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Bhavnagar To Tezpur Flights

Bhavnagar To Tezpur Flights

Adani One allows you to seamlessly book flights at your most convenient time and date. The one-stop platform displays both direct and connecting flights along with numerous promotions and rewards on flight bookings. These deals are updated on the site regularly, where you will find exclusive discounts and other offers to help you book your tickets swiftly. We recommend buying your departure and return keys to receive the most excellent all-inclusive deals. Since a direct flight does not connect Bhavnagar and Tezpur, to get to Tezpur, you must first take a taxi from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad. The distance of 173 km can be covered in around three hours by road. Then you can take a flight from Ahmedabad to Guwahati. Although there are multiple connecting flights between Ahmedabad and Guwahati, there are presently no direct flights connecting the two cities. Vistara, SpiceJet and Go First offer these flights. The connecting flights on this route have layovers in the towns including Delhi, Patna, Jaipur, and Kolkata. After you alight at the Guwahati airport, you can then take a direct flight from Guwahati to Tezpur. It will take you around 55 minutes. You can also travel from Guwahati to Tezpur by road and cover the 185 km distance in around four hours. For the most recent details on cashback and discount offers, visit Adani's one-stop platform and reserve your flight from Ahmedabad to Guwahati right now.

Flights from Bhavnagar to Tezpur


About Tezpur Airport

Guwahati International Airport, also called Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (IATA code: GAU), is a gateway to northeastern India, with flights to Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and numerous other major cities. Domestic flight crews at Guwahati Airport include IndiGo, Jet Airways, GoAir, and a few others. There are two terminals at Guwahati International Airport. Terminal 1 oversees domestic carriers with direct connections to around ten Indian cities. During traffic, the home terminal can accommodate up to 500 people. Terminal 2 is an international terminal with a capacity of approximately 125 passengers. There are 14 entrance points, one customs counter, and four export points at the terminals. The Guwahati railway station, located 22 kilometres away, is the nearest access point to the airport. Guwahati bus station is around 140 kilometres from the airport. However, there are frequent, low-cost bus services to the airport. Baggage trolleys are provided at no cost to passengers at the airport for their convenience. The airport also has medical rooms, a lost and found luggage counter, a child care section, and a business centre for the aged and physically challenged.

About Tezpur

Tezpur is a picturesque town on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River. It is the district headquarter of the Sonitpur district. Tezpur is famous for its artistic prowess. It is not just a cultural hub but also a long-standing learning destination. The word Tezpur is a combination of the Sanskrit words 'tej,' which means blood, and 'pura,' which means city. Tezpur is a unique destination surrounded by plains, mountains, and a major river. If you are looking for a few days in the midst of nature, Tezpur features at the top of the search. The town on the bank of Brahmaputra, is also home to abundant meadows and mountains. The 3015-metre-long Kolia Bhomora bridge connects the Sonitpur and Nagaon districts making commuting easier. Tezpur's most scenic area is Agnigarh. The view of the city from the summit of Agnigarh is spectacular. Like the rest of Assam, inhabitants of the Sonitpur district celebrate many festivals like Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Bathou Puja, and Chhath Puja with fervour. The Brahmaputra River flows through Tezpur, known as the "culture centre of Assam". It is also renowned as Assam's greenest and cleanest city. Tezpur's tourism industry is expanding due to its magnificent parks, hills, and scenery. But that’s not all — Tezpur is also a major trending hub with tea, rice, and other crops grown in the surrounding areas being the major items of trade.


About Bhavnagar Airport

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (IATA code: AMD) is one of India's busiest airports. It serves the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. AMD Airport is located 5.6 miles (9 kilometres) north of Ahmedabad's downtown. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India's first prime minister, was honoured with a new name for the airport. It started as a domestic airport before becoming an international one in 2000. The airport received the National Structural Steel and Design Award in 2011 for its contemporary and technologically sophisticated construction. The airport now has four terminals: domestic, international, a secondary traffic terminal, and a cargo terminal. The former is just concerned with domestic flight arrivals and departures. International planes arrive at Terminal 2. At any one moment, each terminal can handle 1,600 people. The airport is well-connected across the country. Ahmedabad is connected by air to major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, and others. Ahmedabad Airport and Apollo Clinic have teamed together to offer medical and first-aid services as part of their continued commitment to providing passenger health services. Jet Airways, and a few other airlines are domestic carriers. The airport serves overseas destinations such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and New York. Some of the leading international airlines that fly here are Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines.

About Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is located in the Saurashtra area. It was designed in 1724 by Bhavsinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil (1703-1764). It was the capital of the princely state of Bhavnagar, which was integrated into the Indian Union in 1948. It now serves as the administrative centre for the Bhavnagar district. Bhavnagar is located on the Gulf of Khambhat, 190 kilometres west of Gandhinagar, the state capital. With various big and small-scale businesses, 50 kilometres away lies Alang, the largest shipbreaking yard in the world. Until India's independence in 1947, Bhavnagar was an independent kingdom ruled by the Rajput Gohil dynasty. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Deputy Prime Minister of the newly independent Indian Union, set out in 1947 on the ambitious and challenging job of integrating 562 princely states into the Union of India. Krishnakumar Sinhji, the last Maharaja of Bhavnagar, handed over control of his Bombay State to the people's representative in 1948. Like the rest of Gujarat, Bhavnagar experiences hot, dry summers from March to June, a wet monsoon season from June to October, and mild winters from November to February. The state-owned transport corporation's bus services connect Bhavnagar to other cities in Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara. Buses run throughout the town for local transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can get it at the airport as well. However, it is preferable to do it in advance online because it would save you time when boarding.

You can seek assistance from airline workers or register a complaint with airport authorities, including your ticket and details about the missing belongings.

Each terminal has 14 check-in counters, one customs counter, and four immigration counters.

There is no available lodging at the Ahmedabad Airport. There are, however, several low-cost hotels and resorts nearby.

An Airport Wi-Fi network at the terminal provides a free Internet connection for 30 minutes. It is only accessible with a genuine Indian cell phone number. After your free link expires, you may purchase a Wi-Fi network for fast speed at a low rate.

Wheelchairs and disability help are available at all Indian airports. Some significant airports also include clinics and pharmacies. In addition, medical care facilities and ambulances are available in case of an emergency.

Baggage regulations vary across airlines. Contact your selected airline for details on cargo dimensions and weight.

Various airlines have different regulations; nevertheless, dry food can be transported on almost every flight. It would be helpful if you packed your food for the flight from Ahmedabad to Guwahati.

The IATA code for Ahmedabad airport is AMD, and the IATA code for Guwahati airport is GAU.

Bhavnagar is arguably the most significant town in Gujarat for producing the most delicate type of cotton embroidered sarees. Bhavnagar is also an excellent place to buy diamond jewellery because it is one of the largest centres after Surat.

It has a long history of being a significant commercial hub, with a variety of primary and minor firms, as well as Alang, the most oversized ship-breaking yard in the world, which is 50 kilometres distant. Additionally well-known is Bhavnagar's take on the famous Gujarati snack known as "Ganthiya.

Sonitpur' and 'Tezpur' both mean "the city of blood." It is reminiscent of Usha and Anirudha's romantic narrative. Banasura, the powerful Asura king of ancient Tezpur, his beautiful daughter Usha, and her friend Chitralekha are central to the mythology.

All flights may be booked online up to two hours before departure. Any ticket with a departure date up to 330 days in the future can be booked online.

The most popular airlines travelling from Ahmedabad airport to Guwahati airport are Indigo, Air India, Vistara, and Go First.

The region is well-known for its tea plantations, and tourists flock to the undulating stretch of tea gardens, woods, and national parks. The name Tezpur has been derived from the Sanskrit terms 'Teza' (blood) and 'Pura' (city) (meaning town or city).
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Airport Information

Bhavnagar Airport Road, Subhashnagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001

Tezpur P.O.- Haleswar, Tezpur, Assam 784104