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Are you looking for a flight from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry? All you have to do is visit Adani One and you will be provided a list of the cheapest flights from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry along with a detailed airfare calendar and a list of flights organised by price. In order to avail exclusive flight deals, cashback, and maximum discounts on your flight tickets, book your tickets on Adani One. Use the web check-in option to avoid long queues and unnecessary hassle at the last minute. Adani One is here to make booking flights hassle-free, economical, and convenient.The distance between Aurangabad and Rajahmundry is more than 1000 km, and it takes approximately 18 hours to complete the journey via car or bus. Therefore, flights are your best bet. There are a few connecting flights from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry, operated majorly by IndiGo. There are no direct flights from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry, and the connecting flights usually have a layover in Hyderabad. So what’re you waiting for? Book your flight tickets from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry today on Adani One!

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10h 40m₹6,270
05h 50m₹6,270

Aurangabad to Rajahmundry Flight Information

Shortest Time of flights

05h 50m

First Flight

IndiGo 6E-7259,departs at 09:05

Last Flight

IndiGo 6E-7147, departs at 21:10

Popular Airlines from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry


Total flights to Travel from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry in a day


Airport Codes for Aurangabad and Rajahmundry

IXU-Aurangabad, RJA-Rajahmundry

About Rajahmundry Airport

Rajahmundry Airport (IATA code: RJA) is located in Madhurapudi, 16 km north of Rajahmundry, on National Highway 516E. It was built under British rule and was served by Vayudoot between 1985 to 1995. It was renovated in 2007, and now it occupies over 366 acres and can handle 150 passengers during peak hours. It is a domestic airport that is well-connected to major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. It offers various facilities such as check-in counters, hotel booking centres, prepaid taxis, medical and childcare facilities, charging points, Wi-Fi, etc. Special facilities also help international travellers map travel plans and book tourist buses. It has only one domestic terminal at the airport with three boarding gates. Additional plans to lengthen the runway are now being developed, and the government has allotted INR 80 crores to fund these efforts. From this airport, you can get connecting flights between Aurangabad and Rajahmundry, with a layover in Hyderabad. The nearest railway station to the airport is Rajahmundry Railway Station which is approximately 16 km away. The airport is also well connected by road, with several options like cabs, autorickshaws, and buses, both private and state-owned, plying on this route.

About Rajahmundry

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is officially known as ëRajamahendravaram'. The city was built in the 19th century by Raja (King) Narendra and is named after him. The city is known as the birthplace of the Telugu language. Its popular tourist spots include Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Temple, and Iskcon Temple (also called Gowthami Ghat). Rajahmundry holds significance in the fields of literature, art, and science. It is the birthplace of film director Adurthi Subbarao and Nannaya íAdi Kavi, the first poet to create a Telugu script and write in it. Although most of the city is now urbanised, places close to the Godavari River still offer scenic views. Every 12 years, Rajahmundry hosts the Godavari Pushkaram Festival, which is held along the banks of the Godavari River. There, devotees take a dip to wash off their sins. The Godavari River, called Akhand Godavari, is widest when it flows through Rajahmundry. The city, in particular the Godavari Ghat, is considered one of the significant sites of the Pushkaram festival. The Godavari Ghat is also an ideal spot to watch sunrise and sunset, with the nearby ISKON and Saraswati Temples. The best time to visit the city of Rajahmundry is between October and March. You must go to the following places if you travel from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry.

Place to visit in Rajahmundry


Iskcon Temple




Pushkar Ghat

About Aurangabad Airport

Aurangabad Airport or Chikkalthana Airport (IATA: IXU) is located 6.5 km east of Aurangabad city centre. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the airport from the city centre. The Airports Authority of India owns the airport with one passenger terminal on a 1,90,000 square ft area. The airport is located 582 m above sea level. The terminal building can accommodate around 200 passengers per hour. There are numerous facilities available at the airport for domestic and international travellers. The airport has been designed based on Maharashtrian culture, which is reflected in the resting areas. Essential services at the airport include trolleys, shops, restaurants, tourist counters, brand outlets, and taxi booking counters. The nearest railway station, the Aurangabad Railway Station, is located 11 km away. There are state transport buses and private modes of transport, such as prepaid taxis, cabs, buses, etc., which allow you to reach the airport easily from your location.

About Aurangabad

Aurangabad is the largest city in the Marathwada region, known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. The city got its name from the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, who made it his headquarters in the 17th century. While it generally has pleasant weather, it is best to visit it in winter or monsoon to avoid the heat. To make the most of your trip to Aurangabad, you should visit it towards the beginning of the monsoon season. Aurangabad is the only Indian city with two World Heritage Sites to its name. It is famously known for its rich monuments as well as for serving as a transit point to the well-known Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are a World Heritage Site and home to almost 47 different caves representing ancient Buddhist artwork. Although they are often referred to as one monument, the caves are all distinct a are located some distance away from one another. Boasting rich Mughal architecture, Aurangabad is also home to many temples, such as Jyotirlinga Grishneshwar Temple and Bhadra Maruti Temple. Paithan, famous for its Paithani sarees, also lies close to Aurangabad.

Place to visit in Aurangabad


Ajanta Caves


Bibi Ka Maqbara


Ellora Caves


Siddharth Garden and Zoo


Airport Information


Aurangabad Airport, Jalna Road, MIDC Industrial Area, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006


Rajahmundry Airport, Madhurapudi, Andhra Pradesh 533103

Frequently Asked Questions

You can carry food like vegetables, fruits, dry snacks, etc. Make sure to carry the food in a spill-proof container. Please check the airlineís policy for more information on carrying food items while travelling.
You can reach Rajahmundry airport via cab. The airport is located 16 km from the city centre. You can also take a city bus to the airport if you are comfortable with public transport and know the route.
You need at least four days to visit all the places. Moreover, if you want to explore the culture and cuisine as well as the monuments, book your stay for at least a week.
The Godavari River flows through Rajahmundry. It is at its broadest point at this point, about 5 km wide.
No, there are no beaches in Aurangabad. You can always go to Goa, which is the neighbouring state, or you can visit one of the unspoiled beaches of Konkan.
There are numerous facilities available at Rajahmundry Airport, including Wi-Fi, taxi services, hotel booking centres, eating outlets, and shopping areas.
The best time to visit Rajahmundry is between October and March.
The city of Aurangabad was originally known as Khadki and Fatehnagar. It was renamed Aurangabad after the Mughal emperor, Aurangazeb. It remained the seat of Mughal power until its decline.
Rajahmundry is in the East Godavari District. It was the first of its cities to become a corporation.
You can check out Adani One to book flights from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry.
A few airlines offer connecting flights from Aurangabad to Rajahmundry, and IndiGo most frequently operates on this route.
The ancient kingdom of Chalukyas made Rajahmundry their home and named it their capital city. Rajahmundry is regarded as Andhra Pradeshís cultural backbone because it is thought to be the place of origin of the Telugu language. In addition to this, it played an important role in the Indian independence struggle.