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Are you making travel plans from Agartala to Pathankot?You can easily and conveniently buy your airline tickets online with Adani One. To help you choose the most convenient flight option from Agartala to Pathankot at the lowest price, the Adani One airfare calendar will show you all of the potential flight routes as well as ticket discounts and cashback deals. You may use Adani One from a computer or mobile device to book a flight and receive the cheapest airfare offers on the routes of your choice.Pathankot Airport is not currently operational, so there are no direct or connecting flights from Agartala to Pathankot. One needs to travel via Shri Guru Ram Ji International Airport or Amritsar Airport, which is the closest airport to Pathankot. There are several connecting flights flying from Agartala to Amristar with lay


About Pathankot Airport

The nearest airport to Pathankot is Amritsar. The busiest airport in Punjab is Amritsar Airport (IATA: ATQ), also known as Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport. It provides service to Amritsar as well as some regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. It bears the name of Sri Ram Dass Jee, the fourth Sikh Guru who laid the foundation for Amritsar. There is only one terminal at the airport, which handles both local and international travel. AirAsia, Air India, Vistara, Go First, SpiceJet and IndiGo are a few of the well-known airlines that fly here. The airport also offers international services to Canada, Singapore, and Qatar. Modern amenities are available at Amritsar International Airport, including information desks, trolleys that are free to use, lounges, lost and found services, ATMs, duty-free shops, operating parking, and restaurants. About 11 km separate the airport from the city centre. It is simple to get here and back using both public and private transportation. Take a bus, cab, or taxi; they all make it quite easy to get to the airport.

About Pathankot

The popular city of Pathankot in Punjab, India, lies at the base of Dalhousie and Kangra and serves as a gateway to Chamba and Kangra in Himachal Pradesh as well as to some areas of Jammu and Kashmir. It has a rich historical background because it was governed by Muslim, Sikh, and Rajput dynasties before India gained independence. It is a picture-perfect city with a significant cultural appeal, and home to popular tourist destinations, including Mukteshwar Temple, Kathgarh Temple, Nurpur Fort, and Nagni Temple. This charming city is nestled between the Himalayan Shivalik hill ranges and the rivers Chakki and Ravi. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the area are Gurudwara Shri Barth Sahib, Dhar Nature Retreat and Awareness Camp, Atal Setu, Ranjit Sagar Dam, and Kathlour Wildlife Sanctuary. The weather here is warm and moderate. The best time to visit Pathankot is between October and April. This city is one of the oldest in Punjab, as evidenced by the ancient antique coins that have been discovered there. Punjabi is the official language of Pathankot. However, Hindi, Pahari, and Dogri are also spoken locally. Pathankot Airport is located approximately 6.2 km from the city centre, and the railway station is located approximately 500 m from the city. It is one of the most beautiful towns that connects Jammu and Kashmir to the rest of the nation. For centuries, the city was renowned for the shawl-making and loi-weaving industry. Pathankot is well-connected through roads and rails, so you can easily reach the place via public transport, private transport, or railways.

About Agartala Airport

The distance between Agartala and Agartala Airport, also known as Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, is 12 km. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) oversees the third-busiest airport in the northeast. Agartala Airport is built over land measuring 30000 sq m. In 1942, Maharaja Bir Bikram established the airfield, which saw heavy use of the airport during World War II from the 4th Combat Cargo Group. Currently, AAI built a new terminal in 2017 to accommodate an increase in passenger traffic. Modern infrastructure can accommodate 1000 domestic and 200 foreign travellers here. Taxi services are widely accessible for convenient pick-ups and drops. For quick transportation of freight, additional taxiways, and a cargo terminal was also recently built. Six parking spaces, 20 check-in desks, conveyor belts, and several additional passenger amenities are available at the airport to make your travel simple. Handloom goods are inexpensively priced at duty-free shops in the terminal, allowing you to purchase keepsakes for your loved ones.

About Agartala

The capital of Tripura is Agartala, which is situated on the other side of the Haora River. In the northeast, it is the second-largest city. Agartala Airport is located approximately 10 km from the city centre, and the railway station is located approximately 5.5 km from the city. Because of its stunning scenery, illustrious past, and rich culture that local towns have managed to retain, the area is ideal for tourists. The city shares its culture with Bangladesh, which is only a few kilometres away. From 1862 to 1896, Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya of the Manikya Dynasty ruled Tripura. When Tripura became a state, Agartala was declared the capital. Agartala experiences subtropical humidity. With a fairly constant temperature throughout the year, it experiences intense downpours during the monsoon season. The ideal time to visit Agartala is from October to March if you have travel plans. The Bengali and Tripuri tribal populations that live nearby are responsible for this city's distinctive culture. Kokborok is the state's official language, while Bengali is also commonly spoken there. Local food is heavily influenced by Bengali culture. The region's commercial hub is Agartala. The size and population of the city were significantly enhanced at the beginning of the 21st century when several nearby communities were brought under the control of the Agartala Municipal Corporation. There is a shrine there, as well as Maharaja Bir Bikram College and Tripura Engineering College, two colleges connected to Tripura University.

Airport Information


Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Usha Bazar, Agartala, Tripura 799009


Pathankot Airport, 6JFP+FHC, Pathankot, Punjab 145001

Frequently Asked Questions

Agartala's Venuban Buddha Vihar is a little temple dedicated to the Buddha that houses exquisite metal statues of the Buddha and a Bodhisattva.
Nearly 125 km is the distance between the Amritsar Airport from Pathankot. The ideal mode of transportation is a cab. Pathankot may be reached in around 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Some of the city's prominent attractions are Neermahal Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Ujjayanta Palace, and Heritage Park. These locations provide travellers with something distinctive.
Visual artists use the cane and bamboo crafts made in Agartala as their canvases. At Jagat Bazaar, Amulya Market, Battala Market, and Metro Bazaar, you may enjoy street shopping.
Mui Borok, as it is affectionately known by the people of Tripura, is the state's traditional food. The city's traditional food plate always contains one ingredient, Berma. People in Tripura love Berma, which is fermented and dried fish.
Agartala is renowned for its temples, historical significance, and ties to Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore.
Temperatures typically range from 35∞C to 45∞C.
For many decades, Pathankot was well-known for its Loi and shawl weaving industries. The 900-year-old Nurpur Fort, as well as the 350-year-old Mukteshwar Temple, are other further attractions in Pathankot.
Visitors can visit Agartala at any time of year. The best time to go sightseeing is between October and March.
The months of October through March are the ideal times to visit Pathankot. The most pleasant time of year to visit the city is right now.
The Ujjayanta Palace is best visited between October to February because of the lovely, cool weather.
The state has a humid and warm tropical climate.
The Manikya Kings constructed the Goddess Kali-dedicated Kamalasagar Kali Temple in the 15th century. The temple is a well-liked tourist destination because of the picturesque lake in front of it.
The largest military installation in Asia, Mammon Cantt, is located in Pathankot.
Maharaja Ranjit Sagar Dam is a huge lake located in Pathankot, drawing several visitors to admire the serenity of this place. Because of this dam, often Pathankot is also referred to as Mini Goa.