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Diu to Tuticorin Flights


Searching for a flight from Diu to Tuticorin?

Look no further because your search ends with Adani’s one-stop platform. Be it flights from Diu to Tuticorin or Tuticorin to Diu, the Adani one platform will show you the cheapest and most convenient flight tickets for your route. With many deals and a detailed airfare calendar, the Adani one platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Diu Airport has flights only to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. To travel from Diu to Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, it is best to first take a flight from Diu to Mumbai. From Mumbai, you can take a flight to Tuticorin with short layovers in cities like Bengaluru or Chennai. Approximately 15 flights a day are operational between Mumbai and Tuticorin. These flights are operated by IndiGo.

If you have a return date in mind, we recommend you book a round trip on Adani one. This way, you can make the best of the exciting deals, discounts, and cashback offers available on Adani one for your route. What are you waiting for? Book your Diu to Tuticorin flight tickets with Adani one today!

Flights from Diu to Tuticorin


About Tuticorin Airport 

Tuticorin Airport (IATA code: TCR) is located in Vagaikulam, which is 16.9 km away from Tuticorin city. It is a small domestic airport with a runway that can accommodate one small aircraft. The Tamil Nadu government has already created a master plan to modernise the airport to increase its passenger and cargo handling capacity. The Airports Authority of India has identified 21 acres of property to be purchased from defence authorities, while the Tamil Nadu government has been asked to offer roughly 600 acres of land for the airport’s development and extension.

Tuticorin Airport operates direct flights to Chennai. Currently, only IndiGo operates out of Tuticorin Airport. Some of the facilities available at the airport are free Wi-Fi, assistance for the physically challenged, parking, and a city bus service.

About Tuticorin

Turicorin is called the Pearl City. It is named so because of pearl fishing seen here. The city has become a well-known tourist destination in recent years. Thoothukudi, as the city is now called, is a blend of the old and the new and is teeming with beaches and parks. Thoothukudi has a rich culture and heritage and is well-known for pearl diving, fishing, shipbuilding, and salt production. Fishes from here are shipped to all parts of the country. It was a seaport of the Pandian kingdom, the Cholas, and many other kingdoms.

The main attraction in Tuticorin is the magnificent Our Lady of Snows Basilica, a Catholic pilgrim centre. Visitors are also known to throng the Shiva temple in the city centre. Another attraction is one of the world's oldest seaports, the Tuticorin Port, which has a long and illustrious history and was once a hub of Portuguese business.

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The Ettayapuram, one of Thoothukudi's top tourist attractions, is located 35 km from the city's centre. Tamil poet Bharatiyar was born here. His home has now been turned into a memorial and is a popular tourist attraction. Ettayapuram Palace was the residence of the Pandyas of Madurai a long time ago.

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Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Thoothukudi's most prominent tourist attractions. It is one of the few national parks in South India where tigers can be found. A variety of fauna such as flying squirrels, langurs, macaques, and pangolins also find a home in this wildlife sanctuary. This animal refuge is also well-known for safaris, and the surrounding area is popular for hiking.

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Kattabomman Memorial Fort

The Kattabomman Memorial Fort was built in honour of Veerapandiya Kattabomma Karuthayya Nayakkar, a freedom fighter who fought the British in the 18th century. Built by the state government, the fort was constructed at the site of Nayakkar’s execution and is highly revered. Timings for visits are between 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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Our Lady of Snows Basilica

Our Lady of Snows Basilica, also known as Matha Koin in the local language, is an ancient structure and a well-known Christian religious site in Tuticorin. This Catholic pilgrimage site honours Our Lady of Snows, another name for St. Mary. The current building of this illustrious shrine dates back to 1713. The church has unique Portuguese architecture and an exquisite carving of Our Lady of Snows, which adds to its grandeur. It is not just a popular Catholic pilgrimage destination, but it is also one of Tuticorin's biggest tourist attractions, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. Entry to this basilica is free, and it is open from 4:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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Roche Park

Roche Park, located about 4 km from the city, is a well-known entertainment place for children. A popular place for families, this park along the beach receives a horde of visitors during holidays and festivals.

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Sankara Rameshwaram Temple

This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located close to the old bus stop. It is constructed on the site where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati rested on their way to Thiruchendur. The temple consists of a sacred tank in which pilgrims can take a holy dip.


About Diu Airport

Built in 1954 when Diu was part of Portuguese India, Diu Airport (IATA code: DIU) serves Diu and the surrounding regions of Veraval and Jafrabad. The main runway at Diu Airport is 5,922 ft long and is connected to an area by two taxiways. The arrivals and departure rooms of the airport terminal can each hold 100 people each. Currently, the airport manages regular flights from Alliance Air, with the only direct flight operated to Mumbai.

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About Diu

The small island of Diu is nestled on the southern outskirts of Gujarat. It is connected to the mainland by two bridges. The city is infused with an old-world charm and the relics of the 450-year-long Portuguese reign. Diu was a major sea port and naval base in the past. Today, Diu is a gorgeous tourist resort with golden sands lapped by the green and the blue Arabian Sea on three sides. Its northern side is surrounded by the Gujarati towns of Junagadh and Amreli. Along the coast, the beach extends for about 21 km.

The major attractions of Diu include Zampa Gateway, Simbor Beach, Diu Fort, Sea Shell Museum, and Nagoa Beach. Diu is an amalgamation of Gujaratis, Muslims, and Parsees, with many people being Portuguese descendants. Gujarati, Hindi, Portuguese, and English are commonly spoken in Diu. Some of the ways to get around in the city are local buses. However, because of the low frequency of buses, local cabs and autos are the more popular options here. The minimum temperature of Diu is 15°C, and the maximum temperature goes up to 38°C.

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Diu Museum

The Diu Museum is a fitting depiction of the Union Territory's cultural and historical richness. The enormous white-walled museum features a diverse collection of delicate woodwork carvings, stone inscriptions, shadow clocks, and ancient sculptures. The church structure, which is believed to be from the 16th century, also holds religious artefacts such as marble and wooden sculptures of St Thomas and St Benedict. It is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and entry is free.

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Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a popular temple in Diu. The temple is dedicated to Gangeshwar, a form of Lord Shiva. The five Shiva Lingas are the most prominent features of the temple. The temple is located in Fudam village, about 3 km from Diu. More than 5000 years old, the temple is located on the Arabian Sea coast. It is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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INS Khukri Memorial

The INS Khukri Memorial was built to honour 18 Indian soldiers and 176 sailors on board INS Khukri. The Indian Naval Ship had been deployed during the 1971 Indo-Pak war and was sunk by three torpedoes launched by a Pakistani submarine. This spot attracts tourists not only because of its historical significance but also because of its picturesque location. The memorial is constructed on a hill overlooking the sea. It has a scale model of the ship. The visitors can sit on the steps of the amphitheatre and watch the waves crash against the foot of the hill. Entry is free, and it is open between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Naida Caves

These caverns are said to have existed naturally until the Portuguese acquired control of the region and used the orange-brown stone found here to build the magnificent Diu Fort, leaving behind an intriguing structure. These caverns produce a maze-like pattern, with a complex network of tunnels and massive step-like constructions that make for an interesting trek. The caverns also offer excellent opportunities for photography, as the sunlight flowing through numerous crevices creates picturesque images. The caves are open for visitors throughout the day but entry may be restricted after dusk due to the dark interiors of these caves.

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Nagoa Beach

Nagao Beach shores are bordered by many palm trees, colloquially known as Hoka Palm. While the sea's clear water is ideal for swimming and is completely safe, there are several options for watersports like parasailing, skiing, and boating you can enjoy. Entry is free, and it is open from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. However, activities are chargeable.

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St Paul’s Church

The spiritual and historical significance of St. Paul Church cannot be overstated. It was established by the Portuguese in the Baroque architectural style. The church's construction is magnificent, and the ornate front facade grabs one's attention right away. The interiors are just as extravagant as the facade, with shell-like designs on the walls, wood carvings, and old paintings and statues. The wood is said to have been brought from Burma. It is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and entry is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is one airport in Thoothukudi, which is the Tuticorin Airport.

Only IndiGo operates flights from Tuticorin Airport.

The IATA code of the Tuticorin Airport is TCR.

Tuticorin is known as the Pearl City because of the pearl fishing that takes place in the town.

The best time to visit Tuticorin is between December and March. However, the city experiences a moderate climate throughout the year because the temperatures remain around 30°C.

There are two main beaches in Tuticorin—Roach Beach and Manapad Beach.

The city was ruled by the Pandyas, the Cholas, and finally the British until India gained independence.

The IATA code of Diu airport is DIU.

Diu is famous for its golden beaches, forts, monuments, and picturesque natural beauty. Travellers can also visit several other interesting locations like the INS Khukri Memorial, Naida Caves, St Paul’s Church, and Ghoghla Beach.

Most locals in Diu speak Gujarati and are fluent in Hindi too.

The main beaches in Diu are Ghoghla Beach, Nagaon Beach, Gomtimata Beach, Chakratirth Beach, and Jallandhar beach.

Yes. Alcohol is legal in Diu.
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Airport Information

Tuticorin Tuticorin, Airport Airport Road, Vagaikulam, Tamil Nadu 628103

Diu Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 362570