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Tirupati to Belgaum Flights

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Adani's one-stop platform, Adani One, can help you book a flight to any city. Just type in the names of the two cities, check the detailed airfare calendar, and a list of flights for your route. Domestic carriers such as IndiGo, Air India, and Vistara are listed on the platform that offers exciting discounts and deals so that you can choose the most convenient and affordable flight. A single​ ​ flight currently operates between Tirupati and Belgaum. This is an evening flight ​ ​by Star Air that operates ​ ​only once a week. This is a direct flight. At present, it is the pocket-frendly and fastest way to travel from Tirupati to Belgaum by air. To get the best deals at the best prices, you may want to book a round-trip ticket! Visit Adani One and book your flight today!

Flights from Tirupati to Belgaum


About Belgaum Airport

Belgaum, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, is approximately ​ ​10 km to the east of the Belgaum Airport. This airfield is ​ ​next to the Sambra Air Force Station, an Indian Air Force non-flying basic training facility. The following 13 cities have​ ​ direct flights from May 1, 2019, till the present day: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kadappa, Mysuru, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Tirupati, Jodhpur, Nasik, and Surat. Jaipur and Nagpur are still to be linked by Star Air Airlines. The ​ ​440-acre airport is being expanded, and the work in progress now is on a second taxiway that will link the main apron to the emergency services area. The VIP terminal will be served by this enclave. At an estimated cost of INR 35.7 million, the government purchased ​ ​298 acres of land surrounding the current airport and gave it to the AAI for future expansion. Domestic flights to numerous destinations are served from ​ ​a single terminal with a single boarding gate. This terminal measures 1,160 sq m and has 3 check-in desks. ​ ​​ ​Taxis and car rental services are available at the airport to help travellers go to other areas in the city or state. These transportation options may also be utilised to go to the airport's nearby train station, which is about ​ ​12 km away. Belgaum Airport offers travellers free services and amenities like wheelchairs, first-aid kits, and trolleys. Two X-ray baggage screening facilities are also available for the convenience of travellers. Domestic flights to multiple destinations are operated from a single terminal with a single boarding gate. Travellers may sate their appetites with the delectable food and drinks offered at the eating establishments inside the airport grounds. ​ ​Several types of hotels are close to the Belgaum Airport.

About Belgaum

Belgaum is now called Belagavi. Belagavi is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is also known as the ‘​ ​Bamboo Village’. It serves as the ​ ​administrative centre for both the Belagavi district and the division that goes by the same name. It is also the second capital of the state of Karnataka. The ​ ​oldest location in the area is Halsi, which was originally home to a dynasty of nine ​ ​Kadamba monarchs, according to inscriptions on copper plates found there. It indicates that the Chalukyas, who were replaced by the ​ ​Rashtrakutas, controlled the region from the ​ ​middle of the 6th century to around 760 CE. A component of the Rashtrakuta authority survived the breakup of the Rashtrakuta empire in the Rattas (875-1250), who made Venugrama their capital from 1210. The ​ ​Kadambas of Goa, who were successful in gaining and controlling a portion of the territory in the latter part of the 12th century, is shown to have engaged in a protracted conflict with the Rattas through the inscriptions. However, the​ ​ Rattas ousted the Kadambas by 1208, and the ​ ​Rattas themselves fell to the Yadavas of Devagiri in 1250. As one of the 100 Indian cities to be built as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission, ​ ​Belagavi was chosen out of 20 cities ​ ​in the first phase. The city is​ ​​ ​ in northwest Karnataka and is on the western ghats, where it shares its border with Goa and Maharashtra (50 km from the Goa state border). It is one of the state's ​ ​oldest towns, about 502 km from Bangalore, 515 km from Hyderabad, and 500 km from Mumbai.


About Tirupati Airport

Tirupati Airport, also known as ​ ​Renigunta Airport, is about ​ ​14 km east of Tirumala city in the Andhra Pradesh district of Chittoor. It occupies a space of ​ ​312 acres. The Prime Minister laid the cornerstone for Tirupati International Airport in 2010, but the ceremony was postponed due to the airport's tiny size. However, the Indian government stated in January 2012 that Tirupati International Airport will receive international status. A total of 400 acres of land have been set aside for the project, and it has also been revealed that the airport will have a night landing facility. The ​ ​Airports Authority of India runs the Tirupati Airport, and it does a good job of managing the terminal, as well as providing for the security and maintenance of all the services. The airport offers ​ ​a variety of amenities, including a free baggage service and a wheelchair-accessible setting for people with physical disabilities. Additionally, a unique arrangement is given for elderly persons' luggage handling, which is completely free of charge. There are several​ ​ stores inside the airport's grounds that provide services at affordable rates. Products available in the stores include ethnic jewellery, regional handicrafts, books, newspapers, and periodicals. The airport has ​ ​excellent bus service and is close to Tirumala city. At the airport, ​ ​taxi services are also accessible.

About Tirupati

The holy city of Tirupati is in the ​ ​Chittoor district, southeast of Andhra Pradesh. It is in the ​ ​Palkonda Hills in Tamil Nadu state, around ​ ​13 km northeast of Chandragiri and 108 km northwest of Chennai. The Hindu deity, Lord Venkateshwara, known as the ​ ​Lord of the Seven Hills, has his abode at Tirupati. About ​ ​10 km northwest of Tirupati the Sri Venkateshwara Sanctuary and National Park is the holy hill of Tirumala. ​ ​Non-Hindus were not allowed to climb the hill before 1870 because it was thought to be holy. Tirupati, famous for the ​ ​Venkateswara temple on the holy Tirumala hills at a height of 860 m, is recognised as the residence of the '​ ​Kaliyuga' deity Lord Venkateswara, also known as Balaji. The temple, which is one of the​ ​ most significant pilgrimage sites in India, is considered the busiest pilgrimage site on earth and gets millions of visitors each year. The government has suggested giving the town special status akin to that of the Vatican. The district, which is in Andhra Pradesh near the southernmost point of the Eastern Ghats, is home to several ​ ​perennial waterfalls and a significant forest area. Numerous temples may be found in Tirupati town, which is also ​ ​well-known for its red wooden toys, copper, and brass idols. As one travels through the different temples and scenic locations that surround this important town, one begins to see why Tirupati has remained a wonderful destination for so many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most airlines allow passengers to carry dry food items on flights. Alternatively, you may choose to buy food on flights.

At least one ​ ​train and ​ ​bus operate from Tirupati to Belgaum every day.

As Adani One offers deals on flights operated by various carriers on several flight routes in India, you will likely find exciting deals on the platform to travel from Tirupati to Belgaum.

The Belgaum Airport is approximately ​ ​10 km to the east of the Belgaum.

There is only ​ ​one direct flight between Tirupati and Belgaum at the moment.

There is only​ ​ one flight that operates between Tirupati and Belgaum.

Foods such as ​ ​Shawarma, Karadant, Alipak, and Sweet corn dosa are unique to Belgaum and should be tasted by visitors.

Belgaum is one of the most ​ ​ancient, powerful, notable, and culturally rich historical spots high in the Western Ghats.

The best time to visit Belgaum is between ​ ​November and March

The minimum time required by flight from Tirupati to Belgaum is ​ ​1 hour and 5 minutes.

Only ​ ​Star Air flies along this route.

One of the ​ ​most popular pilgrimage destinations in India is Tirupati, which is known for its iconic temples, many of which are devoted to the avatars of Lord Vishnu.
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Airport Information

Belgaum Belagavi Rd, Sambra, Karnataka 591124

Tirupati Tirupati Airport Rd, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517520