry. There is plenty of information available on the platform for both business and leisure travellers; simply choose the one that best suits your needs. There are no direct flights from Indore to Pondicherry. If you want to reach Pondicherry from Indore, you can book a flight to Chennai Airport. On reaching Chennai, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Pondicherry, which is a mere 151 km away from Chennai. Thus, you can choose an Indore to Chennai flight for your trip to Pondicherry. There are several direct and connecting flights from Indore to Chennai every week, with stopovers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Raipur. Popular airlines operating on this route include IndiGo, Vistara, and Air India.

Flights from Indore to Pondicherry


About Pondicherry Airport

Pondicherry Airport (IATA code: PNY) is located about 3 km from the city centre. It is a regional airport located at Lawspet, Puducherry. The airport has one terminal and operates flights to various domestic locations, including Kochi, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The airport is well-equipped, offering world class facilities to its visitors, including check-in counters, tourism information guides, multiple dining options, meeting and conference rooms, etc. Prayer rooms, rest rooms, information desks, and smoking lounges are also available for use. However, it is necessary to note that there are no direct flights from Indore to Pondicherry. The easiest flight route to take would be to take a flight from Indore to Chennai and then travel to Pondicherry by road.

About Pondicherry

Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry and commonly referred to as just Pondy, is the capital and the largest city of the Union Territory of Puducherry. It is one of the most charming places to explore in India. Thanks to its heritage, Pondicherry offers unique experiences that make it a standout destination in South India. The city is known for its exquisite cathedrals, mosques, relaxing beaches, attractive boulevards, eighteenth-century colonial structures, and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. With the beautiful cobbled streets, blossoming bougainvillaeas, and unique places to explore, Pondicherry is one enticing place to visit. Shared tuk-tuks, auto-rickshaws, and private cabs are the popular modes of transport in Pondicherry.

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Arikamedu is an archaeological site in Pondicherry. It is around 4 km from the city of Pondicherry. Arikamedu has been described before as the ‘true Roman city’ for all that was discovered here.

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Auroville is a town in Pondicherry that strives to bring together individuals from all walks of life. There is so much you can do at Auroville, depending on the number of days you are willing to spend here. From volunteering and staying at Auroville to sightseeing as a tourist, the town is a great place to be.

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Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a location in Pondicherry that offers you the opportunity to sync with nature. It is an alluring French garden that helps you relax and unwind. The garden has over 1500 varieties of plants , and it is definitely a must-visit for all the botanists and nature lovers out there.

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Paradise Beach

An incredibly famous destination in Pondicherry, Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. The beach offers you the opportunity to try watersports and other adventure activities. Located near Chunnambar town, it is easily accessible by the people in the city. The beach is open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm for tourists.

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Serenity Beach

Another of Pondicherry’s beautiful beaches, Serenity Beach is one of the most tranquil places to visit in the city. It i s a great place to visit with friends and family.


About Indore Airport

Indore Airport (IATA code: IDR) is officially known as Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International Airport. It was named after Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar. It is located 10 km west of Indore city. The airport has been ranked the 21st-busiest in India, and it has two terminals. Terminal 1 serves domestic flights, and Terminal 2 caters to international traffic. Major airlines like Air India and IndiGo operate from this airport. It offers several facilities like car rentals, free baggage trolleys, a bank counter, restrooms, etc.

About Indore

Located on the Malwa Plateau, Indore is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for its rich cultural heritage. Its modern, commercial centres and shopping complexes are equally popular among tourists. The city's name comes from the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple. Indore is also one of India's leading educational hubs, and it houses both an IIT and an IIM. Besides, it is India's cleanest city. Indore is well-known for its delicious foods, especially Poha and Jalebi, making it a great place to visit for food lovers . The city is also well-connected with metro taxis, bus services, tempos, and auto-rickshaws.

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Annapurna Temple

The Annapurna Temple in Indore attracts many tourists and religious pilgrims from around the country. Goddess Annapurna, the goddess of food, is honoured in this temple. The temple also has Shiva, Hanuman, and Kalabhairava idols. Th e Annapurna Temple is beautiful, and it has great significance to the Hindu community.

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Choral Dam

A great place to unwind and relax, the Choral Dam is a place filled with peace and tranquillity. One can go boating at the dam or enjoy a beautiful picnic by its sides. The best time to visit the Choral Dam is during the monsoon season when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is lush green.

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Rajwada Palace

Also known as the Old Palace, the Rajwada Palace is an illustration of the grand heritage of Indore city. The palace was constructed in 1776 by Muslim artisans from Mandu. The palace showcases the architecture symbolic of the Holkar Dynasty and several other Indian dynasties. The Rajwada Palace is a great place to visit if you enjoy exploring places of historical significance.

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Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Indore, the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known among all those who visit the city. The sanctuary was established in 1989, and it has become a popular tourist attraction ever since. I t is a great site to spot Chitals, Blue bulls, Leopards, Black Bucks, and Hyenas. Travellers can visit the sanctuary with friends or family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, airlines allow passengers to carry their food on the aircraft. However, it is best to confirm with your airline before travelling.

Domestic airlines do not serve alcohol to passengers. However, passengers can get non-alcoholic beverages when they travel by air.

No, you will receive your boarding pass at the airport. However, it is highly advisable to perform web check-in and get a pass in advance for a hassle-free experience.

You can visit the official website of your airline or call their customer care representative to check your booking status.

There are no flights from Indore to Pondicherry. However, you can fly from Indore to Chennai, and from here, you can reach Pondicherry by road. There are several flights from Indore to Chennai every day.

It takes less than 4 hours to fly from Indore to Chennai.

Yes, Indore is a safe place for solo travellers. Having said that, it is important to be careful when travelling alone.

In the city, the Lal Bagh Palace and the Central Museum are worth seeing. Travellers can use online tour guides to decide which parts of the city they would like to see.

The modes of transport available in Pondicherry are shared tuk-tuks, auto-rickshaws and private cabs.

The name of the Indore Airport is Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International Airport, and its code is IDR. The name of the Chennai Airport is Chennai International Airport, and its code is MAA.

Inform the airline's counter regarding your lost luggage. You will need to share your boarding pass details with the airline staff, after which they will do everything necessary to locate your baggage.

There are no flights from Indore to Pondicherry. The first flight from Indore to Chennai, IndiGo 6E-701, departs at 6:10 am.

There are no flights from Indore to Pondicherry. The last flight from Indore to Chennai, IndiGo 6E-6598, departs at 9:00 pm.

Indore Airport is located approximately 6 km from the city centre. One can book a taxi to get to your destination after arrival.

There are no flights from Indore to Pondicherry. IndiGo has the maximum number of flights from Indore to Chennai, which is the closest major airport to Pondicherry.
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Airport Information

Indore Devi Ahillyabai Holkar Airport, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India 452005

Pondicherry Lawspet, Puducherry, 605008