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Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar Flights

Are you looking for Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar flights?

Adani One is the solution to all your travel booking problems. Whether you have to catch a Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar flight or book a return ticket, with Adani One, you can easily find the best option at reasonable prices. Furthermore, this platform lists all the domestic carriers such as IndiGo, Go First, Air India, Vistara, SpiceJet and AirAsia. This allows you to choose the flight as per your schedule and plan a hassle-free journey.

As of now, there are no direct or connecting flights between Jamshedpur and Bhubaneswar as Jamshedpur does not have a functional airport. As Jamshedpur’s Sonari Airport is closed, one has to travel from Jamshedpur to the nearest airport, i.e., Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. You can reach Ranchi Airport in just 2 hours and 30 minutes (by road), which is located at a distance of around 126 km from Jamshedpur.

Currently, there are several flights operating between Ranchi and Bhubaneswar. In fact, Alliance Air operates one direct flight that takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the destination. Apart from that, IndiGo and Vistara operate around 8 to 9 connecting flights between the two cities.

So, check out the airfare calendar on Adani One and book your flight tickets right away! Don’t forget to go through the cashback options, discounts and other offers while booking the tickets.

Flights from Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar


About Bhubaneswar Airport

Bhubaneswar Airport (IATA Code: BBI), known as the Biju Patnaik International Airport, is a major airport serving Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. It is situated at a distance of around 3 km from the city centre. It is named after Biju Patnaik, a prominent Indian politician and the former chief minister of Odisha. The airport has two terminals; Terminal 1 handles domestic flights, whereas Terminal 2 solely operates international flights.

Several airlines such as IndiGo, Vistara, AirAsia, Air India, and Alliance Air operate flights to major Indian cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Allahabad, Varanasi, Pune, Kolkata etc.

The passenger services offered at Bhubaneswar Airport include duty-free shops, restaurants, ATMs and cash machines, a children's playground, a childcare area, money exchange counters, trolleys, a pharmacy, and a smoking area.

Bhubaneswar image
About Bhubaneswar

Famously known as the City of Temples, Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha. It is known for its rich cultural beliefs and traditions. Bhubaneswar derives its name from Tribhubaneswar, which simply translates to the Lord (Eeswar) of the three worlds, referring to Shiva.

The city has been known by a number of names since it was founded, such as Toshali, Nagar Kalinga, Kalinga Nagar, Ekamra Kanan, and Mandira Malini Nagar. It is the largest city in Odisha and is one of the most significant religious and commercial centres in Eastern India. Bhubaneswar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern India, along with Konark and Puri, and the three together comprise the Golden Triangle tourism circuit of the eastern part of India.

One of independent India's first modern planned cities, Bhubaneswar was formally established in 1948. However, looking back into history, one can find the mention of the city during Ashoka’s Kalinga war, around 261 BCE.

The city hosts a number of fairs like Toshali National Crafts Mela, Adivasi Mela, and Rajdhani Book Fair that attract tons of visitors. In fact, the inhabitants of Bhubaneswar celebrate festivals like Durga Puja, Ratha Yatra, Ganpati Puja, Christmas, Eid, etc., with great enthusiasm. To make beautiful memories, plan a trip to this city during these festivals!

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Dhauli Shanti Stupa 

Dhauli Shanti Stupa is situated on the site where the Kalinga war took place and is at a distance of 15 km from the city of Bhubaneswar. This site has great historical significance and attracts a lot of tourists. Made of white marble, this stupa commemorates the mission of peace and hence, is known as the Peace Pagoda.  

Card image cap
Bindu Sarovar

Bindu Sarover, one of the tourist spots in Bhubaneshwar, is a sacred lake situated towards the north of the well-known Lingaraj Temple. Both locals and visitors frequently visit this location for exploration and relaxation. It is believed that the Bindu Sagar was created by Lord Shiva, and he collected water from all the sacred places to form the lake. He did this to quench the thirst of Devi Parvati. Hence, people believe that a dip in the Bindu Sagar Lake washes away all sins and drinking the holy water cures diseases.

Card image cap

Lingaraj is one of the city's ancient and main tourist attractions. There are 150 auxiliary shrines spread across the large temple complex. In fact, these temples are regarded as a masterpiece of Indian architecture. Built in the 11th century by the ruler Jajati Keshari, this shrine is dedicated to Lord Hari Hara; Hari means Lord Vishnu and Hara means Lord Shiva.  

Card image cap
Mukteswara Temple  

The tall ancient temple was built in the 10th century and is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern Kalinga architecture. Its sculptures are renowned and known as the Gem of Odisha due to their intricacy and beauty. The Odisha Tourism Board holds a Mukteswar Dance Festival annually which attracts massive crowds and tourists.  

Card image cap
Rajarani Temple 

The Rajarani Temple was built in the 11th century. Owing to its excellent Kalinga architectural design and sculptures, it attracts many visitors. The shrine has no presiding deity; however, it is believed to be dedicated to Lord Shiva. The structure is constructed with red and yellow sandstone known as 'Rajarani' in the local language, giving the temple its name. 

Card image cap
Udayagiri And Khandagiri Caves 

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves are located at a distance of 7 km from the city of Bhubaneswar. In fact, these caves are one of the prominent attractions of the city that attract many tourists daily. These twin Jain rock-cut caves were constructed by King Kharavela for the Jain monks to stay and meditate.   


About Ranchi Airport

Currently, Jamshedpur’s Sonari Airport is closed; one has to travel from Jamshedpur to the nearest airport, i.e. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. Ranchi Airport (IATA Code: IXR) is located in Hinoo, approximately 7 km away from the city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. The airport got its name from Birsa Munda, a tribal freedom fighter.

Ranchi Airport is a domestic airport with only a single terminal. The airport offers flights to major Indian cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune and Patna. Air India, IndiGo, Vistara and AirAsia are some carriers that operate flights out of this airport.

Some of the amenities available at Ranchi Airport include free baggage facilities, eating joints, security check-in counters, as well as duty-free shops. In addition, passengers can also avail of rental cars and auto-rickshaws at the airport.

Jamshedpur image
About Jamshedpur

Situated at the confluence of rivers Subarnarekha and Kharkai, Jamshedpur is an important city in Jharkhand. The city is situated on Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is named after the famous industrialist Jamsetji N. Tata, who is credited with playing a pivotal role in the development of Jamshedpur. It was the opening of Tata's steel plant in Jamshedpur in 1911 that initiated the industrial development of the city.

Today Jamshedpur is one of the fastest-growing cities in Jharkhand with its extreme commercial and industrial values. The region is helping the state economically with increased revenue generation.

Jamshedpur is among the cleanest cities in India. In fact, it is also the first smart and planned city in the country. Some of the popular tourist attractions of the city are Burudih Lake, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Hudco Lake, Jayda Mandir, Jubilee Park, Saranda Forests, and Amadubi Rural Tourism Village. The best time to visit Jamshedpur is after the monsoon season and at the onset of the winter, from December to February.

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Bhuvaneswari Temple

Situated atop Bhuvaneshwari Hill, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. It was built in 1978 by Swami Ranga Rajan, who was a Tamil priest. Constructed in the South Indian style of architecture, it has an impressive 32-ft sanctum sanctorum.

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Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary 

It is one of the most important attractions near Jamshedpur and is at a distance of around 35 km from the city. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals, such as tigers, leopards, porcupines and sloth bears. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist spot, attracting wildlife enthusiasts from across the country.

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Dimna Lake 

Located approximately 15 km from the city, Dimna Lake is an artificial lake at the foothills of the Dalma mountain range. It offers a variety of activities, including boating, rowing, mini-trek, and jet skiing. This lake is a popular spot for spending some quality time during the weekend away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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Jubilee Park 

Spread over 200 acres, the Jubilee Park in Jamshedpur is one of the biggest parks in the country. Established in 1958, the park is covered with a lush green blanket of various plants. It is a popular picnic and recreation spot.

Card image cap
Tata Steel Zoological Park 

The Tata Steel Zoological Park, located within Jubilee Park, preserves species in their native habitat. The park provides a welcome break for city dwellers, allowing them to enjoy nature and wildlife in their most natural state. Here, people can enjoy safari rides as well.

Card image cap
Tribal Culture Centre 

Established in the 1990s, this museum showcases the culture of the Oraon, Ho, Munda, and Santhal tribes. There is a Tribal Heritage Hall at the centre which displays utensils, dance masks, ornaments, and bison horn instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there are around 8 to 9 flights operating between Ranchi and Bhubaneswar every day.

IndiGo and Vistara operate the maximum number of flights between these two cities.

After Ranchi, the next operational airport close to Jamshedpur is Kolkata, located around 283 km.

You can enter your flight number or PNR number on the airline’s website and check your flight booking status.

Facilities available at the Bhubaneswar airport are duty-free shops, restaurants, ATMs and cash machines, a children's playground, a childcare area, money exchange counters, trolleys, a pharmacy, a smoking area, and a spa.

Passengers can usually carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of check-in luggage on an economy-class flight from Ranchi to Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar is also popularly called the City of Temples as it once had more than a thousand temples.

The city of Bhubaneswar experiences very hot summers during the months of April and May. It also receives heavy rainfalls during the monsoon months of June to September. Hence, the best time to visit Bhubaneswar is during the winter months of October to March.

The New Marrion, FabHotel UG Mansion and Hotel Marigold are some of the nearest hotels to Bhubaneswar Airport.

You can approach the staff of the airline that you have travelled with and provide your boarding pass and details of the lost baggage.

Yes, the Bhubaneswar Airport has duty-free shops.

Due to their geographical proximity, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are known as Odisha's "twin cities."

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum, Bara Ghuguni, Gupchup, Rolls, Shingada and Odia Chat are the must-try street food items of Bhubaneswar.

  • Arisa Pitha
  • Rasagola
  • Kheera Gaja
  • Kheer Sagar
  • Chenna Jhilli
  • Chenna Poda
  • Rasabali
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Airport Information

Bhubaneswar Airport Rd, Aerodrome Area, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751020

Ranchi Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002