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Kochi to Tirupati Flights

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Are you interested in booking a flight from Kochi to Tirupati?

Adani One offers a one-stop platform for booking air tickets. Whether you are looking for a flight from Kochi to Tirupati or a return ticket from Tirupati to Kochi, Adani One publishes an airfare calendar to help you choose the right flight. Choose a flight that offers the best deals and cashback offers. Various flights operate from Kochi to Tirupati, and you can choose the most suitable flight using the airfare calendar. The platform lists most domestic airlines, including IndiGo, GoFirst, Air India, and AirAsia, and you can pick a departure time that suits your itinerary. Both direct and connecting flight details and corresponding discounts and offers are promptly updated on the platform. We recommend purchasing a return ticket if you have set a return date. Discounts are offered on return tickets, and we recommend saving money by booking round-trip tickets.

Several direct and connecting flights operate weekly from Kochi to Tirupati, mainly operated by GoFirst, SpiceJet, Air India and IndiGo. The most convenient flights are direct flights, but connecting flights are more economical and cover more cities. You can find amazing deals on plane tickets that will make your flight more enjoyable and less expensive. When booking your flight, look for deals on airfare, discounts, and cashback offers. Check out the Adani One flight calendar and book your Kochi to Tirupati flight today!

Flights from Kochi to Tirupati


About Tirupati Airport 

Tirupati International Airport, also known as Renigunta Airport (IATA code: TIR), is located in the Chittoor District of Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, 14 km east of Tirumala. It covers an area of ​​312 hectares. The foundation of Tirupati International Airport was laid in January 2012 with the plan to upgrade Tirupati Airport to international status. The Airports Authority of India operates Tirupati Airport. The airport is small, with a maximum passenger capacity of 125, and it has two entrance gates for domestic aircraft. Tirupati Railway Station is the closest railway station to Tirupati Airport.

The airport offers various services, including free baggage handling and a mobility scooter environment for the physically challenged. You can also use the unique senior baggage handling service completely free of charge. Local jewellery, crafts, books, newspapers, and magazines are available in airport shops. The airport grounds include a variety of eateries and restaurants serving deliciously healthy and local cuisine. Tourists will also find cafes serving great food at reasonable prices. Child care area, first-aid room, high-speed Wi-Fi, and ATM are available. Travellers can book a cab or take a bus to reach the airport.

About Tirupati

Tirupati is a town in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It serves as the headquarters of the Tirupati (Urban) Mandal's headquarters and the Tirupati Revenue Division. It is the ninth-largest and the seventh most-populated city in the state. The Ministry of Tourism has awarded Tirupati The Best Heritage City title in recognition of the city's tourism potential. Tirupati is one of India's most famous temple cities and is the residence of Sri Venkateswara (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). The temples of Sri Venkateswara are managed by an independent trust called Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.

Tirupati is an important educational centre in Andhra Pradesh. It is also home to several universities and colleges. The trust also runs several medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and technology universities in and around the city. Most of them are named after Lord Venkateswara, the presiding deity of the Temple of Tirupati.

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One of the natural bridges in Asia, Silathoranam is a vital landmark in archaeology and heritage. The rock formation is also mythologically linked to Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati. 

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Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple 

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple of Thiruvanchoor, located 5 km from Tirupati, is dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi. It is one of the sacred temples in Tirupati and has many legends and tales associated with the goddess. 

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Sri Venkateswara Temple 

Sri Venkateswara Temple is the most sacred temple of Tirupati, with many devotees visiting to worship the deity throughout the year. This is one of the holiest and wealthiest temples in the world. 

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Swami Pushkarini Lake 

Swami Pushkarini Lake is located near the Tirupati Temple. According to legend, the lake belonged to Lord Vishnu and was part of Vaikuntha. It was brought to earth by Garuda, the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, the lake holds great religious significance, and pilgrims visiting the temple make sure to take a holy bath in the sacred water of this lake.  

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Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple 

Krishna Deva Raya built the temple. The temple is located at a distance of 70 km from Tirupati. It has great mythological significance since it is believed that Lord Vishnu battled with Rasksash Somakadu at this place and took the Vedas from him. 

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Akasaganga Teertham 

Akasaganga Teertham is a waterfall in Tirupati located about 4 km from the Temple of Tirumala Balaji. The serene water of the waterfall is considered to be sacred. On the way to the waterfall, pilgrims also pay homage to three other temples: Sri Venugopala Swamy temple, Gogarbham and Papavinasanam. The waterfall is a pleasant sight to see during the monsoon.


About Kochi Airport

Cochin International Airport (IATA code: COK) serves the city of Kochi. It is located in Nedumbassery, 28 km northeast of Kochi. The airport opened on a new site in 1999 and has handled domestic and international air traffic since then. Cochin International Airport is one of India's first Greenfield Airports. It has received widespread acclaim for its environmental-friendly infrastructure and efforts toward environmental sustainability.

Domestic flights to major cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi are available from the airport. The airport also has regular international flights to cities such as Colombo, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Riyadh etc. Cochin International Airport is served by many domestic airlines, including IndiGo and Go First.

The food counter and fine dining terrace garden lounge are accessible to guests. There is also a bar where you can unwind while waiting for your flight. Food and beverages are available in both the domestic and international terminals. In addition, passengers can take taxis or other forms of public transportation to get to the airport.

kochi airport
About Kochi

Kochi is a cosmopolitan city in Kerala that has risen to prominence due to its rich variety of spices. It is also known as the Gateway to Kerala. Its breathtaking natural beauty makes it an ideal tourist destination. Kochi is a small town in Kerala known for its lush green pastures and picturesque landscapes. The city is home to a well-known port with world-class standards and facilities. The international airport at Nedumbassery is about 40 km north of the city. The native language spoken here is Malayalam.

Kochi has a tropical monsoon climate as it is close to the equator. Temperatures range from 23°C to 31°C. This cosmopolitan city, comprising a slew of islands linked by ferries, has upscale shops, art galleries, and some of the best heritage accommodations. Restaurants, shopping centres, palaces, beaches, temples, and heritage sites, are abundant in the city. Kochi is also a popular destination for Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale Festival. Almost all modes of transportation connect this coastal city, a popular tourist destination and an active naval base serving as the official home of the Indian Navy's Southern Command.

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Wonderla Amusement Park 

Wonderla Amusement Park has everything you need for a vibrant party. With over 50 thrilling rides, the theme park has all the facilities to provide an exciting experience for all visitors, regardless of age or gender. It provides the thrill of both land sports and watersports.

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Fort Kochi 

Fort Kochi, located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, is a coastal town in the southwestern part of Main Kochi. It is the first European township in India. The town is known for its historic colonial fortresses and ruins of old palace buildings in Dutch, Portuguese and British designs. The culture of this town is deeply rooted in history.

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Cochin Jewish Synagogue 

Of the seven synagogues in the area, the Cochin Jewish Synagogue or the Mattancherry Synagogue is the only synagogue still in use. Built-in 1568, it is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth. Cameras and handbags are not allowed inside the synagogue.

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Kashi Art Cafe 

Kashi Art Cafe is one of the best cafes in Kochi and is a heaven for foodies and art lovers. Popular for its delicious breakfast, the place also runs a side art gallery that displays one artist's work for a month. This place is popular among foreign tourists and offers perfect non-vegetarian food and a relaxing atmosphere.

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Lulu Mall

Lulu Mall is one of India's largest malls, with a total retail space of 1.7 million sq ft. Located in Kochi's Edapally, the mall covers a vast area of ​​17 hectares with 215 restaurants, a multiplex, food court, entertainment zone, bowling alley, currency exchange centre, arcade games, and 5D cinema.

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Mattancherry Palace 

The Mattancherry Palace is popularly known as the Dutch Palace as it was built by the Portuguese settlers in 1557. The architectural style of the palace depicts a fine blend of colonial and Kerala styles of architecture. The palace, which has now been converted into a museum, exhibits exquisite ancient murals of the Rajas of Kochi and showcases a rare collection of royal artefacts. The four independent wings of the Mattancherry Palace surround the courtyard in which there is a temple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renigunta Airport, located in the Chittoor district of Tirumala city of Andhra Pradesh,  is the nearest airport to Tirupati Balaji, which is 14 km from Tirumala city.    

Cochin International Airport has set up a COVID-19 testing facility inside the airport. Besides the passengers, the general public is also allowed to avail of the testing facility. 

Currently, 2 airlines operate between Kochi and Tirupati, and approximately 8 flights take off from Kochi to Tirupati weekly. 

The average flight time from Kochi to Tirupati is 6 hours 51 minutes.  

Air India operates the maximum number of flights from Kochi to Tirupati in a week. 

Yes, Kochi and Cochin are the same. The Portuguese settlers, and later the British, used Cochin, but the city reverted to its original Malayalam name, Kochi, in 1996. 

Tirupati is a popular pilgrimage destination in India, known for its iconic temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu's incarnation Sri Venkateswar. 

Kochi International Airport is in Nedumbassery, Kochi, Kerala, India. The PIN code is 683111. It is about 35 km from the city centre. 

Yes, there are many duty-free shops at Tirupati Airport, and its stores sell cosmetics, chocolates, perfumes, and liquor. 

The city is regarded as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and has one of the world's best natural harbours. For centuries, it was the centre of the international spice trade. 

Tirumala temple is approximately 6 km from Tirupati. 

Yes, Tirumala temple is one of the richest temples in the country by donations that houses an 8-feet tall statue of Lord Venkateswara. 

The sacred temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala hills is easily accessible by all modes of transport. After reaching Tirupati, one can easily travel to Tirumala by road or on foot. 

Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district of Kerala is the first European township in India. 

Cochin, located on the southwest coast of India, was a Portuguese colony from 1503 to 1663.  
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Airport Information

Tirupati Tirupati Airport Rd, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517520

Kochi Kochi Airport PO Nedumbassery Kochi : 683111. Kerala ,India