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As there are no direct or connecting flights that operate between the two cities yet, you can book a connecting flight from Amritsar to Jammu, and then travel to Pathankot by road. There are about 4-5 connecting flights from Amritsar to Jammu every day, all of which have a layover of varying durations in New Delhi. The shortest flight on this route is operated by Vistara, which has a layover of 2 hours and 5 minutes in New Delhi, and the total duration is 5 hours and 10 minutes.

From Jammu Airport, Pathankot is approximately 103 km away, and it takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to cover the distance by road. However, since Pathankot is only 115 km away from Amritsar, the easiest way for travellers to get to Pathankot is via a taxi or a bus.

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About Pathankot Airport

Pathankot Airport (IATA: IXP) is a regional airport, located about 6 km from the main city. There is one terminal at the airport that handles domestic flights to primarily Delhi. The various facilities available at the airport include restaurants, souvenir shops, information desks, wheelchair assistance, medical facilities, etc.The airport functions as a civil enclave on an Indian Air Force facility. Passenger services at Pathankot Airport started only in 2006. Air India is the major airline operating out of Pathankot Airport.

About Pathankot

Situated on the foothills of Dalhousie and Kangra, Pathankot is often the rest stop for those commuting to the Himalayan destinations like Dalhousie, Jammu, Chamba, Kangra, Dharamshala, and Jwalaji. Surrounded by the Shivalik range of the Himalayas and the river Chakki, it is a strategically important city in Punjab.Moreover, Pathankot is an educational hub for the students from nearby towns in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Pathankot is also a commercial centre, with timber being its primary resource for trade. The city is also of great military importance as it is located extremely close to the Pakistan border.Pathankot, earlier known as Paithan during the Mughal era, has a vibrant culture and history. It is one of the oldest cities in Punjab and was also called Audumbara before Paithan. The Tomara clan of Chandravanshi Rajputs ruled over Pathankot, and it later became a part of the Nurpur state before becoming a part of the Mughal Empire.The climate in Pathankot remains pleasant throughout the year, and the roadways and railways connect the city fairly well to the rest of the country.

Place to visit in Pathankot


Mukteshwar Temple


City Centre Mall


Nagini Temple


Nurpur Fort


Ranjit Sagar Dam


Shahpurkandi Fort

About Amritsar Airport

Named after Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh guru, Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, or Amritsar Airport (IATA: ATQ), serves as a gateway to Amritsar and the Golden Temple. It is located around 11 km from the city and is one of the most important airports in the country, connecting the city to some of the major international and Indian cities. The airport has only one passenger terminal for both domestic and international flights, and the various facilities available at the terminal of the airport include VIP lounges, restaurants, cafes, mobile charging ports, souvenir shops, duty-free shops, ATMs, currency exchange offices, wheelchair assistance, medical facilities, etc. To reach the airport from the city, one can use a taxi or bus, available everywhere in the city.

About Amritsar

Once known as Ramdaspur, Amritsar is one of the largest cities in Punjab. It is also known as Ambarsar and is an important cultural and economic centre in the state. The city's primary attraction is the Harmandir Sahib or the iconic Golden Temple, which is why Amritsar is visited by over thousands of people every year.Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru, is credited with foudning this holy city. Amritsar was originally developed as the twin city of Lahore and is of extreme strategic importance to India as it borders Pakistan. The Wagah Border, which is shared by India and Pakistan, is situated about 32 km from Amritsar. Another highly crucial historical site, the Jallianwala Bagh, is located in the city.Due to its rich history and religious significance, Amritsar is one of the most popular cities in India among tourists. The people of Amritsar are predominantly Sikh, with Punjabi and Hindi being the most widely spoken languages.

Place to visit in Amritsar


Partition Museum


Jallianwala Bagh


Khairuddin Mosque


Ram Bagh Gardens


The Golden Temple


Wagah Border


Airport Information


Opp. Hotel Blue Radison, Ajnala Rd, Raja Sansi, Punjab 143101


Pathankot Airport, 6JFP+FHC, Pathankot, Punjab 145001

Frequently Asked Questions

The IATA code for Amritsar's Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is ATQ, whereas the IATA code for Pathankot Airport is IXP.
As of now, there are no flights from Amritsar to Pathankot. The alternative is to take a flight from Amritsar to Jammu, and then travel to Pathankot by road. From Amritsar, there are around 4-5 connecting flights that operate daily, of which the shortest flight takes 5 hours and 10 minutes to reach. However, since Pathankot is only 115 km away from Pathankot, it is best to travel via a taxi or a bus.
The aerial distance between Amritsar to Pathankot is approximately 101 km.
The distance from Amritsar to Pathankot is only around 115 km, and it takes approximately 2 hours to reach by road. Travelling by car is, in fact, the best way to reach Pathankot from Amritsar.
Vistara, Go First, and Air India are the most preferred airlines operating flights from Amritsar to Jammu.
Jammu Airport is approximately 103 km from Pathankot, and it takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Pathankot from Jammu Airport by road.
Different airlines have different rules about carrying food items on flights. Please check the airline's policy for more information. However, in general, dry food which is properly packed is allowed on all domestic flights.
Amritsar Airport is located about 11 km from the main city and can be reached by bus or taxi in about 20 minutes.
Passengers can usually carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of check-in luggage on an economy-class domestic flight. Some airlines may have a different policy, and therefore, it is always a good idea to check the baggage rules before checking in at the airport.
Golden Temple is situated about 13 km from Amritsar Airport and can be easily reached via a taxi or rental car in about 30 minutes.
A minimum of 2-3 days are required to explore all the popular places in Pathankot. If you wish to visit some of the nearby locations, keep an extra day in hand.
The best time to visit Pathankot is between October and February. The temperatures during the winters range between 5∞C and 25∞C, which is ideal for tourism.
Yes, 2-3 days should be enough to visit all the major attractions in Amritsar, like the Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, and the Golden Temple. However, to explore all the other attractions, one needs at least another day.
The winter season, from November to March, is the best time to visit Amritsar as the temperature during that time drops to around 5∞C, which makes the weather pleasant and comfortable for sightseeing.
Pashmina shawls, wooden products, and a few other souvenirs from the local markets are some of the items that one can shop for in Pathankot.