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Belgaum to Kanpur Flights

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Are you looking for a flight from Belgaum to Kanpur? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Here, you will get complete information on Belgaum to Kanpur flight ticket prices and what places you should visit in Kanpur and Belgaum. If you haven’t booked your flight tickets from Belgaum to Kanpur yet, you can do it on Adani One in some easy steps. On Adani One, you will find a comprehensive airfare calendar for flight ticket booking from Belgaum to Kanpur. You can also book return-flight tickets to avail of great discounts.

As of now, there are no direct flights from Belgaum to Kanpur. You can opt for the connecting flights to reach Kanpur. Mumbai and New Delhi connect both cities. Belgaum to Kanpur flights operate on the following route: Belgaum to New Delhi or Mumbai and from New Delhi or Mumbai to Kanpur. SpiceJet currently offers connecting flights for both cities.

You can use Adani One to compare online flight ticket bookings from Belgaum to Kanpur and select the one that best fits your budget. Adani One provides the cheapest flight tickets from Belgaum to Kanpur. In addition, it offers special deals for domestic one-way and return-journey flights.

Flights from Belgaum to Kanpur


About Kanpur Airport

Kanpur Airport (IATA code: KNU), known as the Chakeri Air Force Station, was initially intended for the Indian Air Force.

A modern baggage handling system is available at the airport’s domestic terminal. It is well-equipped with modern safety features. There is no charge for baggage handling on the premises. Kanpur Airport also has a wheelchair-accessible environment for the physically challenged. Several transportation options connect the airport to the city, including taxis, buses and rental cars.

Kanpur Airport
About Kanpur

Kanpur, located on the banks of the holy Ganga River, is one of India’s leading industrial centres. This place of historical importance is easily accessible from all major Indian cities. Kanpur is one of North India’s primary industrial and economic centres and the country’s ninth-largest metropolitan economy. It is also called the ‘Manchester of India’. It has recently experienced a rise in various areas such as food manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, jewellery making and packaging. Kanpur, in addition to being an industrial centre, has several tourist attractions.

The best time to visit Kanpur is from November to February when the weather is generally pleasant. Kanpur is situated on NH 2 and NH 25, on state highways and on the key Delhi-Howrah railway track lines. It is approximately 126 m above sea level. You can visit various historical places such as JK Temple, Moti Jheel and Bithoor when visiting Kanpur.

Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

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JK Temple

It is also known as Shri Radhakrishna Temple, which is approximately a century old. It is a spectacular sight and one of the most peculiar locations to visit in Kanpur. The temple contains five shrines housed in distinct towers, evoking the traditional vernacular form of temple building. The primary temple is devoted to Lord Radhakrishna, whereas the others house Lakshminarayana, Narmadeshwar, Ardhanarishwar and Hanuman statues. 

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Bithoor town is situated on the banks of the Ganges River. It is a significant spiritual centre that draws hundreds of Hindu pilgrims every day. The Brahm Ghat and Patthar Ghat are popular places for the holy swim, and the Valmiki Ashram is where Sita Devi is said to have resided during her exile. 

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Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park, is a favourite meeting place for Kanpur residents looking for fresh air and outdoor sports. The park was built in honour of Nana Sahib after India’s independence; it was originally a monument for the British women and children slain during the 1857 Rebellion. Today, this metropolitan area has well-kept lawns and colourful flower beds, creating a picturesque environment for a romantic stroll.


About Belgaum Airport

The Royal Air Force established Belgaum Airport in 1942. Belgaum Airport is located in the northern part of Karnataka, at a distance of 499 km north of Bangalore and 550 km from Mumbai. The IATA code for the airport is IXG.

The terminal building has a lovely design and is flanked by beautiful gardens. The new terminal building and enlarged runway were formally inaugurated on 14 September 2017. The airport lies 15 km from the city centre, adjacent to SH 20.

The airport’s total size is 3600 sq m and the ATC stands 22.5-m tall. A car parking facility is available for 160 cars. Moreover, 11 VIP car parking facility is available at the airport. Karnataka State Industrial Security Force is responsible for the security of the airport. The airport terminal can accommodate 300 passengers for both arrivals and departures. It has two baggage conveyor belts and ten check-in counters.

Belgaum Airport
About Belgaum

Belgaum is one of the Western Ghats’ most important and historic towns. The city’s natural beauty and historical significance draw numerous tourists from all over the country and world. It is a verdant green city with waterfalls, wildlife parks and hiking trails. Aside from exploring the city for its natural landscape, one can also visit old monuments and forts with fascinating histories. Belgaum is also well-known for its exquisite cotton sarees. With its cotton and silk weavers, the historic town contrasts well with the modern, busy and tree-lined British cantonments.

Belgaum has several forts, temples and churches that can be visited. It is located in the cultural transitional zone between Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa, and its history can be traced back to the 2nd century AD. Because of its proximity to Maharashtra and Goa, Belgaum has adopted their cultural flavours and merged them with local Kannada culture to produce a rich history that is unique in the region. The primary languages of Belgaum are Kannada and Marathi. The weather is pleasant through most of the year, except during the summer months of March to May.

Belgaum has a plethora of excellent restaurants and cafes, making it an ideal destination for food lovers. Every famous restaurant has a speciality in its cuisine that distinguishes it from others. Ambika’s famous Panipuri, Rawool’s Fried Rice, Adinarayan’s Fish Curry, and Royal’s Mango Milkshake are just a few examples of foods you can savour.

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Belgaum Fort

The Belgaum Fort, a renowned tourist destination, once functioned as an impenetrable barrier against the adversaries’ ferocious onslaught. This fort is connected to a lake called the Fort Lake, on which there is a floating cafeteria. It is well-maintained, and guests can rent pedal boats and motorboats. 

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Gokak Falls

Gokak Falls, 60 km from Belgaum, is famous for its stunning turbulent waters that cascade over the rocks and down to a waterfall. This massive waterfall has a 170-m-long hanging rope suspension bridge, allowing tourists to stroll directly above the fall and experience the wind-driven by the river. The Goki River in the area inspired the name ‘Gokak Falls’. The waterfall rises 52 m from the Ghataprabha River, which flows for a long distance before joining the stony belt of Gokak. 

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Kapileshwar Temple is a famous site dedicated to Lord Shiva in Belgaum City and is known as southern Kashi. The temple is situated next to the Shahpur Flyover, which links Belgaum’s centre city to Shahpur. The darshan of the 12 Jyotirlingas dispersed around India is said to be incomplete unless it begins with Kapileshwar Temple.   

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Belgaum is November to February. 

Kardant, Alipak, Shawarma and Kunda are some dishes popular in Belgaum. 

No, it is not necessary. However, we recommend paying the minimum insurance charge for your own safety. 

Yes, Adani has excellent bank offers for you to take advantage of and receive cashback. Please check our flight offerings page for the most up-to-date information on the Adani platform. 

Each airline has its own policies for providing food on the flight. Kindly refer to the guidelines stated by the airline you have chosen to know more. 

The Kanpur zoo is closed on Mondays; it is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. 

Yes, there is an ISKCON temple in Kanpur. 

The Jain Glass Temple is 3.5 km from the city centre. 

Yes, you can web check-in for your flight from Belgaum to Kanpur. As per the recent guidelines, it is mandatory for passengers to web check-in for their flights 2-48 hr before departure. 

Hand luggage of 7 kg and check-in luggage of 15 kg is generally allowed on a flight from Belgaum to Kanpur. However, kindly refer to the airline-specific guidelines before departing for the airport. 

Some popular attractions in Belgaum are Gokak Falls, Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary and Barapade Caves. 

The Japanese Garden is located in Harsh Nagar, Kanpur. 

The Feng Shui figures, the Japanese-style landscaping, and the lake with swan boats are some notable attractions of the Japani Garden. 

Yes, Kanpur has a stadium, Green Park, where international cricket matches are held. 
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Airport Information

Kanpur Kanpur military airport, Airforce Lane, Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208004

Belgaum Belagavi Rd, Sambra, Karnataka 591124