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Jabalpur to Ranchi Flights

Are you looking for flights from Jabalpur to Ranchi? Look no further than Adani One shop. The platform displays a complete airfare calendar to assist you in picking the best flight. Choose the most convenient flight with the most excellent airfare rate or cashback offers. The portal lists all domestic airlines, including IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and SpiceJet. Simply enter the origin and destination cities along with your date of travel and the airfare calendar will allow you to select the most suitable flights. If you know your itinerary in advance, you can also book your return tickets and avail all available discounts and cashback offers.

There are no direct flights from Jabalpur to Ranchi. However, there are several connecting flights every day operated by SpiceJet, Go First, AirAsia, Vistara and IndiGo. These one-stop or two-stop connecting flights have layovers in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Lucknow. Flight duration can range from 6 hours 10 minutes to almost 23 hours, depending on the length of the halts.

Flights from Jabalpur to Ranchi


About Ranchi Airport

Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Airport (IATA code: IXR) is a domestic airport located in Hinoo, about 7 km from the city centre. The airport features a single arrivals and departures terminal that can accommodate about 125 passengers. It is serviced by several domestic airlines such as Air India, Indigo, Vistara and GoAir.

The airport has all basic amenities for passengers including baggage services, restaurants and cafes and duty-free shops. Regular bus services connect Ranchi Airport with neighbouring industrial towns like Bokaro and Jamshedpur. The airport is also well connected to the city via transport car rentals, taxis, auto rickshaws and buses.

Ranchi image
About Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand's state capital, is home to several temples and waterfalls. Also known as the "City of Waterfalls," the city has a moderate climate. It is believed that the ancient tract of Ranchi and the neighbouring region was in the undisturbed possession of Munda and Oraon tribes. Aryans termed it the ‘forest territory’ or ‘Jharkhand’. There are also some references to the region in the epic Mahabharata. During British rule, Ranchi attracted many Christian missions which have contributed much to the growth of education in the district.

Ranchi offers diverse activities for visitors such as deer parks, a wildlife refuge, a crocodile breeding farm and several temples. Ranchi also has all the modern comforts required for a fun-filled tour. It has major rail and road connections and is the centre of the region’s agricultural, cotton and tea trade. Ranchi has also seen a boom in service sectors such as marketing, media, healthcare and education in recent years.

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Ranchi Lake  

Ranchi Lake, located at the foot of the picturesque Ranchi Hill, is a popular tourist destination in Ranchi. This lake is a historic reservoir in India built during the colonial era. Built in 1842, the lake was initially utilised to provide the water needs of the surrounding communities. It now provides boating facilities for visitors and is a popular picnic spot. Situated about 4 km from the railway station, the lake is open all days of the week. 

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Rock Garden 

The Rock Garden in Ranchi was built out of the rocks of the Gonda Hill. The varied forms of sculptures are all made of rock and stones. The garden is considered second in importance only to the Jaipur Garden. An iron footbridge erected with only two poles is the main attraction here. The Kanke Dam lake is located close to the Rock Garden, affording visitors an amazing picnic spot. 

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Dassam Falls 

Dassam Falls is a beautiful waterfall that cascades down from 144 feet near the Taimara hamlet in Ranchi. The major source of this waterfall is River Kachni. The land is lush with vegetation, making it a suitable picnic spot. However, swimming is not advisable in the waters because of the fast currents. There are also a few food stalls available selling snacks. 

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Johna Falls

The Johna Falls, which plunge from about 144 feet, are encircled by a beautiful canopy of tall trees and thick bushes. The falls are also called Gautam Dhara after the Gautama Buddha who is believed to have bathed here. There is no deep force pool under the waterfall which makes it one of the safest waterfalls in the area. There are two Buddha temples nearby built by King Baldevdas Birla, making this a popular attraction for Buddhists.

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Patratu Valley

The breathtaking Patratu Valley is located 40 km outside Ranchi. Driving down the Ghat of the Patratu Valley is a magnificent experience, with the shimmering waters of the Patratu Dam on one side and lush green trees on the other. There are boating services available from 9 am to 5 pm. The best time to visit is between July and September.

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Tagore Hill

Tagore Hill is a prominent hilltop in Jharkhand, located in Morabadi, Ranchi. The peak has a long association with the ashram of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s older brother Jyotindranath Tagore. Visitors have to climb around 200 to 250 stairs to reach the top. The hill is famous for adventure sports like rock climbing and trekking.


About Jabalpur Airport

Jabalpur’s Dumna Airport (IATA code: JLR) is located 25 km from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Built during the British reign, it is now the third busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh. The airport has one terminal operating domestic flights with a capacity of 150 arrivals and departures. It is equipped with several modern amenities, such as a public announcement system, closed-circuit television, conferencing and lounge and a baggage handling system.

Among the other amenities provided at the airport are first-aid facilities, lounges and conferencing facilities, free trolleys and wheelchairs, childcare rooms, ATMs, cafes and eateries. Buses, prepaid metro taxi services and auto rickshaws are also available at Jabalpur Airport.

About Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a Tier 2 city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Situated on the banks of River Narmada, this historical city is a popular tourist location because of its rich history and diverse topography. Jabalpur was the capital of the ancient Gond dynasty. Queen Durgavati died fighting Mughal soldiers led by the Emperor Akbar. It was then ruled by the Marathas and the British.

Jabalpur is known as ‘Sanskardhani’, which translates to ‘land of diverse cultures’ because of its vibrant culture and extensive legacy. The residents mostly rely on cottage businesses and artisan manufacturing for their livelihood. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the city, while Urdu and Marathi are also spoken. Numerous dancing styles, such as the Gond dance, Matki, Phulpati and Giridaand are integral to Jabalpur festivals. The city is also home to the Gun Carriage Factory. Besides its rich culture, Jabalpur is also famous for its tasty food culture which includes popular dishes like khoya ki jalebi and chaats.

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Dhuandhar Falls 

Located on the Narmada river in Bhedaghat, the Dhuandhar Falls is located at a distance of 30 km from Jabalpur. The name translates as ‘Dhuandhar’ or Smoke Cascade because of the mist effect and the cloud of smoke arising from the force of the water hitting the ground from a height of 98 feet. This place is also ideal for picnics with family or friends. There are also boat rides and cable cars available for visitors.

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Bhedaghat - Marble Rocks 

Bhedaghat's Marble Rocks are a hidden treasure of Jabalpur. Located about 20 km from Jabalpur, this is a gorge along the Narmada River and is one of the most spectacular natural sites in India. The marble rocks at Bhedaghat rise to a height of 100 feet and spread across 25 km. The stones reflect light and cast shadows on the water, giving different appearances during the day and at night. A boat ride from Panchvati ghat allows visitors to sail between the beautiful marble rocks that stand on either side of the river. Archaeological excavations have also found shells of dinosaur eggs at some of the ghats.

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Chausath Yogini Temple 

The Chausath Yogini Temple is one of two famous Chausath Yogini temples in Madhya Pradesh. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, it is one of the oldest heritage sites in India. The temple is a masterpiece of art and has 64 shrines built along the walls of its circular premises. Built in the 10th century by the Kalachuri kings atop a hill, the temple is made of coarse granite. Although the design of the temple is simple, the idols of yoginis are exquisitely carved, each one depicting a unique posture. Access to this temple is via 150 steps.

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Madan Mahal Fort 

The Madan Mahal Fort, built by Raja Madan Singh in 1116 AD, is evidence of the rulers who ruled Jabalpur for many years. Perched atop a rocky hill, this small fort originally served as a military post and a watchtower. It is also associated with the Gond Queen Rani Durgavati who died fighting the Mughals and is hailed as a martyr. The fort stands 500 metres tall and has regular architecture but unique passageways, underground routes and sharp turns. It also features war rooms, pleasure chambers, a stable and a small reservoir.

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Bargi Dam

The Bargi Dam was one of the earliest dams constructed on the Narmada River. This popular tourist destination is 226 feet tall and 5.4 km long and is one of the biggest dams in the state. Besides irrigation projects and power generation, the dam is also known for various water activities like speed boating, water scooters and paddle boating available in the lake near the dam. It is also popular for bird-watching activities, especially in the evenings during the migratory season.

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SeaWorld Water Park 

The SeaWorld Water Park is the only one in Jabalpur and provides thrilling attractions for both children and adults. It has adventurous water rides as well as dry and wet slides. There are also food stands and a pool only for young children. The water park remains open throughout the week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several daily flights from Jabalpur to Ranchi operated by IndiGo, SpiceJet, AirAsia and Vistara.

Flight duration may vary. However, the shortest flight from Jabalpur to Ranchi usually takes 6 hours and 10 minutes.

Flight timings are liable to change. However, the final Alliance Air flight leaves Jabalpur at 5:50 pm.

IndiGo operates the most flights on the Jabalpur to Ranchi route.

Different airlines have different rules about carrying food items on flights. Please check the airline’s policy for more information on carrying food items during your travel from Jabalpur to Ranchi. In general, most airlines allow passengers to carry dry food items such as sandwiches, biscuits and sliced fruits.

Jabalpur is known for dishes such as poha, daal bafla, seekh kababs, khopra pak, sabudana khichdi, chicken samosa, malpua, and khoye ki jalebi.

Yes, there are many duty-free shops at Jabalpur Airport, and its stores sell cosmetics, chocolates, perfumes and liquor.

There are regular bus services from various points in Jabalpur to the airport. You can also take a taxi or auto rickshaw to the terminal building.

Flight timings may vary. However, the first flight usually leaves Jabalpur at 8:30 am.

Yes. Jabalpur has been selected as one of the 100 Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under Smart Cities Mission.

Ranchi is known for its tribal ornaments and ethnic handicrafts, bamboo and metalwork, Paitkar paintings and stone carvings. It is also known for the numerous waterfalls, temples and gardens.

Ranchi is located at an altitude of 2,140 feet in the valley of Chotanagpur.

Jabalpur is known for its Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat, the waterfalls, River Narmada, numerous ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Jain ruins and for its industrial chowks (markets).

Jabalpur is home to the wonderful Khopra Pak. This is a coconut based delicacy that is mildly flavoured with cardamom and saffron.

The primary language of Jabalpur is Hindi.
Airport Information

Ranchi Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002

Jabalpur Airport Area, Khamaria, Dumna, Madhya Pradesh 482005

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