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The aerial distance from Agartala to Rajkot is 2,101 km, and the flight duration is approximately 19 hours. As there are no direct flights between Agartala to Rajkot, the duration of the connecting flights will depend on the flights selected


About Rajkot Airport

Rajkot Airport (IATA code: RAJ) is a domestic public airport located 3 km from the city of Rajkot. It is conveniently located 2 km from the train station. Rajkot Airport has a single integrated terminal. Local taxi services are accessible from the Rajkot airport parking area. Travellers may also use private autos or municipal buses to go about the city.X-ray baggage facilities are provided at the airport, in addition to free trolleys, a lost and found luggage office, wheelchair assistance for the elderly and the physically challenged, childcare facilities, and first-aid.

About Rajkot

Rajkot is the fourth-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, located in the Saurashtra region. It is the former capital of the erstwhile princely state of Rajkot and has become one of Gujarat's most important business hubs. Rajkot was not only home to Mahatma Gandhi but also significant to India's independence struggle. Rajkot is experiencing significant cultural, industrial, and economic growth. It is a cosmopolitan city home to many communities. The most commonly spoken languages are Gujarati, English, Urdu, and Sindhi.When in Rajkot, be sure to try popular local dishes such as Khichdi and Kadhi. If you have a sweet tooth, treat yourself to desserts like Basundi, Ghari Ghevar, Halvasan, Puran Podi, and Shrikhand. Rajkot is famous for Bandhani sarees, silk embroidery, jewellery, zardosi embroidery, and pearl fishing. Popular souvenirs from Rajkot include low-slung chairs and other types of Minakari furniture. The best time to visit Rajkot is in the winter, from October to February. Consider visiting Rajkot at the beginning of the winter season to enjoy the Navratri festival.

About Agartala Airport

Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IATA code: IXA) or Agartala Airport is an international airport approximately 12 km northwest of Agartala, Tripura's state capital. After Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport and Imphal Airport, it is the third-busiest international airport in northeastern India. The Airports Authority of India manages the airport.Agartala Airport has one terminal. The new terminal has 20 check-in counters, 6 parking bays, 4 aerobridges, conveyor belts, escalators, and lifts. Apart from the new terminal complex, another runway of the same length as the present runway is being built.Taxis are available, and bus services connect travellers to and from the city. Although a car rental counter is not available at the Agartala Airport terminal, several local service providers offer pick-ups and drop-offs. The arrival and departure lounge at Agartala Airport has various places to eat, as well as a book stall and a handloom and handicraft stall

About Agartala

Agartala is the state capital of Tripura and one of the most prominent cities in the northeast. The Agartala Municipal Corporation governs the city, and the state government of Tripura is based there. It lies on the banks of the Haora River. Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman was the founder of the planned city of Agartala. The city rose to prominence when the Manikya dynasty made Agartala their capital. Maharaj Krishna Manikya moved his capital from Rangamati in Udaipur, North Tripura, to Agartala in the 19th century.This city, which is 96 km from Bangladesh, is culturally diverse. Agartala is a major tourist destination because of its wildlife sanctuaries, museums, ancient buildings and monuments. Agartala is a great place to shop for bamboo and cane items and handicrafts.

Airport Information


Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Usha Bazar, Agartala, Tripura 799009


Rajkot Civil Airport, Gandhigram, Civil Aerodrome, Rajkot, Gujarat 360006

Frequently Asked Questions

There is one connecting flight operating daily from Agartala to Rajkot.
The best time to visit Rajkot is October to February, the winter season, as the average temperature is 22∞C, which is extremely pleasan
Rajkot, a popular tourist destination in India, is recognised for its regal past and awe-inspiring Anglo-Indian architecture. The city is also known for its ties with Mahatma Gandhi and its gardens and museums. You can visit many important tourist places in Rajkot, such as the Rotary Dolls Museum and Lang Library.
Agartala is Tripura's pride and joy, as it is a world-renowned cultural centre. As a city with a rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is also known for handicrafts and music
At Agartala Airport, there are plenty of wheelchair ramps, and passengers can easily avail of wheelchairs from the airline ticketing counter. The elevators are equipped with Braille symbols and auditory signals for the visually impaired. The airport also has independent toilets for the differently-abled.
Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, and English are the main languages spoken in Rajkot.
Different airlines have different rules, but you can carry dry food on almost every flight. You should pack your food properly so that it does not spill.
Air India operates the most flights on the Agartala to Rajkot route.
No, it is not necessary. However, we recommend paying a small insurance fee while booking the Agartala to Rajkot flight for safety.
Bus services connect various points in Agartala city to the airport. You can also take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from the city centre
Agartala's cuisine is a blend of the Tripuri and Bengali cultures. One must try Muya Awandru, a Tripuri food item made of bamboo shoots, rice flour, and Berma (fermented, dried fish). Chuak, a traditional rice beer, is also popular.
The IATA code for Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport or Agartala International Airport is IXA. Rajkot Airport has the code RA