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Rajahmundry to Lucknow Flights

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Are you looking for Rajahmundry to Lucknow flights?

Adani's one-stop portal allows you to buy airline tickets easily. Adani also provides a detailed airfare schedule to assist you in selecting the best Rajahmundry to Lucknow flights. With the Adani portal, you can select the most convenient flight to your destination with the lowest fares or the best cashback offer and also avail discounts and special deals for both direct and connecting flights. Booking a return ticket will help you to maximise your discounts. Do not pass up this opportunity to buy your flight tickets in minutes.

Currently, there are around four connecting flights operating between Rajahmundry to Lucknow. IndiGo is the major airline that flies from Rajahmundry to Lucknow. The minimum time taken by the flight from Rajahmundry to Lucknow is 6 hours 50 minutes. Adani's one-stop website will help you acquire the lowest flight tickets through its continuously updated deals and cashback on travel reservations. Buying of round-trip airline tickets provides significantly higher discounts; thus, you should consider reserving your return air ticket as well if you have an arrival time.

Flights from Rajahmundry to Lucknow


About Lucknow Airport

The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, also known as Lucknow Airport (IATA: LKO), is located near Amausi, in the lovely city of Lucknow. The airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. The Lucknow airport is about 10 km from the city's major railway station. Even though the airport was built in 1986, it only got international status in 2012. The distance between Lucknow airport and Lucknow city is about 12 km.

There are two terminals at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. Terminal 1 was the first to be built and is reminiscent of the design of Charbagh Railway Station. It now serves international aircraft operations.

The Lucknow airport has facilities like restaurants and cafés, shops and duty free, lockers, information desk, luggage storage, drinking water fountains, ATMs and cash machines and currency exchange.

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About Lucknow

Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, is easily accessible from all major cities in the country. The city is also an important centre of commerce, education, culture and tourism.

Lucknow is surrounded by the districts of Raebareli, Unnao, and Barabanki and is located at the height of 123 metres (404 feet) amid the Gangetic Plain. It is located in a fertile agricultural zone that is home to various industries.

The climate in Lucknow is severe subtropical, with scorching summers and frigid winters. During summer, its temperature average is around 40 °C, and in winters, the temperature can fall down to around 6 °C. It witnesses rainfalls from mid-June to mid-September, with an average of about 1010 mm (40 in).

Lucknow has many significant architectural marvels. While some significant buildings were destroyed, many monuments and structures still stand as reminders of the city's greatness. The history, art, and culture of the city are woven into the fabric of everyday life, and tourists will find much to keep them occupied.

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Ambedkar memorial park

The Ambedkar Memorial Park is a public space and memorial dedicated to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. The park, one of the best tourist attractions in Lucknow, spans 107 acres and has monuments constructed of red sandstone from Rajasthan. Ambedkar stupa, a sangrahalay, a picture gallery, Pratibimb sthal, and Drashya sthal are among the structures within the park.

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Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara is a beautiful tower among Lucknow's other prominent landmarks. The historical site is a large complex that includes the Asfi Mosque, the Bhul-Bhulaiya, and a Bawli. The Bawli (or step well) is the complex's most popular feature.

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Jama Masjid

The famous Jama Masjid in Lucknow was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1843. The monument was constructed using yellow sandstones. It also includes lovely minarets and picture-perfect domes.

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Lucknow museum

The four-storey Lucknow State Museum houses antiques and exhibits on display belonging to anthropology, numismatics, and archaeology. It also has galleries displaying Jain art, sculptures, archaeology, Nawabs, and old coinage.

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Lucknow zoo

It is also known as the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden and is a great spot to get a taste of nature within the city. The zoo opened on November 29, 1921. It houses many animal species such as white tiger, fishing cat, leopard, Indian wolf, giraffe, sloth bear, Hoolock gibbon, porcupine, python, cobra and many more. It also has bird species like white peacock, Indian parakeet, owls, etc.

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The Residency

A Residency is a set of many buildings in a Nawab-era residential compound. The residence was built during the reign of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II and was a part of the 1857 siege of Lucknow.


About Rajahmundry Airport

The Rajahmundry Airport (IATA: RJA, ICAO: VORY) is near Madhurapudi in Andhra Pradesh and is 18 km north of Rajahmundry. This airport was built during the British era and covers 366 acres. It was operated by Vayudoot from 1985 and 1994 and then by VIF Airways in 1995.

The Rajahmundry Airport modernisation project was completed in 2011 for INR 38 crores. In May 2012, the newly restored airport began operations.

Major airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet, etc. operate flights from Rajahmundry Airport. This airport also serves Pawan Hans, GVHL, Heligo, and Reliance charter aircraft. ONGC helicopters also often utilise the airstrip for offshore oil exploration activities.

Rajahmundry Airport has only one domestic terminal with three boarding gates. The terminal has a total capacity of 150 passengers for both departures and arrivals. There are six check-in and security desks spread across 3,900 square metres.

The Rajahmundry Airport offers baggage scanning services. There are also free luggage carts accessible at the airport. The airport also has wheelchairs, a daycare facility, and first aid medical services for travellers.

About Rajahmundry

Rajamundry is located in the east on the banks of the Godavari River. Among the cities of the East Godavari district, Rajahmundry is one of the biggest cities in Andhra Pradesh. It was once known as Rajahmahendrapuram. It is Andhra Pradesh's cultural capital.

The city was named after its first monarch, Raja Raja Narendra. Rajamundry is a historic city with a strong political, economic, social, and cultural foundation.

The city existed long before 1022 AD, according to historical data. The architecture in the city is stunning. In 1823, the district of Rajamundry was established, which was later separated into the districts of Godavari and Krishna. It was afterwards divided into East and West Godavari districts. From the period of the British, Rajamundry was the district headquarters.

Rajahmundry sits at the height of around 45 feet and is located at 16.98°N 81.78°E. The city's tropical climate is hot and humid. Due to depressions in the Bay of Bengal, the city is inundated with rain.

The Godavari River and the ghats and parks along its banks are the principal tourist attraction of Rajahmundry. It is a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination. The city's well-known temples include Kotilingalu, Krishna temple at Gowthami Ghat, Shridi Sai Baba temple, and others.

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Pushkar Ghat

Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat is a bathing ghat on the banks of river Godavari. The Ghat is surrounded by Sri Kotilingeswara Temple and Sri Markendaya Swami temple. The best time to visit the Ghat is from October to March, when the climate is pleasant.

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Maredumilli in the Eastern Ghats has rich biodiversity and semi-evergreen forests. The Maredumilli Community Conservation & Eco Tourism Area is located at about 4 km away from Maredumilli village. Situated on the Maredumilli-Bhadrachalam road, this ecotourism project is being managed by the Somireddypalem, Valamuru and Valmeekipeta Vana Samrkshana Samithi people along with the coordination of Andhra Pradesh Forest Department.

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Kotilingeswara Temple

Kotilingeswara Temple, built in 1980, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is renowned as the temple having the tallest Shivalinga in the world that measures 33 metres in height. Lord Nandi is about 11 metres in height. There are also more than 90 lakhs Shivalinga distributed throughout the temple. 

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Papi hills

Papi Hills is about 100 km from Rajahmundry. It is located near the river Godavari. It is an ideal spot for trekking, boating, camping, etc. The best time to visit Papi hills is during the winters. 

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This breathtakingly gorgeous location draws not only a large number of tourists but also filmmakers looking to capture some of the greatest sceneries for their films. One of the primary attractions is the Sri Veerabhadhra Temple. The temple is located on a hill and is regarded as one of the five Kshetras. The temple’s setting is gorgeous, with hills in the background, golden sand, and stunning sculptures, making for yet another excellent shooting session. 

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Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum

Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum, founded in 1967, houses some of the most valuable collections of coins, sculptures, and ancient palm-leaf manuscripts. The museum maintains and highlights Andhra Pradesh's cultural significance. 

Virtual Guide from Rajahmundry to Lucknow

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Airport Information

Lucknow Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

Rajahmundry Madhurapudi, Andhra Pradesh 533103

Frequently Asked Questions

Rajahmundry Airport has only one domestic terminal with three boarding gates. There is no international terminal at the Rajahmundry airport.

The airport was built during the British era and had an area of 366 acres. The airport was used by Vayudoot between 1985 and 1994 and then was used by VIF Airways in 1995.

There are around four flights every day from Rajahmundry airport to Lucknow airport. This route has no direct flights, and all the flights are connecting flights. 

IndiGo is the most popular airlines flying from Rajahmundry airport to Lucknow airport.

There are currently no nonstop flights connecting Rajahmundry airport and Lucknow airport. 

IndiGo operates the first flight (which may change) from Rajahmundry airport to Lucknow airport.

The Lucknow airport currently has two terminals. Terminal 1 handles international flights, while Terminal 2 handles domestic flights.

Terminal 1 has three boarding gates, while Terminal 2 has five boarding gates.

Bus, Taxi, Metro and Car rental options are available at the Lucknow airport for its passengers to choose from.

Rajahmundry Airport is located at Madhurapudi, which is 18 km north of Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

The minimum time taken by the flight from Rajahmundry airport to Lucknow airport is about 6 hours 50 minutes.

The Rajahmundry airport is around 18 km from the city centre.

The services available at the Lucknow airport include Baby care, Prayer room, Medical facilities, Cargo, Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, Forex and ATMs and many more. 

The services available at the Rajamundry airport include Baggage scanning services, Free trolleys, Wheelchairs, Childcare room, First-aid medical care, Police assistance, Lost and found baggage counter and many more. 
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Airport Information

Lucknow Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

Rajahmundry Madhurapudi, Andhra Pradesh 533103