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Lucknow to Imphal Flights

Lucknow to Imphal Flights

As of now, there are no direct flights from Lucknow to Imphal. But there are 50-55 connecting flights every week to travel from Lucknow to Imphal. Passengers who wish to travel from Lucknow to Imphal may choose to fly to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, and board a connecting flight to Imphal. Flights are available at different timings, so you can choose a flight that fits your itinerary. In this guide, we have shared all the information you might need about flights from Lucknow to Imphal. Refer to this guide for information on Lucknow and Imphal airports and make your Lucknow to Imphal travel plan. You can also get the relevant details on Covid-19 safety measures here.

Flights from Lucknow to Imphal


About Imphal Airport

The Imphal Airport is the largest airport serving the nearby cities in the area and is located 8 km to the city’s south. The airport offers general aviation and charter services and local commercial airlines. It is one of the most important airfields in the region that connects major cities. The airport is located at a height of 2,542 ft approximately and is lined with a 9,022-foot-long runway along an asphalt surface. Air India is currently active in this region. The airport has two terminals, but only Terminal 1 is operational. Domestic flights operate regularly, connecting Imphal to major cities in the country. The airport offers several facilities to passengers such as luggage storage, drinking water fountains, restrooms, medical care, restaurants, etc.

About Imphal

Imphal is the capital of Manipur, a fascinating northeastern state in India. The remains of the Kangla Palace (also known as Kangla Fort), the royal seat of the old Kingdom of Manipur, are located in the city centre, surrounded by a moat. Imphal is connected by a paved avenue to Dimapur, Assam, and Myanmar (Burma). Imphal's lush green scenery, lovely surroundings, and undulating rivers make it a fantastic tourist destination. This location, which was the scene of the Battle of Imphal during World War II, has great historical significance. The INA Memorial, Manipur State Museum, Kangla Fort, Langthabal, war cemeteries, Shri Govindjee Temple, and the Waithou and Loktal lakes are a few major attractions in this region. Manipur Zoological Gardens and Keibul Lamjao National Park are two other attractions worth seeing. Chamthong or Kangshoi, a healthy vegetable stew, is one of the most famous delicacies of Imphal.


About Lucknow Airport

The Lucknow Airport, 20 km from Lucknow, was originally known as the Amausi Airport. Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport is the airport’s official name now. It was named after India's 7th Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh, on July 17, 2008. This airport is one of the busiest in the nation, with four international carriers and several local carriers operating out of this airport. The airport enables passengers to board flights operated by Air India, Air Sahara, and Air Deccan. Direct flights are available to several destinations, including Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Patna. The airport serves international flights, facilitating overseas travel. Passengers are served by Oman Air, Indian Airlines, Air India, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Travellers can find eateries and restaurants at domestic and international terminals. Visitors may purchase items from duty-free stores. Terminal 1 is the international air terminal and Terminal 2 services domestic flights.

About Lucknow

Lucknow is Uttar Pradesh’s capital and the largest city in the state. It is an administrative centre of Lucknow District and Division. It is India's tenth most populated city and the country's twelfth most populated urban agglomeration. Lucknow has long been renowned as a cosmopolitan city that thrived as a North Indian cultural and arts centre and the Nawabs’ seat of power in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, it is a hub for administration, education, commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, music, and poetry. The city is around 123 m above sea level, spread across 2,528 sq km. Lucknow is located on the northwestern bank of the Gomti, bordered on the east by Barabanki, Unnao to its west, on the south by Raebareli, and Sitapur and Hardoi fall to its north. The city's primary language is Hindi, but Urdu is also widely spoken. Originally, the Delhi Sultanate ruled over Awadh's capital, which was ultimately conquered by the Mughals. It was handed over to the Awadh Nawabs. The British East India Company dissolved the local administration in 1856 and assumed control of the city and the rest of Awadh when it was handed to the British Raj in 1857. It is the 17th fastest-growing city in India and the 74th fastest-expanding city in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, passengers arriving at the Lucknow Airport can easily find private and shared cabs from the airport.

No, you can obtain it at the airport, too. However, it is highly advisable to do it online due to the pandemic.

The minimum flight time from Lucknow to Imphal is 3 to 4 hours.

There are a total of 8–10 connecting flights daily from Lucknow to Imphal.

Yes, Lucknow Airport complies with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Yes, web check-in is mandatory at the Lucknow and Imphal airports.

IndiGo operates the maximum number of flights from Lucknow to Imphal.

IndiGo operates the first flight from Lucknow to Imphal at 7:30 a.m.

Currently, no direct flights operate from Lucknow to Imphal.
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Airport Information

Imphal Tiddim Road, Malom Tulihal, Manipur 795140

Lucknow Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

Lucknow Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009