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Are you looking to fly from Bangaluru to Lakshadweep? Adani One provides a convenient one-stop shop for booking flight tickets online. Get a full itinerary of available flights and choose the one that suits you the best. All you need to do is put in a date, your source, and your destination airports. Adani’s airfare calendar will get you the best air ticket deals. Get awesome discounts and cashback offers, especially if you book your tickets for a round trip. You can also get discounted airfares if you book your tickets in advance. This is your chance to go on that vacation to Lakshadweep if you have been thinking about it for a while. Log in to Adani One on your computer or mobile phone and start browsing affordable flight tickets!There are no non-stop flights from Bangaluru to Lakshadweep. Currently, Alliance Air runs a single domestic flight from Bangalore to Lakshadweep, with a 30 minute layover in Kochi. The flight duration is 3 hours and 10 minutes, which covers an aerial distance of 604 km

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03h 20m₹7,228
02h 10m₹7,517
Alliance Air07:05
03h 25m₹9,810

Bangalore to Lakshadweep Flight Information

Shortest Time of flights

02h 10m

First Flight

Alliance Air 9I-505,departs at 07:05

Last Flight

IndiGo 6E-7271, departs at 10:50

Popular Airlines from Bangalore to Lakshadweep

IndiGo, Alliance Air

Total flights to Travel from Bangalore to Lakshadweep in a day


Airport Codes for Bangalore and Lakshadweep

BLR-Bangalore, AGX-Lakshadweep

About Lakshadweep Airport

Agatti Airport (IATA: AGX, ICAO: VOAT) is a domestic airport on the southern end of Agatti Island. It is the only airport in Lakshadweep. Agatti Airport only operates domestic flights and has a single terminal with a single boarding gate. There is a 25-passenger maximum per departure and arrival at this facility. The 566 sq m terminal contains a check-in desk and a security counter. Agatti Island Airport manages flights to and from Kochi. Travellers can find auto-rickshaws outside the airport to take them where they want to go. Agatti Airport also provides boat transportation to Bangaram Island. The airport has wheelchairs and medical facilities. Visitors can stop at the snack bar and beverage centre at the airport terminal to get something to eat or quench their thirst while they wait for their flights. The lovely surroundings make it unlikely that guests will get bored. With a runway that seems to extend into the deep blue ocean, the airport is in and of itself a work of art.

About Lakshadweep

Agatti Island is a 7.6 km long, beautiful island in Lakshadweep, a Union Territory of India. The island exists on the Agatti Atoll, a rim of coral that encircles a lagoon. Agatti Island is around 459 km west of Kochi, a major port city in Kerala. When Cheraman Perumal, the last king of the Chera dynasty, ruled Kerala, people began to settle on Agatti Island for the first time. Eventually, people started dwelling on other islands in Lakshadweep such as Amini, Kalpeni, Androt, Kavaratti, etc. According to archaeological evidence, Buddhists may also have lived here in the 5th and 6th centuries. It is said that the famous Arab traveller, Ibn Batuta, may have visited the island. As of now, the majority population of Agatti Island is Muslim. Agatti Island has a diverse culture. While the majority population is Muslim, they have kept their tribal heritage alive. The original inhabitants of Lakshadweep were Hindus who migrated from Kerala's Malabar coast in the 7th century and converted to Islam. It is reported that a man named Abdullah was instrumental in spreading Islam on this island. Being a tropical island, Agatti Island gets quite hot throughout the year. The summer months of April to June get an average of 32∞C, while the winter months of November to March still have a temperature range of 26-31∞C. Agatti gets plenty of rainfall from May to October, with heavy monsoon rain during June and July. Agatti Island is open to tourists, but they have to follow certain rules. Travellers have to get an entry permit from the Lakshadweep administration. Without that, it is illegal to travel to Agatti, even if you are an Indian citizen. This is because Lakshadweep is an island cluster of strategic importance. The Indian Navy has a heavy presence in the area, and some of the tribes here are protected. So all entry and exit are monitored for the sake of national security. It is also considerably harder for foreign nationals to gain an entry permit compared to Indian citizens.

About Bangalore Airport

Kempegowda International Airport (IATA: BLR, ICAO: VOBL) is the official name of Bangalore Airport. Bangalore Airport is around 30 km north of the city, close to the Devanahalli suburb. The airport has a total area of 4,000 acres. A single integrated passenger terminal manages both local and international flights. Twenty million passengers are facilitated by this airport each year. While check-in and baggage reclaim are located on the ground floor, the departure gates are on the first floor. Bangalore Airport has a solid engineering wing. An aircraft engine can be quickly changed at the MRO facility, thanks to supporting equipment such as Quick Engine Change (QEC). The airport is connected to over 40 domestic cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Bangalore Airport also has flights to 15 international cities like London, Abi Dhabi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, etc. Kempegowda International Airport is connected to the city by NH 44. To speed up transport to and from the city, a six-lane flyover was constructed over NH 44 between Hebbal and the airport in January 2014. The shuttle bus ride from the train station to the airport terminal takes only five minutes. Five trains run between Devanahalli and Bangalore every day. Two metro stations are being developed on the airport premises. A second runway and a passenger terminal are also being built. You can easily get a taxi, rental car, or bus from the airport grounds.

About Bangalore

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital and largest city of Karnataka. It is the third-most populous city in India. Bangalore, located on the Deccan Plateau at about 900 m, is noted for its pleasant temperature all year. It has the highest altitude of any large city in India. Because of its status as an IT and software centre, the city has earned the nickname Silicon Valley of India. According to a stone inscription in the Nageshwara Temple in Begur, Bangalore, the city's history goes back to roughly 890 CE. Bengaluru Kalaga is mentioned in the Begur inscription. It was a watershed moment in Bangalore's history when we got the word Bangalore for the first time. Bangalore was made the capital of Karnataka in 1830 and has remained since independence. Bangalore's topography is mostly flat, while the city's western areas are hilly. At 962 m, Doddabettahalli is the regionís tallest peak, located towards the northwest. The town has no notable rivers. However, the Arkavathi and South Pennar rivers meet in the Nandi Hills, 60 km to the north. During summer, visitors across India come to Bangalore to enjoy the city's prominent tourist attractions and an active nightlife. Due to the significant amount of planned greenery in the city, Bangalore is also known as the City of Gardens. Bangalore is accessible from practically all major Indian airports and many international airports. The city is well-connected by public transport such as buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.

Airport Information


Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300


Agatti Airport, R5HH+6PV, Airport Rd, Agatti, Lakshadweep 682553

Frequently Asked Questions

A lagoon is a shallow body of water largely cut off from the main sea by a thin boundary of land. The lagoon is still connected to the sea, but only through a small section of water. As a result, the waters of a lagoon are largely calm and, due to their shallow depth, are safe to walk on. Lagoons are a great habitat for a plethora of marine species like corals, crabs, and luminescent plankton.
One of Bangalore's most well-known desserts is called Kayi Holige. Other varieties include Shenga, Holige, and Bele Holige. The most popular way to enjoy a hot Holige is with ghee added on top, which makes it extraordinary.
The Kempegowda International Airport is a major international airport that serves the Indian state of Karnataka and its capital city, Bangalore. It is situated approximately 30 km to the north of the city, close to the Devanahalli suburb, and it encompasses a land area of 4,000 acres.
Agatti is the ideal place to go for a beach vacation. Agatti has some pristine white beaches that can compete with those in Jamaica. Because of the island's tropical environment, it is a perfect place to sunbathe while resting on the pure, white sand beneath azure skies and close to the breathtaking Arabian Sea. Go on long walks on the beaches covered with giant coconut trees while breathing clean air.
The recommended route from Bangalore to Lakshadweep is to take a flight. You will have a layover in Kochi, from where you can fly directly to Agatti Airport.
Both Mumbai and Bangalore are Indian megacities. Bangalore is the IT, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology hub of India, while Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Both cities are great, and you should choose between living in Mumbai and Bangalore based on what kind of work you do. If you are a stockbroker, Mumbai might be a better choice. But if you are a computer engineer, Bangalore is the place to be.
The weather in Agatti is similar to the climate in Kerala. The hottest months of the year are from March to June. Most of the year, there is a temperature range of 25∞C to 35∞C with a humidity of 70ñ76%. The annual rainfall average is 1600 mm. But being a tropical island, don't expect temperate weather like in Bangalore. Agatti is largely warm throughout the year.
Agatti is one of the Lakshadweep islands accessible to Indian visitors. However, visitors are welcome on the island with specific restrictions. To access or visit the island, one must get an entry permit from the Lakshadweep administration. You can also arrange day trips to Bangaram, Thinnakara, and Kalpitti islands from Agatti.
Bangalore or Bangalore, is a prominent IT hub, commonly referred to as India's Silicon Valley. Many major IT companies in the world have their headquarters and effective operations in Bangalore. Bangalore is home to numerous Indian tech companies and startups, in addition to foreign firms. It is known for its charm, opulent modern lifestyle, and superior living comfort.
Yes. According to Mercer's 2020 Cost of Living Survey, Bangalore comes in at number 171 on the list of the most expensive cities in the world and number four on the list of the most expensive cities in India.
The landscape of Bangalore is undulating, with a central ridge that spans north-northeast to south-southwest. The highest point is Doddabettahalli, located along this ridge and stands at 962 m. The Arkavathi and the Dakshina Pinakini rivers cross paths close to the Nandi Hills, located approximately 60 km to the north.
Bangalore's climate is consistently pleasant, with average temperatures in the 20s (∞C) around the year. The city also gets ample rainfall during the monsoon season.
Tandoori Chicken, Bangalore Biryani, Gundu Palav, Sheek kebabs, Sheek Rolls, Chicken kebabs, Rumali Rotis, and a variety of other dishes are among the popular dishes in the city.
Agatti is a tropical island famous for coral reefs, pristine beaches with white sand, clear blue water, and a variety of marine life. Lakshadweep as a whole has the best beaches in India and you can have a lot of fun here with boating, scuba diving, etc.
Lakshadweep is to the west of Kavaratti Island, at a distance of 459 km from Kochi, which is equivalent to 248 nautical miles.