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Amritsar to Aizawl Flights

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Are you looking for a flight from Amritsar to Aizawl?

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Flights from Amritsar to Aizawl


About Aizawl Airport 

Aizawl Airport, also known as Lengpui Airport (IATA: ALJ), is located 32 km from the city centre. It is one of the few major domestic airports built and maintained by the state government. It is connected to prominent cities like Guwahati, Agartala, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

Aizawl Airport has only one terminal, which handles both arrivals and departures. Even though it has a single terminal, it has various facilities for the convenience of passengers. The facilities include free trolleys, a post office, prepaid taxi counters, assistance for the physically disabled and senior residents, wheelchairs, ATMs, and cash counters, among others.

aizawl airport
About Aizawl

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is an ancient city located 11,500 ft above sea level and surrounded by hills and lush greenery. The city is known for its handicrafts, agricultural products and ethnic goods.

Aizawl is a peaceful vacation destination for families, couples, or groups of friends. It is a great place for everyone who loves nature. The nearby hilly regions of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake and Chanmari are some prominent attractions around Aizawl. However, it is not just the sites around Aizawl that are beautiful; it is their culture too. The locals and tribespeople follow a local moral code called ‘Tlawmngaihna’. It encourages the locals to be friendly, hospitable, kind, helpful and generous to others.

Aizawl can be visited at any time of the year. The summers are relaxing and pleasant here, with temperatures hovering around 25°C. Although winters in Aizawl are cold, you can visit this beautiful city in winter because of the holiday season and the various festivals that are celebrated during this period.

An important thing to note while travelling to Aizawl is that the Inner Line Pass, or ILP, is required to enter Mizoram. It can be obtained from the Liason Offices located in Delhi, Silchar, Kolkata, Guwahati and Shillong.

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Dampa Tiger Reserve

The Dampa Tiger Reserve is a magnificent wildlife sanctuary nestled in the deep, dense jungles of Mizoram. It is home to a variety of tropical floral species and animals. Although it is located about 127 km from Aizawl, the experience it offers makes travel worth it.  

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Situated on the northern side of Aizawl, about 27 km from the city centre, Durtlang Hills offer panoramic views of the city. The best time to visit Durtlang Hills is in the mornings when the sunlight is not as intense as in the afternoon. 

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Falkawn Village

The village, located 18 km from the city centre, reflects the lifestyle and culture of the Mizos, the largest tribe in the province. The village offers a unique experience to tourists visiting Mizoram for the first time.  

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The hill station, located about 50 km from the city centre, is known for trekking and wildlife-related activities that attract many hikers and adventure lovers. It boasts lush virgin forests. A popular festival called Thalfavang Kut is celebrated here in November.  

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Mizoram State Museum

The museum houses Textile Gallery, Ethnology Gallery, History Gallery, Anthropology Gallery, Natural History, and Archeology Gallery. The galleries display the rich heritage of Mizoram. 

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The Reiek Tlang, commonly known as Reiek, is a place popular among bird lovers, located 30 km from the city. It is located 1,600 m above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the city. The best time to visit Reiek is in the mornings as the air is fresh and calm.  


About Amritsar Airport 

Amritsar Airport, also called Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Airport (IATA Code: ATQ), is named after the fourth Sikh Guru and the city’s founder. It is the largest airport serving Punjab and is located 11 km northwest of Amritsar’s city centre.

There is only one passenger terminal at Amritsar Airport, which caters to international as well as domestic flights. The airport has 27 check-in counters, 12 immigration counters, 12 customs counters, and two security check booths, and is capable of handling 600 people at a time. Currency exchange, restaurants, cafes, VIP rooms, book stores, free trolleys, wheelchairs, help desk counters, and restrooms are some facilities provided at the airport for passengers’ convenience.

amritsar airport
About Amritsar

The word ‘Amritsar’ comes from the Amrit Sarovar, a reservoir surrounding the majestic Golden Temple. Guru Ramdas, the fourth Guru of Sikhs, laid the foundation for Amritsar in 1579. The majestic Golden Temple, also referred to as Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara, is the main attraction in Amritsar, which the city is known for.

Amritsar has several monuments built in the British style of architecture as it was a key city back then. In addition to its monuments, the city is famous for its delicious Punjabi dishes, like Amritsari kulcha, bhature, lassi, and langar ka prasad.

Amritsar's climate is harsh, and it has scorching summers and freezing winters. In summer, temperatures reach up to 4°C; in winter, they drop to 3°C. The period from October to March is the best time to visit Amritsar.

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Akal Takht

Shri Hargobind Singh, one of the Sikh gurus, finished building this structure in 1609. The literal meaning of Akal Takht is the ‘throne of the timeless’. It boasts a beautiful structure and is one of the five takhts of Sikhs.

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Gobindgarh Fort

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Partition Museum

The museum houses writings and artefacts from the time of the partition of India. It captures the emotions of those who had to leave their lands and move to a new country. The museum is 2 km from the city centre and is a must-visit destination.

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Jallianwala Bagh

This place is the site of a significant event in India’s freedom struggle. It is a reminder of Amritsar's past during British rule. It is the place where British soldiers opened fire on a peaceful gathering of men, women, and children.

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Shri Durgiana Tirth

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The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is also called Darbar Sahib of Harmandir Sahib. The entire dome of the structure is gilded with gold, and its walls feature Meenakari work and writings from the Guru Granth Sahib. It is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day, and serves langar for free.

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Wagah Border

The Wagah Border, located about 30 km away from Amritsar, is the line that separates India and Pakistan. The famous Beating Retreat ceremony is held here, wherein soldiers of both nations greet each other in a rather theatrical fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IATA code of Amritsar Airport is ATQ. 

Aizawl Airport has a lounge area where you can shop for handicrafts or eat at its restaurants. 

Amritsar's Golden Temple is open from 5 am to 10 pm.  

Yes, there are several duty-free shops at Aizawl Airport.  

No, there is no accommodation facility at the airport, but you can find several hotels near the airport. 

Airport authorities recommend that you arrive 90 minutes before departure for your domestic flight. 

No, separate childcare lounges are not available at the airport, but the airport has nappy change rooms at Departures and Arrivals. 

No, you can get it at the air terminal. However, it is more convenient to get it online in advance. 

Flight schedules change frequently, so it is best to check the information on Adani One. 

Yes, vegetarian food options are available on Amritsar to Aizawl flights. 

Different airlines have different rules and regulations regarding carrying food on board. For more information, please check your airline's policy.  

No, alcohol is not served on a domestic flight.  

Free trolleys, a post office, prepaid taxi counters, assistance for the physically disabled and senior residents, wheelchairs, ATMs and cash counters are some amenities at the airport. 

March to May is considered the perfect time to visit Aizawl. 

Kot Pitha, Fried Bamboo Shoot, Bai and Chhum Han are some famous dishes of Aizawl. 
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Airport Information

Aizawl 796421, Mamit Rd, Lengpui, Mizoram 796421

Amritsar Ajnala Rd, opp. Hotel Blue Radison, Raja Sansi, Punjab 143101